Cardigan Love

The Women’s Cardigan Love pattern is waiting for you!!

EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x

Let’s jump right in to the details: 

There are two length options – mid-thigh and below the knee, so you can take your pick. Don’t you agree the best part of sewing is making exactly what you need? There are also optional side seam pockets and a hood option!  You can even choose between making a tank/sleeveless version or a long-sleeved cardigan EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x (2)

I made two versions of this Cardigan during the testing process. My first one, I used the gorgeous deep plum French Terry from Sly Fox Fabrics. It was amazing and soft and cozy and pretty, and not stretchy enough for this pattern. Pay attention to the stretch percentages, they are there for a reason! My mom now has an amazing and soft and cozy and pretty cardigan! I made a 4x and she wears a XL for comparison as to why stretch percentages matter.  

EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x (3)

The second time around was better. I used a lovely double brushed poly which I picked up in a destash group last year. I had gotten 4 yards of this stripe design, so I knew I had enough to work out some pattern matching. The pattern used just under 3 yards in my size. I liked that I was able to make the tails matching! I made the mid-thigh length version. I took 3 inches out for height adjustment because I am only 5’1. I removed it all from the bodice area because in my first version the seam hit across my upper booty area…that is a place, right? Upper booty area?? Anyway, it hits me at an odd place for a seam.  

EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x (4)

The Cardigan Love is available in sizes XXS-5X. I sewed a 4X graded to a 5X bodice.

On a side note- What do you think of the new Blog colors and heading? I am sort of in love with the black background and dark lilac borders. 🙂

You can download your copy of this pattern from this link.  It is currently on sale for 40% off, so hurry before October 31st!

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Hooded Infinity Scarf

Does it get chilly where you live? Is it already chilly? It is cold here! Two nights ago, we had real deal, scrape your windshield, frost! I am not mentally ready for winter, but the latest release from is getting me physically ready! The Hooded Infinity Scarf is up for grabs- AND IT IS FREE! Yes, you read that right. FREE!!

Hooded Scarf DIBY (3)

It is designed to be made with woven fabrics and it is double layered. I love that because it becomes reversible with all of the seams hidden! The hood is assembled with three panels so it fits nicely around your head to keep you snug and warm!

I used a warm fleece as my purple plaid layer and a regular weight quilting cotton for the liner. When it gets even colder here, I can reverse it and have the warm layer against my skin!

Hooded Scarf DIBY

This hood comes together pretty quickly and is very easy to assemble! I used my serger, but it bogged down a little sewing the thickest layers. The scarf tails were hand stitched, but I bet you could even do a wide zig-zag to put them together. You can make a few in an assembly line in an evening…Hello, Christmas Gifts!

Click here to download the FREE Hooded Infinity Scarf!

Roxanne Tunic

The Roxanne Tunic is hot off the machine and I am so in love with it. This tunic length top is comfortable, perfect over leggings, and pretty stylish. You have the option of two different lengths and I choose the longer tunic length. I love boots and slim fit pants with cozy shirts in the fall so this one completely fits the bill. You can also choose between two different sleeve lengths as well. I am wearing ¾ length sleeves here. From the front this looks like a typical casual shirt, but from the back it is a little bit fancy! I also used the curved hem option instead of straight. I choose to do the faux button placket because I was feeling lazy. You can do a real button placket or go with one of the lace-up options.

I made the 4x bust graded to the 5x at the waist and hips. I also used the included full bust adjusted piece because it saves me the time and trouble of doing plus I get a better fit. This is the size I always sew for 5oo4. I like with sizing is consistent from a company. I also did a small full bicep adjustment. This pattern sizes from XXS to 5X.

5oo4 Roxanne 4x

This beautiful floral print on golden yellow fabric is a brushed poly from Sew Blessed. I love the suede-like this one has, so perfect for fall. I picked up the buttons from Joann’s in a series of 4 trips in 2 days….don’t ask! There was no way my mixed button collection would have this many matches and thankfully these were 5 for 99 cents! If you haven’t bought buttons lately…holy cow! They are expensive! I even got bold and used a grey to contrast with the gold.

