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Several months ago, The Sarcastic Sewist and I were chatting about how to keep our blogs rolling during the new year. We decided that we would do a bit of a comparison on how we, as curvy sewing bloggers, are adjusting patterns to fit our bodies. We spoke with another curvy blogger, Chaney of Twinkle Toes and Company, and she hopped on board with us. We choose to work with the Adrienne from DIBY.Club. This pattern is cute and fun. DIBY also has the largest size range that I personally test for. Our rules were simple. Make the pattern and adjust it to your liking and for your personal fit. We plan to do this quarterly so stay turned for the Spectrum of Shapes tour!

DIBY Adrienne (2)

I knew I would need to blend sizes, which is often the first step in getting a custom fit. At the Diby.club, I am a 30 bust and a 26 waist and hips. Here is a great link to the DIBY blog about measuring. I printed my pattern and followed the fit advice included with the pattern on grading. I knew that I wanted to add some length to the top because the side detailing makes the open sides pretty high up on me and I don’t want to show my business or my belly to the world. I added 3 inches to the length. I added this above the bands so I didn’t have to work out an adjustment for that, but DIBY explains how to do it in the directions. I am kinda lazy at sewing and was also in a hurry so… LOL Anyhow pattern adjusted and sizes blended next up, I am ready to sew. If you want to see my first round of making the Adrienne, here is that link.

DIBY Adrienne (6)

I used this great Shark/Underwater print for my top. It is a Cotton Lycra base which means is has excellent recovery. The pattern called for very drapy knit with low recovery actually. I tend to avoid things what don’t bounce back from pulling and stretching as I am kinda rough on clothing. I believe that is why my shirt is more structured than most others.

DIBY Adrienne (8)

I chose to make the crew neck this time as my previous one has a cowl which makes it a little heavy for warmer weather. This top features a center back seam that allows the shirt to have a little more contouring and makes it super easy to cut out especially when you have small amounts of fabric! That was not my case as I bought the entire bolt of this print!

DIBY Adrienne (5)

I also made the elbow sleeve option and added a narrow band instead of the larger cuff. I love the overlapping side bands and with the video on the DIBY blog they are super easy to install.


Overall, I am happy with my top, but wish I would have gone down one or two sizes. I think it is this fabric which makes it appear a little bulkier than I prefer.

DIBY Adrienne (7)

If you would like to pick up the Adrienne pattern from DIBY club feel free to use my Aff. Link here . If you need more convincing… just visit my friends below over the next few days! Also be sure to sign up for a chance to win a free pattern from the DIBY Club down at the bottom.

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Don’t forget to enter to win a free DIBY pattern, so you can sew up your own DIBY to fit your lovely shape here!

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  1. Love this, great job!
    I’m glad you blog about how to fit curves, I’ve never really done a bust, bicep, tummy or any other adjustments. Youre sew-educating me, and I appreciate you…
    Baby shark do,do do says he loves your shirt!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I always love seeing what you make. I’m always grading for my bust and waist too. Its so wonderful to have clothes that fit!


  3. I have the pattern, but have not tried it yet. Hoping to by summer’s end. 😊 Cute fabric though.


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