So you wanna be a Hipster?

I was. Twice. Sorta. Can you be a hipster if you’d never drink Starbucks coffee? Humm Anyhow back at it…

I made the Hipster Hooded Dress by Ellie and Mac. Twice. For real. I made two dresses, both hooded, both midi length. I am a creature of habit and know what I like. I like casual, comfy shirt dresses I can wear over leggings.

Dress Number 1.


 Snip Snip Snip. I did a straight 4X size, no adjustments. The largest size it comes is 5X.  The measurements also go off your full bust size which is sorta different. I could  have benefited from a bust adjustment, but in testing I didn’t have the option. If you get the pattern…you do!

I used a fun print from Wal-Mart and at some point in the process I realized the fabric wasn’t printed straight. You get what you pay for sometimes. At least the fabric was soft and I loved the colors. I teamed it up with a small gray stripe. You will see, It works! Don’t be scared of mixing prints!!!20171111_134011-1

Told ya the prints work and its fun and no one else will ever have the same dress as you.



So that was round one, just for fun, I did it again. I needed some more life in my hood. Haha No really my hood is blah. Insert hot pink sweater. It’s cute right? It has also been hanging on my refashion rack for years…literally. Bye Bye sweater, get on my head!


From lifeless Goodwill sweater to awesome hood! I have warm ears now! Dress number two!


I looove this print! So girlie and pretty and soft, and girlie, and you get it.

The great pocket debate happened with this one. They do kinda stick out, but ultimately when given a choice, I will also take pockets. Here is a link to the Hipster Hooded Dress! it is on sale. 🙂

Here are your options-

Midi or knee length

Cowl or hood

Optional pockets

Side vents



Maggie changed my sewing game

So Maggie is another Bella Sunshine Design Pattern and if you girls don’t know about them, you should. The Maggie was the first pattern I made from this designer and have since made several more. I think I am up to 9 now.  🙂 My first Maggie came after seeing it modeled at Diskordia’s. I picked my own sizes based on the largest size will fit motto. Ummm ok so that was wrong and mine was too big. I was swimming in in. Humm what’s the deal folks? This never has happened before. I will spare you those picture as it won’t be fun for either of us. Anyhow I redid the cutting with a smaller bodice, only one size though, for safety sake.  🙂 I cut the longest tunic length which basically made it a “viewer friendly” over leggings. My first Maggie was made with Grandma’s Polyester fabric…you know the slightly itchy stuff that no one wants to wear for very long. I can’t be using  my good stuff while test running on clothes I don’t expect to fit, right?!?!  At least it is pretty! This version is wearable but still slightly too big in the sleeves and arm synth.


Maggie comes in a large size range from sizes 0-30. Bonus points for the designer adding in a Full Bust Adjustment for us *lucky* girls. We can now cover our *girls* without wearing potato sacks. 🙂 Are you convinced you need this one yet?


Maggie comes with three length options, three sleeve lengths, and three neckline options.

I decided to make a second Maggie with Sly Fox Fabrics Mocha Stripes. Oh Holy Softness! Much better than Grandma’s Polyester. PS I worked hard matching those stripes please tell me I did awesome! In hindsight I should have used a more contrasting fabric on the neck band. This time I compared my actual measurements to the size chart and cut 3 sizes smaller than my original version. How about that? It actually fits!


I also may have dug really deep into my closet and found some shockingly WHITE pull on denim leggings. Well this girl isn’t going to be wearing white anytime soon, sooo into the hot tub they go. I added some Mauve, Midnight blue and then some Tangerine dyes until they came out in a sort of matching color. It’s like a science experiment in art class. Don’t be scared.


These pants need to take a trip into the sewing machine to cinch in the baggy knees and to hem them as they are all bunched up at the  bottoms but they match! Score one for the thrifty girl!


So this is Maggie, the perfect T-shirt/ dress pattern and you need in your stash! You can get it here. Let me know if you make one!!

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