My Opinions: Basic construction went quickly and as expected. The Button Placket is well worth the efforts. It is fun, cute, and a little bit fancy. I intend to make one or two more in the next week or so. I think this would also be cute in a slightly longer length but that would have to be as a hack, as it isn’t a pattern option.

5oo4 Roxanne 4x (11)
Here is the link to the pattern. Shop now to save $2.00 off of the normal price. The price goes back to normal on Sunday the 21st.


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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!

Everyday Tee – Re release Party

The Everyday Tee has just re-released from Ellie and Mac and it is a good choice for a simple tee. I love that you have the option of a fitted or loose bodice. I made one of each for myself. I also love the hi-lo hem as it is a nice detail, that is a step above your basic straight around the body hem.

I was asked to test the fitted version of this top. I agreed that I would test it, but explained that if I wasn’t comfortable in it then I wouldn’t promote it. I think that is fair. I test a lot of stuff for EAM so I try to be flexible and help where I am needed. Even if you have only seen very few of the things I have made you know I prefer loose fit in everything. I gave it a go and it was in fact- fitted. I am not as put off by the fitted version of the top as the pattern placement. No one really wants bullseyes on their boobs or their booty and lucky for me, I got both in one top!  EAM Everyday Tee 4x-5x Fitted (1)When I ordered this fabric, I wasn’t even thinking how difficult it would be to work out pattern placement. Either way it made a good test fit choice. I think it will be 100% wearable under a cardigan or blazer. You could even tuck it into a skirt or pants and wear it as a layer. I adjusted the bicep 1 inch.

After sewing up my initial fit test, my mom requested a few new shirts. 🙂 I told her I would make her some if I could test this pattern out on her. She was game as usual.

I left out the back seam on hers and just cut on the fold. If you plan to do this don’t be like me and forget to remove the seam allowances. 🙂 Oops! Anyhow I made her a XL graded to a XXL. She is happy with the fit other than the lower neckline. Had I removed the fabric from the seam allowance she would have loved it. I will end up putting in the seam for her, so she doesn’t have to wear a cami under it. I lengthened Momma Mia’s sleeves a bit because #whatmommawantsmommagets

EAM Everyday Tee XL-XXL (5)

As the deadline for final pictures came, I knew I couldn’t promote with the bullseye shirt so I sewed up another version, this time with a small all over floral print so there was no chance of odd placement. I used a lovely Liverpool. The Navy background is perfectly fine for fall, but the combo of colors will be great for year round wear.

This is the looser fit bodice option, extended about 3 inches on the length. I also did a 1 inch bicep adjustment. Both of these are things I typically need to do when sewing. I love the final product!!

My Opinions-

This T comes together very quickly as it only has 3 pieces since it features a dolman style sleeve. The hi lo hem makes it a little bit fancy and as you can see, it looks nice in three different weights of knit fabric. No extra sleeve or bodice length options with this pattern though.

Fabric Details-

Hot Pink and Orange Retro Bullseye Print – ITY from Sew Blessed.

Navy Floral Print –  Liverpool from Sew Blessed.

Fall Floral Print – Double Brushed Poly from Zinck’s.

Pattern Details-

Women’s Pattern sizes XXS-5X is here

Also while at Ellie and Mac shop around, everything is 40% off for the month of October!


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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

Modal Fabric + 5oo4 Patterns

Holy-Modal!! Pre Sale Time

Sly Fox is tempting us again with another pre-sale. This time it is Modal Jersey. I was thrilled to be given a chance to sew up 2 yards of this beautiful lavender. Honestly, I was willing to sew up any color they wanted to give me, but between us I don’t think I can pull off chartreuse very well. 🙂


First off, Let’s talk about what Modal is. Think about your favorite T-shirt in your stash. Soft, cool, smooth to the touch, cozy, snuggly… yeah that one…well this is better! The weight has been described as between a rayon spandex and a double brushed poly, but more breathable. Also it resists pilling which makes me beyond happy! Another thing I am happy to report on is how incredibly easy it was to stitch. It did require a good amount of pressing with a medium heat iron after I left it sit in the laundry basket for several days. #Dontjudgeme

The preorder dates are 10-10 thru 10-14 so don’t miss out! Order now!!! The colors that will be available are Marsala, Chartreuse, Ivory, Charcoal 2T (Dark), Mustard Gold, Rust, Burgundy, Plum, Slate, and Navy Midnight. Every single one of these colors will scream fall! So hurry up and get your orders in!

