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Double Duty Blog Tour Square-10Thanks for visiting my stop of the Rebecca Page Double Duty blog tour! All of the bloggers have been sharing some great hacks to help you get more bang for your pattern bucks! I am kinda a thrifty gal, so when this tour came up, I couldn’t wait to join! Then folks started talking about their ideas and I thought I was probably in over my head. I kept several ideas in mind, but I knew I wanted to hack the Circle Cardigan into a garment I could wear in more than just winter.

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan

My original cardigan was made from this amazingly soft and snuggle worthy, Hacci Sweater knit. I love it, I wear it often. I will miss it when winter ends and the heat of summer rolls around. BUT just because sweater season will be ending soon, doesn’t mean I should put away The Circle Cardigan pattern. Let’s hack it for warmer weather! Here we go!!

You will need:

The pattern printed in your size. If you need to grade it, now is the time! You just need to print the short length and the ¾ length sleeve. The band is up to you, I just hemmed the circle.

Fabric and matching thread

Tube Turners

Sewing machine, Serger is optional



  1. The first thing we need to do is shorten the overall length of the cardigan. I decided to remove 6 inches from the bottom length. I used my  ruler to mark 6 inches up from the bottom of my current pattern piece. I began at the center back and worked my way towards the side. I knew I wanted to grade inward so it would still be a circle cardigan. I made graduated marks at 5 in, 4 in, 3 in, 2 in, then finally 1 inch.

2. Now use a French curve to connect all of these marks.

Circle Cardigan Hack 1

3. Trim the pattern into your new shorter length and set aside. Get your sleeve piece out.

Circle Cardigan Hack 1

4. I shorted my sleeve to slightly above the 3/4 sleeve option. This is up to you. What length do you prefer? Cut out your fabric. Mark the center of your sleeve. I drew a line down the middle then used my ruler to cut a long 2 inch rectangle out of the center. Again the length depends on you, but leave enough to have room for seam allowances and hemming.


5. Outline the rectangle with wash away seam tape then folded the edges back. You will have to make small snips at the corners so it lays flat. Just tiny ones will do the trick! I topstitched here to hold it in place as well.

6. Next we need to make tubes. I just cut several long strips from my scraps. They are 1.5 inches wide by whatever length my scrap was. I serged them into long ribbons then used my medium tube turner to quickly flip them.


7. Now take your sleeve and lay it wrong side up on your ironing board. I used pins to “shape” my opening. I measured to be sure it was mostly square. I then pinned it to the ironing board. Now use a marker to divide your opening into equal sections. I did 2 inches apart vertically and eyeballed it to be level horizontally. I then made a criss cross pattern with my tubes and pinned down the points. Carefully, pull your entire sleeve up and off the ironing board. I stress carefully because I flung pins everywhere the first time. 🙂

Circle Cardigan Hack 2 (5)

8. Stitch criss cross tubes in place. Sew slowly! Remove the pins are you go! Lengthen your stitch. I went up to 3.0! If your presser foot starts to push your criss crosses, just lift the foot up and set it down on top of them! Breathe! You are in charge here. See how my corners are a bit rounded out? Continue making square corners so it looks neat from the front side! When you have stitched all the way around, cut your threads. I also trimmed the tails of my criss cross tubes. Be careful. One slip and you will be sad.

Circle Cardigan Hack 2 (1)

Are you ready for the big reveal?!?!

Circle Cardi Hack Virginia Tank SFF (6)

Criss Cross Sleeve Complete! Perfect vents for warmed temps!

Circle Cardi Hack Virginia Tank SFF (2)

I am loving my new spring look! I wish the grass was greener in this pic, but in truth it is still 30* with another snow storm heading out way!

Let’s Talk Fabric: Both of these prints are from Sly Fox Fabrics! Sly Fox ships within 24 hours so you could be wearing this combo before next weekend!

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The colorful Mandela Print has been sold out for awhile, so feel free to beg the Foxes for its return. I love this print here and think it would look amazing with the houndstooth.

Double Brushed Poly Autumn Camellia in Indigo. You can shop here.

Circle Cardi Hack Virginia Tank SFF (4)

If you love this Circle Cardigan Hack or the regular one

You may shop here 

The regular pattern comes in sizes up to 5x with these options

  • 2 length options (short or long),
  • 3 hem options (plain, band or ruffle)
  • 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, ¾ and full length)


Have you checked out the rest of the tours on the Double Duty Blog Tour?? What are you waiting for?? All the links and a raffle for some free Rebecca Page Goodness are below!

Circle Cardi Hack Virginia Tank SFF (1)

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Circle Cardi Hack Virginia Tank SFF (3)

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