Copy Cat: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats – February

Let’s start with the epic sale that 5 out of 4 patterns is having right now! They have marked all of their dress patterns 25% off to help you get ready for Easter, but I bet a lot of you need Mother’s Day dresses and pretty dresses for upcoming weddings!! Why not pick up these amazing patterns while they are 25% off? Just click my above link and check out everything on sale…Trust me…It is a lot!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (2) - Copy

But right now, let’s talk about today’s new outfit! Remember my Copy Cat post from last month? The one where I am copying Stephanie at Sarcastic Sewist. She is sewing up 12 versions of the Diane Joggers and she has promised they will all be different! This is my February Copy Cat outfit. Again, I used the Diane Joggers patterns, but this time I am using Double Brushed Poly. Stephanie kicked it up a notch by throwing in the use of plaid. Yep, plaid on pants. Plaid print that I needed to attempt to match up so I didn’t go totally crazy each time I put them on. With a lot of time (a whole lot of time) I got them lined up to a semi respectable manner. I tried hard to make Stephanie proud! For February we are making capris!! I sewed a straight 4X as DBP has a great deal of stretch! I actually wish I would have used the 3x pattern lines for the legs. I would have preferred them just a tad more snug! I used the middle height of the waistband options and used the encased elastic. If you choose to do bottonholes with a drawstring that would be lovely. Don’t forget I wrote a tutorial post to help you make buttonholes. Again I added front pockets, but unlike Stephanie, I wimped out on making patch pockets for the booty. My pattern patching skills aren’t that great and at this point my patience was running slim!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (1) - Copy
See they are sorta matched!

In the original outfit, Stephanie used the Knot Your Average Top from 5oo4. Sadly, The Knot Your Average Top doesn’t come in my size. I swapped with the Jessie top which is another great pattern from 5 out of 4 and it happens to be part of the big 25% off sale because it is also a dress. Remember, it is Momma Mia’s favorite dress.  I again used double brushed poly for my top. Jessie is a slim fitting top and it I graded out a bit more than the 5x line which is the largest size included. My shirt is still a little more slim that I typically wear. I added a little to the shirt length to have this top at a length I feel better about wearing. I used the high front low back option for my shirt and criss crossed the back opening with thin turned tubes. This shirt sews fairly quickly once you get your tubes turned out. This is Momma Mia’s favorite dress and she has requested a new one for spring. As we all know #Whatmommawantsmommagets! I will sew her a new one this weekend.


Let’s talk about my fabric! Both of my fabrics are from Stitchin’ Pretties. The plaid print is called Kenzie and the print is Navy. Both are double brushed poly and sew up neatly. I used my serger for most of the construction. I used my regular machine to stitch down my criss cross tube pattern and for hemming. Both of these prints are available at Stitchin’ Pretties. While you are there, you should check out the clearance section and the code that will get you some fabric for $3.50! Laura has super fast shipping and you will be overly impressed with the fabrics!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (7) - Copy

All the Details:

The Diane Joggers pattern includes:

  • 3 rise heights (low/maternity, mid, and high)
  • Shorts, Capri, and Long cut lengths
  • 4 leg finishes – cuffed, hemmed, drawstring, or elastic
  • Information for both hemming and using bands (hello no hemming!)
  • 6 waistband options – Encased elastic, drawstring, Knit, Yoga Foldover, Contour, Maternity (underbelly)

This is my 3rd pair of joggers! Let’s do the math. 3 pair divided into $9.95 equals $3.32 per pair! I can’t wait to see what it works our to when I have an entire year’s worth of these pants! You can pick up your Diane Pattern using my Aff. Link here. 


The Jessie Pattern Includes:

  • Top, Tunic, Short Dress, and Knee Length Dress Lengths
  • 5 Sleeve Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4, and Long
  • Multiple Back Options: High, Low Ballerina, Racerback Insert, and Strappy Back

This is my 5th Jessie. Let’s do that math. 5 Jessie’s divided into $7.95 equals $1.59 per use. Also don’t forget there is another one coming for Momma Mia this weekend. I like to buy patterns that work for me, that I will make more than one option, and I like! If I spend money on a pattern, I like to count the pattern prince in with the fabric price to figure the cost of my item. When it works out to $1.59 a use… it is totally worth it to me! You can pick up Jessie and all the other Sale dresses here.

I may have even wore my Jessie Top for some impromptu target practice! I am channeling my inner Charlie’s Angel here.

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (4) - Copy


I have shared my Aff. Links in this post. That just means I make a bit of a commission all any patterns you purchase.

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