When my fabric arrived, I noticed I already had a very similar color in my stash, maybe one shade darker. Apparently, I was hoarding it! Again, #Dontjudgeme I put some serious thought into what I wanted to make then asked for suggestions. Sometimes, when fabric is super amazing, I have a hard time deciding what to make. I am always scared to mess it up or make something that doesn’t fit right, so I prefer to stick with tried and true successes when I promo!

modal promo 3

Here is a post I stole from Katy to help answer all your presale questions.


Ivory • Mustard Gold • Chartreuse • Rust • Marsala • Burgundy • Plum • Slate • Navy Midnight • Dark Charcoal Two-Tone • Black

🏷️PRE-ORDER PRICE: $7.95/YD (will be $9.50/yd retail)

FABRIC DETAILS: 96% super rayon modal, 4% spandex, heavyweight – 250GSM, 58/60″. CPSC Compliant. Stretch: 50% H/ 50% V.


WHAT CAN YOU MAKE WITH IT🤷‍♀️? Modal Jersey is a rayon jersey fabric with beautiful drape and a smooth, silky hand. It’s perfect for tops, cardigans, dresses, maxi skirts, palazzo pants, kimonos and more💃!

🚧 IMPORTANT🚧: Please order separately and do not combine pre-order fabrics with regular stocking fabrics on the same order.

Pre-order is open through midnight eastern time on 10.14.18. The special pre-order price reflects a discount and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

ETA Shipping Info:
PFRE $7.10 / MFRB $12.85 / LFRB $17.05

12-16 YARDS = LFRB

As always, we will ship your fabrics the cheapest way we can and refund overages.

This time, I used my beautiful lavender modal to make the Eleanor Cardigan that released 2 weeks ago from 5oo4. I just want to wrap myself up in all the amazingness! The cardigan sewed up quickly especially since this was my second time making it. I teamed my modal up with Brazen, a single brushed poly, I picked up on a Sly Buy a few months back!  I used Brazen to create the neckband then shortened the sleeves. I added matching cuff bands to the sleeves. I really don’t like long sleeves when they are loose fitting. I always feel like they get wet when I wash my hands or dirty from rubbing on stuff.  My dress is another slight hack from 5oo4. This is the Virginia Tank top with 7 inches of length added. Instant Tank Dress! It is just like the one I made for Momma Mia in a previous post.

Eleanor Women’s pattern link

Eleanor Children’s pattern link

Virginia Women’s pattern

Virginia Girl’s pattern.

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An even bigger thank you to those who are  supporting me by buying patterns using my affiliate links! There is a good deal of expense in fabric, paper, ink and tape for tests and time in blogging. I get so excitied each time I get am email saying someone got the pattern!

This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

Eleanor Cardigan

Time for my first cardigan of the fall season. 5oo4 has just released the Eleanor and I love her so much! I wanted to sew up a second one before the pattern released, but I have been way too busy the last couple weeks. I do, however, have one in the works for next week for a special something. I promise you do not want to miss it! First things first though, let’s talk about this pretty lady!

5oo4_Womens_ Eleanor_ 5X

I love that Eleanor can be made super cozy and comfy or dressed up to be a class lady. She really will meet all your needs. I love the relaxed fit in almost everything I wear but especially cardigans. I want to be able to wear a shirt with sleeves or a tank and still be comfortable. Sometimes, I Just need an extra layer at the office and this cardigan will be perfect for that.

As usual, 5oo4 included a size range from XXS-5X. I am wearing the 4x bust graded to a 5x waist and hips. I love the loose fit styling. This is a mid-length, but there is a shorter and a longer length option. You can choose pockets or not. Now, let’s talk about the sleeves. Long and extra long options so you can choose how slouchy you want yours to be. Mine is a long sleeve which I shortened just after this pic. Just like the length options, you can choose regular o5oo4 cardigan 4-5x mid thigh (8)r loose fit for the width as well. Maybe you prefer ¾ length sleeves which you hold up with a button or snap cuff. You can choose to add a belt, belt loops or even a hood. Can you see why I love 5oo4? So many options!!

