Week 2 – Challenge Rejected

The 52 Week Sewing Challenge is found on Facebook and there are 52 challenge prompts. You must finish your item before Sunday evening and post a picture of it to be included for a chance to win prizes. You have the option to Accept the Challenge or Reject it! Week two and I have gone rogue already. The challenge was sew something from the last fabric you bought. If I am honest, a lot o fabric comes into this house. The last one, I am not sure I can totally pinpoint that, but I can rough guess. It was either a pricey sweater knit that I am currently debating on using for another Adrienne or other was a Sly Buy deal and I am saving it for a maxi dress.

Sew much fabric, Sew Little time!

So I made quilt blocks for a swap. There are 6 of us girls from Facebook who are swapping together. Someone choose to do this block. It is a lone star block made from strip sets which means no set in seams. It is kind of neat how it comes together. We agreed to use Civil War Colors and all the backgrounds would be beige print! They take awhile, but they are worth every minute.

First you have one…

20180113_125937.jpg Then you have two…


Keep going and you will have three…


Only 9 more to go.

In other news, I hurt my knee this week and for the first time in my almost 36 years, I was traveling on crutches. A late night phone call to my brother went like this-

Me: Ummm, What are you doing?’

Brother: “Nothing.”

Me: “Are you home?”

Brother: “Yeah.”

Me: “Good, I need help.”

Brother: ” What do you need help with?”

Me: “Getting in my house.”

Brother: “Uhh, Ok.”

Me: “I’m sitting in the rain, in my driveway, and my knee wont work.”

Brother: “Jesus, I am on my way.”

Fast forward and he gets me inside, then to the ER where he waits until our momma arrives before going home and getting to bed as he works early. While waiting in the ER I am messaging with An from Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing and our conversation gets to this…

20180114_072610.png  Why Yes, it is my sewing knee, but I need both of my knees. 🙂 I saved this because it has kinda cracked me up all week. Xray of course showed nothing, and they tried to load me up on pain pills. Umm, no thanks lady. I need to be human in a few hours. So I spent the night in bed and the next evening after work there as well. These two kept close watch on their momma. Good news my knee is moving again, still sore, but An, my sewing knee is working again!



Week Three Challenge: Sew something to make sewing easier. Follow my blog and Stay tuned to see what I make for this week!




Going Home Sweater

This is week one of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. The requirement as to sew someone warm or soft. Challenge Accepted!

Ellie and Mac has yet another release on the market.

Introducing The Going Home Sweater


Another one with loads of options which is why I like them. I sewed this one up in a few hours start to finish. I did a Full Bust Adjustment, which was a new challenge for me. Raglan sleeves tend to throw a wrench into things, don’t they? I followed a tutorial I found online and it worked out fairly well. I think if I make another one I will add another inch in the bust so it fits a little looser.


I choose the tunic length, but you could also make a shirt or a dress with this pattern. My sleeves are elbow length, but as always you could do short or long ones. The long sleeves have a band. You can also make a cowl neck option.


Does this fabric look familiar? I just used it! I am kind of in love with it. I now have two super cozy shirts with it! You can read about my Nora here.


You can pick this pattern up from Ellie and Mac here.  There is a 20% off sale happening right now too!!

The crazy weather in Ohio has been locked inside as I have become a wimp when the temperatures drop. I even wore this one out for The Sawyer Brown concert on Saturday night. I grew up listening to them and still love them. You know them right? Maybe my video clip will help.

This video doesn’t exist

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