Guest Blogging and some pocket hacking

Hi Friends! I am late to let you in on a little info. I was the guest blogger at Ellie and Mac last week. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know how much I love pockets! I want pockets in every possible pattern! When the Not so Basic pants came out I adored them and everyone was super cute in them, but no side seam… no pocket.

Fear Not, Friends! I have a hack for you. Just give this photo a click and you will be transported to my post!

Youtube Video – Sewing Lucky Undies

My mission for the perfect fitting panties continues and I am super happy with this round! I used the RAD Lucky Undies pattern, made a few personal fit tweaks and am sewing up a storm now!

I made a new Youtube video with a review, general fit information especially if you have more belly than booty and finally a sew a long!

Come check out my latest video and show me some love! Please also share, like and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of the fun stuff I have planned.

Sydney Dress Surprise!

So the Sydney dress isn’t really a surprise, but this is the first time I have made one for myself!! Momma Mia has a dress or two from this pattern. There is also another one floating around my house – it is in pieces though, if I am truly honest with you. Anyhow, this time I was self sewing and I am thrilled that I did. Let’s just check out the end result.

Well, Hello There my friend!

So the first thing I want to say about this dress is that is it literally jam packed with options. I feel like 5oo4 is second to none in loading their patterns with options. I sewed the 4x FBA graded to the 5x with 3/4 sleeves. I did a 1.5 inch bicep adjustment. I used the knee length half circle skirt pattern shorted by 2 inches. I only removed length from the skirt and not the bodice. I find that even though I am shorter than the pattern is drafted for my side waist is the correct length. Apparently, I just have shorter than average legs. I should have shortened the dress a bit more for true knee length, but I am ok with this length. I, of course, added pockets to my skirt. When given a choice, always add the pockets. This pattern is drafted to have a lined bodice, but I get too hot for that so I used some pretty picot elastic to trim out my scoop neckline. Just measure your neckline opening, multiple that by 87% and that is your length to cut the elastic. I ordered said Picot from LaceandTrims on Etsy. I ordered 2 grab bags of pretty elastics. So many great colors and all were exceptional quality and usable lengths. My order even arrived 2 days before the tracking said it would so I was super thrilled. 5/5 stars – highly recommend.

Oh Picot, you look so pretty!

Speaking of options, here is the list from the website.

  • Regular and Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) pattern pieces are both included
  • Lift Up nursing option included
  • Multiple neckline options!
    • The front neckline can be Jewel, Scoop, or V-neck.
    • The back neckline can be High, Low scoop, or V-neck.
  • Fully Lined Bodice
  • Short, Elbow, Three-quarter, and Long sleeves
  • Multiple Skirt Options!
    • Half Circle – Peplum, Knee, Tea, and Maxi Lengths
    • Full Circle – Peplum and Knee Lengths
  • Sizes XXS-5XL

I am completely in love with this print. I gushed about it when I did an unboxing video on my business Facebook page. This is a beautiful print on Double Brushed Poly. It reminds me of an apron smock that my granny wore washing dishes. I don’t know why since they aren’t the same, but it makes me think of that. Lindy is from Stitchin’ Pretties and not only is it a beautiful fabric, but the Buy 2 yards, Get One Free sale is still on! PS – Laura, I need this is more colorways!

I bought this denim jacket RTW at Target. I can’t believe it actually fits and even buttons!

In case you didn’t know, this dress along with everything on the 5oo4 website is Buy one, Get one free!!! I picked up a few patterns I needed in my collection. What will you be grabbing? The sale ends in 2 days!! Don’t wait any longer! Afflink below!

All the Links for all the things

The Sydney Pattern

The Lindy Fabric

The Picot Elastic

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Love Notions – Breckenridge Dress

Sometimes I immediately know I am going to L-O-V-E a pattern and I felt L-O-V-E as soon as I saw this one in the design phase. I have never been able to walk into a store and buy a shirt like this. Typically, this style doesn’t fit the way my body curves, so I can finally make my own!

When I was debating on my fabric choices, I knew that I wanted a dress length with long sleeves so I could layer it with quilted gray Oakley vest I had recently made. This fabric was delivered recently from Sly Fox Fabrics and I adored it as soon as I saw it on the website. I love the navy and aqua combo. I wanted to highlight the little pops of aqua by making the sleeves and band in that color. My stash filed me this time and I had to make a trip to Joann’s to grab this fabric, but I was happy they had it and matching buttons in store.