I used a fun striped sweater knit print from Sew Blessed and it sewed up quickly and neatly. I always love when that happens. This pattern is perfect for French Terry, quilted knits or even a Brushed Poly. Just check that your fabric meets the minimal requirements for the needed stretch. So many options depending on what look you want. 5oo4 cardigan 4-5x mid thigh (2)

My Opinions-

I love that this pattern is loaded with options. I love that the size range includes up to a 5x option. I love the quick easy construction with detailed directions to achieve perfect fit and construction. This is a quick sew as there are only 6 pieces needed to achieve the basic garment.

Pattern Details- currently on sale for $7.95

Women’s pattern link –

Children’s pattern link –



House of Curves – Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the House of Curves blog tour. You have already met two pretty amazing, curvy bloggers and now it is my turn to introduce myself.

I am going to take you back to the beginning…

Growing up, my mom had a sewing machine and several times I attempted to learn to sew on it. Something was weird with that machine and we never did get it to work right. Home Ec class came in schoEAM Sitting Pretty Top and Wrap Skirt 2ol and my heart shaped lacy pillow was oblong and ugly and my felt football was lumpy and dumb. Why did I need a felt football anyhow?? Fast forward about 15-20 years, I mentioned to my grandma that I wanted to learn to sew. Actually, I think I wanted to hem my own pants and stop paying someone to shorten them for me. My grandma made wonderful things and always had a sewing machine out. She picked me up an antique sewing machine at a yard sale and promptly informed me she didn’t know how to use it. 🙂 The outfit to the left is made of the Sittin’ Pretty top and the Wrap Skirt. Both are from Ellie and Mac.

Since I also didn’t know how I sew, I learned by winging it! I watched a lot of youtube clips and read a lot of books. I made a very, very wonky quilt on a machine that didn’t reverse, zig zag, or even make a nice straight line. I finished my first quilt top on that antique machine, but within a few days, I bought a new machine! I spent a few years making lovely quilts before I started refashioning thrift store clothing. Some things would be almost wearable, some not at all. I had no 5004 Virginia hi front low back 4x & hi front and hi back XL 9understanding of how to make clothing to fit, how to sew properly, or how to size things. I bought a few patterns when they were on sale and I always sewed the largest available size option. Still nothing fit correctly. I didn’t realize most of the paper pattern companies drafted for a B-C cup. I didn’t realize my biceps were larger than normal in my size and that my hips are butt were less curvy than other ladies. (ok, I did know that.) In the PDF world, a few designers are drafting with a full bust adjusted pattern included. That just means they saved me some of the work. 5oo4 patterns and Bella Sunshine Designs both do this. Momma and Me in matching Virginia Maxi Dresses from 5oo4.

Why did I begin testing?

When I stumbled on plus size sewing groups on Facebook I knew I was ready to learn. I commented on another seamstress’s outfit one day and we hit it off. We now refer to each other as “bestie” and she has really been a sewing mentor for me. We both just wanted to help plus size ladies feel good about themselves! When I got my serger, she stayed up and talked me through setting the tension right and threading and it was a very long night! She also got me into testing. Maybe I should be blaming all of this on her!!

First Test

My first testResized_20171001_160514-1 was at Bella Sunshine Designs in October of 2017 and it was the Sahara top. I asked 739 questions during the test, but I really wanted to learn. I kept apologizing to them, but I wanted so badly to get it correct. This was the first test I applied to and was lucky enough to get in. I think I have either tested or sewn every plus size pattern of theirs since. I was SO PROUD when my garment fit. Just shy of a year later and I am still wearing this one. I love it as much now as the day I took this pic. I learned how to do a bicep adjustment on this pattern and that made a world of different in my sewing. Several months later, I made a video to teach others how to do one also. Right after this test, I did another Bella Sunshine Designs test, The Apple Cardigan. To date, this is probably the most expensive fabric I have used. I picked it up in a destash sell from another seamstress now designer. We also became friends and recently met up to go shopping. The Camo dress above is The Sahara by Bella Sunshine Designs.

