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I am going to walk you through a quick How To for changing patch pockets to inside pockets. I love the Diane Joggers from 5 out of 4 patterns, but sometimes I like to switch my pockets up a bit. I stole this idea from the Sarcastic Sewist when following her 12 Looks, 1 Pattern, No Repeats series. I will only be covering the pocket portion of this pattern.

Step 1 –  Cut two Patch Pockets the regular way. (looks like the paper pattern below)

Cut two Pockets that are squared off at the top. (looks like the gray fabric below)


Step 2-  Lay your Patch Pocket on top of your front pants fabric. These will be Right Sides Together. Repeat with the other side of the pants. 2

Step 3- Pin and Stitch along the curved edge of the Patch Pocket. I use a straight stitch with a length of 3.0 set for Stretch fabric on my machine. You could also zig zag  or lightening bolt stitch. Repeat with your other pocket.3

Step 4- Trim away the extra corner. I leave 1/4 inch or so for the seam allowance. If you are using this technique for a woven garment, I would snip into the seam allowance to help it lay flatter. Repeat with the other side.4

Step 5- Flip your Patch Pocket over to the wrong side (along the curve) of your front pants and pin in place. Repeat for both pockets.


Step 6- Stitch along the top edge of the curve. Again, I used a basic lengthened straight stitch. You could also play with some decorative stitching here. If needed, add interfacing to the backside of your patch pocket. Repeat for both pockets.6

Step 7- Align your Squared off Pocket on top of your patch pocket. You will be matching and pinning along the right and left edges as well as the bottom. Only pin through the two layers of pocket. Do NOT pin to the front pants piece. These will be right sides together. Repeat with both sides.7

Step 8- Stitch along the inside edge, around the curve, and across the bottom of the pocket. I used my serger, but you can use a sewing machine. Sorry I didn’t turn my photo before typing on it. Repeat with the other side.


Step 9- OPTIONAL I like to serge my outer pocket edge to my front pants piece. I think this helps me line things up better. You could also use a basting stitch. I just pin it in place and stitch.


Now assemble your pants as usual! You can see the finished shorts in my previous post here.

Here is a nice shot of this pocket technique in action! You can view this post here.

Sequoia ALD Camilla and Diane Joggers 5oo4 (7)

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  • Information for both hemming and using bands (hello no hemming!)
  • 6 waistband options – Encased elastic, drawstring, Knit, Yoga Foldover, Contour, Maternity (underbelly)

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Here are some of my favorite photos of the Diane Joggers!

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