Website Deets-

The Breckenridge Henley is an easy to wear top, tunic or dress. Meant for knit fabrics, this style will take you through all seasons. The neckline is an unconventional henley style that is easy to sew. No buttonholes required! Three body lengths are included: shirt, tunic and dress. Sew up this versatile style with short sleeves, roll tabbed long sleeve, or cuffed long sleeve.

  • XS-5X
  • Meant for knit fabrics
  • Three lengths: shirt, tunic and dress
  • V-neck henley collar
  • 3 sleeve styles: short, long with cuff and long with rolled tab
  • Full bust option
  • Subtle curved hem
  • Trimless pattern format
  • Layers
  • Print at home
  • In addition to the print-at-home file is a large format file for copy shop printing is included for both standard and full busts. These files will print on 5 A0 (33″ x 46″) size sheets. Be sure to instruct your printer to print actual size in black and white on their cheapest paper. We recommend PDFPlotting for printing the large format files.
  • A projector file is also included for those using projector technology

This dress is so comfortable, just enough fit in the upper half and just enough flare at the hem. I love that is swishes when I walk, but doesn’t blow up in the wind. I finished my dress on Sunday and wore it to work on Monday! It is that good, folks!

As you can see the leaves are dropping here, the rain has been falling for two days and it is cold already. I snapped my pics between the very cold sprinkles. I added the Oakley for warmth and my favorite gray boots. I feel put together in this outfit. I love “layering” seasons!

This pattern includes a tunic and a top length and 3 different style of sleeves so it really will fit all of your needs. I have a tunic to share in a day or two with you. Breaking News – The Henley style neckline is a fake. 🙂 Yep, not a single button hole was made so it is super fast. Tami even shot an amazing video to show you have to achieve this look and it is so easy! You can absolutely do it! You need to do it!

If you want to take advantage of the new release sale here are my afflinks!

A quick word about afflinks- I make a small commission on each pattern sale that is from my links. It is a small thank you from the designer!

Breckenridge Top, Tunic, Dress on sale for $9.00

Oakley Vest 3 different vests included in one pattern.

40% off Love Notions and a Giveaway

Hello friends! I may have forgotten one little detail about the sale from Monday’s post. I forgot about the GIVEAWAY!! Seriously, how did that even happen? Just leave me a comment on this post telling me which Love Notions pattern you picked up in the sale OR which pattern you have your eye on! If you plan to shop or even even you just want to look around, I do thank you for clicking my afflink. I will pick a random winner on Saturday morning!

I have only been sewing Love Notions for about a year and I already have all these amazing garments in my closet!! When something is good, you roll with it!

So don’t forget to leave me a comment and show some love! Which one is next on your list to sew? Shop Now!!

Love Notions – Fall Favorites

Fall is my favorite time of year so this is the perfect chance to write about some of my favorite patterns! Today I am focusing on Love Notions because starting today they have a huge 40% off sale going on. This is their LAST SALE of the year and you do not want to miss it!

Let’s start with the Salone Sweater. I sewed up the 4x fba graded 5x. I cut view B as I wanted a roomier fit and I selected the color blocked yoke and elbow patches for my options! Don’t be scared of the elbow patches like I was. I ended up pinning them in place and stitching around the. Then I trimmed close to the stitching to prefect fraying. Easy peasy. I used my duck bill scissors so I would not accidently snip my fabric. I added 1.5 inches length so my fit would be a tunic since I didn’t want to add a bottom band! I ADORE these top. The pretty colors are muted enough for fall and the weight of this fabric is perfect!

This pattern is rated for confident beginners.

  • XS-5X with FBA included
  • Two body views:
    • A- more fitted with curved hem, hits at mid-hip
    • B- boxy fit with hem band, hits at high hip.
  • Optional:
    • Yoke
    • Elbow patches
    • Hood
    • Kangaroo pocket

Next Up

The Ladies Boyfriend Cardigan

This time I sewed for Momma Mia! I need to get her closet caught up to mine! The Boyfriend cardigan hasn’t been updated yet to the larger size chart, but she is on it so that’s awesome! I sewed her the mid length cardigan with the larger shawl collar. This fabric is a looser stretch weave so I reinforced EACH AND EVERY SEAM with clear elastic. I was worried it would “Grow” as she wore it. This will help!