With two successful tests under my belt, I applied to test for Ellie and Mac. I believe Picture 3they were just starting to expand into my size range, so I figured I would give it a shot. This test was totally different from my first two. I ended up with two wearable garments, but not sure if I was ready for a group without as much support as BSD. I ended up sticking around because I wanted the experience of testing and to continue to learn. Now EAM is one of my favorites. I test for them several times a month and recently began guest blogging for them. In the last year, Ellie and Mac has come a long way into the curvy world and I have sewn at least 30 of their garments. By far, they are my most sewn up pattern company. This is the 24/7 top which I love!

What I am doing now?

I actively test for 5 designers, but have tested for 10 different ones. I am a brand ambassador for one company and recently got accepted into a pretest group. I also sew and promote fabric for 2 different companies I believe in. A few designers have come and gone in the last year. I tested for one company who said they were expanding to plus sizes. They invited me to join their team and have yet to makeDIBY Malala 30 1 (6) another pattern in my size. One designer I really loved testing for, but she sold her business to someone else. Another one just popped up, had a nearly terrible test, and disappeared. As with anything in life, you have good and bad experiences. Sometimes. you ruin the pretty fabric and sometimes, YOU LOOK AMAZING! Take the risk! This picture is me wearing the Malala. Way out of my comfort zone, but I feel lovely.

I haven’t had a ton of trouble getting into tests, but honestly I think it is because of my size. I fall in the upper range of tests for the most part. It is getting more difficult now to get into tests, but it is wonderful to see more curvy ladies getting on board. This shows all the designers there is a market  out here for their patterns and they need to be more inclusive. If you are interested in testing you should give it a shot. There is almost always someone around who can help you if you need it. Plus you can always tag me on Facebook.

DIBY Helen 30-28 11The best thing about sewing custom clothing is everything fits. I know slender folks as well curvy folks all have fit issues, we just have different issues. People will sometimes ask what size I am in ready to wear. I have no idea! Honest! I haven’t bought and worn an off the rack dress since I got boobs in about 3rd grade. My pants vary between an 18-22, but always need to be hemmed. I am only 5’1. I have been only 5’1 since about the 5th grade. They are most likely tight on my stomach and baggy in the butt. Also, it is impossible to find a nice button down shirt to fit my bust and biceps. I have never owned a button front shirt that doesn’t gap open. These are things that lead people to have issues with their bodies. When you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it shows. I have never in my life thought, “Dang, I look good.”  I am not that kind of person, but at least now know how to get my clothes to fit. In school, I wore a lot of boys clothes, I wore men’s jeans for years. The fit better for some reason ( probably because I have no hips or butt) and I just wanted clothes to fit.  Now, I really like the girlie stuff. Give me flowers and dots, and pretty colors! I think if I had a job that allowed skirts and dresses I would totally wear them more. Since I make my clothing, I can now be as girlie as I want! The above floral print dress is the Helen by DIBY club. This was for my first ever pretest and also the designer took the time to draw out step by step how to do a proper bicep adjustment for a Dolman sleeve. She didn’t have too, but she did!

So along with the good, there is the bad. Sadly, most of the “bad” comes in the form of feedback from the ”online sewing community.’ Typically, testers promote the new Picture 5patterns and if someone uses their affiliate links, they earn a small commission. Trust me, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon. 🙂 So testers spend all the time and money making a beautiful top or well fitting pants or gasp even a swim suit and we share them with our blog readers and on social media. Mostly, we share to show others they are not the only one in their size range and it is ok to be curvy and cute! Nevertheless, I have gotten some nasty feedback.

I have been told ‘plus size ladies should be modest.’ Thank you, but I am very modest and insecure, so again Thanks for reminding me.    Plus size people shouldn’t wear prints or colors.” Thanks, but I prove you wrong on my blog often.    “Your large scale print looks good because your body is large.” Thank you, I hadn’t realized that was a fashion rule.       “You should wear heels with dresses.” Thanks for your input,  but I can’t stand in heels. In this community, I feel like we should be building people up, not tearing them down. So the next time you have a rude comment, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about how you would feel. The outfit above was put together for my first ever guest blog post for Ellie and Mac. The hummingbird print top is the Sunny Day by EAM.

Thanks for stopping by to hear my story. Follow the links below to meet the other founding members of House of Curves.
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