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The Sew Americana Blog Tour has been around a few years, but this is the first time I have gotten to join in! This tour has been put together by Katy over at Wild and Wanderful and it features more than 20 popular sewing bloggers. I just happen to be lucky enough to make the list! Today is the last day of the tour so make sure you read all the way to the bottom of my post and then check out all of the bloggers on the tour! You do not want to miss out on all the amazing sewing shares.

Nancy Raglan 4x SFF (1)

When I signed up for this blog tour, I actually had zero clue as to what I would be making. This is not uncommon for me. In the sewing world, I work best under pressure. I sewed both of the tunics up the night before our photos were due! In all fairness, Sly Fox Fabrics came on board in the last minute to offer of some fabric to us. Of course, I couldn’t resist their amazing fabrics. I selected the Hideaway Floral print in Blue in Single Brushed Poly. When I placed my order, I knew I planned to make the Nancy Raglan top. I also planned to make another awesome Momma Mia and Me set! I purchased two additional 1 yard cuts of fabric to pair with the 2 yards of the Hideway Floral in Blue. I ordered 1 yard of red and 1 yard of light slate DBP to make contrasting sleeves. I think the best park of making raglans is using a contrast fabric for the sleeves. I selected the Nancy Raglan because it has a bunch of options. I have already made myself one of these tops and Momma Mia has a couple dresses from this pattern.

Nancy Raglan XL-2X (1)

I followed the pattern as directed except I added an extra band of color around the bottom of the sleeves. Instead of adding the sleeve band after assembly I added it before sewing sleeves and side seams together. I folded a 3 inch strip of fabric wrong sides together and clipped it right sides together to the bottom of the sleeve. I cut the color band off evenly with the sides of the sleeve and the serged it together. Next, I sewed the side seam as usual. I was careful to line up the edge of the color band so as it didn’t have a noticeable shift between the sides. This really wasn’t a ‘time saver’ compared to just sewing bands on properly since lining the edges up perfectly was kind of a pain in the booty! Next time, I will just make the bands wider and assemble as usual.

Nancy Raglan 4x SFF (2)

I sewed my latest Nancy top in tunic length. Mine is size 4x graded to a 5x. This pattern doesn’t include a FBA was some of the newer 5oo4 patterns have, but it fits ok. I cut my neckline at the crew neck line. My sleeves are the short length plus the band. For my sleeves, I added an extra 1 inch to the bicep area. I used the slash and slide method.

Nancy Raglan XL-2X (2)

Momma Mia is wearing a XL graded to a 2X then back to a XL. She is also wearing a tunic length, with a crew neck line and ¾ length sleeves plus the color band.  I made no other adjustments for her tunic.

Nancy Raglan 4x SFF (4)

Here are all the options included with the Nancy pattern.

The Nancy Raglan includes:

  • 5 bodice styles: Shirt, Tunic, A-line Dress, Swing Dress, Layered Dress (A-line with a loose fit overlay)
  • 4 sleeve lengths: Short, 3/4, Long, Extra Long
  • 4 neckline options: Crew, V-neck, Hood, Cowl
  • 3 sleeve finishes: Hemmed, Cuffs, Thumbhole Cuffs
  • Nursing access via invisible zippers and including a modesty panel.  The nursing access is available on all styles except the layered dress.
  • Maternity with ruched sides.  The maternity option is included with all styles except the layered dress.
  • Other options include: side vents on the tunic, pockets on the swing dress, and a banded bottom for the shirt and tunic.

Nancy Raglan 4x SFF (6)

Should you be inclined to add this pattern to your collection, you can pick it up here with my Affiliate Link.

Nancy Raglan XL-2X (3)

If you love my fabric, Here is a link to Sly Fox Logo

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Nancy Raglan XL-2X (4)

Nancy Raglan 4x SFF (3)

Thanks to everyone who joined in, sponsored or supported the 2019 Sew Americana Blog Tour!


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