My Next Share is a Two for One

My sweater is the La Bella Donna and it is all sorts of amazing! I think I now have 5 of them and I am not sorry.

I sewed the 5x FBA, long sleeve tunic length with a cowl! (Insert Heart Eyes) I love this version. I used sweater knit from Stitchin’ Pretties and I am obsessed, honestly!

The pattern includes all this fun stuff…

  • Ladies sizes XS-5X
  • Shirt length with shirt tail hem
  • Shirt length with banded hem
  • Tunic length with pocket option
  • Full bust option for both views
  • 3 sleeve options: short, 3/4 & long cuffed
  • Hood & cowl options

Now I will let you in on a little secret! The La Bella Donna looks amazing with the recently updated Oakley. See, I have already done it twice! Plus a new one today!

I love this combo and I think you will also! This is view C of the pattern with internal pocket.

Three body views:

  • A- open front, fully lined with optional in-seam pockets, meant for faux furs and minky-type fabrics.
  • B- Separating zippered front, bias bound, patch pockets. Choose a collar or hood.
  • C- Separating zippered front, bias bound, princess seams with integrated pockets. Choose a collar or hood.
  • All views include a full bust piece option.

Do Not miss out on this sale! 40% off everything except the Gliss pants!

This blog contains Aff. Links which doesn’t effect the price for you, but is a small commission from the designer to me.

Love Notions – Oakley Vest Update

Hi Friends and Hello Fall! The temps have dropped into the 50’s here in Ohio and that means it is time to pile on the layers! Thankfully, Love Notions heard my unspoken pleas and decided this was the perfect time to update the Oakley Vest into me sized! It it now sized through 5x with an included FBA. 🙂

This is your warning, I have sewn all 3 bodice versions and you are about to be on overload! In addition to making 3 vests in this blog, I also used 3 “slightly unusual” fabrics. That mean this aren’t your typical clothing choices, but they worked perfectly! Dig deep in your stash, I bet you have something awesome there.

Let’s start with View A.

Described as – open front, fully lined with optional in-seam pockets, meant for faux furs and minky-type fabrics.

I used flat fold denim, which I found in a recent sewing stash clean up AND my unusual fabric – A shower curtain!! Yep, this shower curtain did indeed hang in my bathroom for more than year and the matching rug is at my backdoor. I also sewed my inseam pockets inside. Now they are secret snack pockets and pretty epic! Can you see the UNICORNS on my lining?!?! OMG!

I am wearing my View A vest over my La Bella Donna which I blogged about here.

OK View B – I made this one for Momma Mia. It would be super selfish If I sewed all these for myself wouldn’t it?

Described as – Separating zippered front, bias bound, patch pockets. Choose a collar or hood.

So Momma Mia got this neat quilted fabric. I am not sure what this fabric was originally used for, but it has been in my stash for years. I am not sure if it came in a yard sale bin or what, but it is PERFECT for her vest! These colors scream Fall to me and she loves it too! Did I mention there is a hood?! You can choose a collar if you would prefer. I took advantage of the the double sided fabric and used the reverse side for the contrast pockets! The hunter green bias binding looks great too! If you want to skip the finished seams on the inside, you can do French seams and make your vest reversible!

Momma Mia is wearing her Oakley Vest over this dress.

View C- My Favorite!

Described as – Separating zippered front, bias bound, princess seams with integrated pockets. Choose a collar or hood.

This fabric is quilted upholstery fabric and it is kinda fantastic. It is heavier weight and toasty warm. I am happy to report that it wasn’t even difficult to sew after I put in a heavier weight needle. I love that all the edges are finished before construction and that outside edges are finished with binding tape! So easy!

I am wearing my View C vest over the La Bella Donna.

This pattern is already getting a whole lot of love from me and I am sure you will love it too. each version came together quickly and the results are pretty fantastic!

So are you ready to put this one in your fall line up? Today only It is on sale for $5!! Such a deal – Don’t miss out!

My Afflink for the pattern.

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