Mixing Prints!

Hi Gang! Today, I am guest blogging over at Ellie and Mac. As you know, I sew a lot of their patterns and love them! Today I wrote up a blog post on mixing prints and how to make it work. Go check it out for me details on all these combos! Don’t forget to … Continue reading “Mixing Prints!”

Dear Fall Closet, I am working on you. Love, Me

Insider tip: I am putting together a Fall Capsule project for a guest blog spot. I am really excited about it and can’t wait to share the entire collection, but not today! Normally, I don’t make a lot of things based on a certain color scheme or style because I like variety and prints and … Continue reading “Dear Fall Closet, I am working on you. Love, Me”

5 out of 4 – Maggie Cardigan

Fun Fact: I will always have room in my closet for an awesome cardigan.  Welcome to the family, Maggie! You will fit in fine here! You are already so loved. I am always so happy when a new pattern comes out and I don’t remember seeing anything else like it. 🙂 Let’s check out what Maggie … Continue reading “5 out of 4 – Maggie Cardigan”

The Fitting Experiment – Hourglass Dress

The Fitting Experiment Episode 2- The Hourglass Dress Background: I am hanging out with some new bloggers friends and we are calling our adventure, The Fitting Experiment. Our goal is to test out patterns that are drafted with a large size range to determine if the pattern has a great fit across the board. We … Continue reading “The Fitting Experiment – Hourglass Dress”

HOC Virginia Tank

So this is my second show and share from Sly Fox Fabrics week! I purposely ordered 2 different 1 yard cuts with the plan to make some great tank tops! I love wearing tank tops around the house, under shirts when it is freezing cold out, and of course, when I am mixing up my … Continue reading “HOC Virginia Tank”

Delicious Dress

The Delicious Dress is kinda Delicious actually. This is the first dress released from Red Apple Sewing and is the follow up to the Apple Core Tee. This is a custom Made to Measurements Pattern! So what makes this dress special? It is drafted to your exact measurements. Do you typically make a full bust … Continue reading “Delicious Dress”

HOC Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the House of Curves #Breakallthedamnrules series. Have you made yourself something amazing to wear yet? I hope so! Make sure you are tagging me on Facebook and on Instagram. You can use #sequoialynnsews and #Houseofcurves or #Breakallthedamnrules so I can see you amazing outfits! OK This week we have another … Continue reading “HOC Week 3”

Autumn Spice — HOC style

Sometimes when mixing prints, you will have to get a little creative on how you will split up a pattern for perfect colorblocking and sometimes a pattern is already perfect for it. That is 100% the case with the Autumn Spice top. This pattern already comes split for 3 different colors. This is the Autumn … Continue reading “Autumn Spice — HOC style”

HOC + SP + 5oo4= Happy Momma Mia

This is the second post for the House of Curves #Breakallthedamnrules series! Are you partaking? Have you joined in the fun at the Facebook group? I started a post for everyone to share their makes!! Join us! Today Momma Mia is up! I will admit to you guys, she doesn’t mix prints, she doesn’t do … Continue reading “HOC + SP + 5oo4= Happy Momma Mia”