Chapman Cardigan – An Update

The Ellie and Mac Chapman Cardigan just got an update! I have admired this pattern for well over a year, disappointed that it wasn’t in my size. When I saw the tester call pop up for the size increase, I signed up immediately. During the test, a few extra options were added including sleeveless, pockets, and an additional tunic length option. It was also updated to a trimless format with a more streamlined directions written! If you have previously purchased this pattern, don’t worry, you can download it for free!
EAM Chapman Cardigan 4x-5x (2)
The new size range now goes up to 6x (67 inch hip) as this is the new size range being offered by Ellie and Mac. I sewed a 4x bust with a 5x waist which is my usual size! I love that so many designers are working towards more inclusion!. Ellie and Mac has added 2-3 sizes to their pattern range in the time I have sewn for them, it is still nice to see. Aside from grading between sizes, the only change I made to this pattern was shortening the sleeve length by 1 inch. I could have removed another inch and still been ok on length. I worked hard to match up my stripes for this pattern so I am pointing it out for you to look at them. 🙂 In typical EAM fashion, this cardigan comes together fast and you will be wearing it within a few hours. Sometimes, I really just need something fast to get me going. I am confident I am not the only one who feels that way.
EAM Chapman Cardigan 4x-5x (3)
My fabric choice is a French Terry that I recently got from Sew Blessed Fabrics! I adore the colors in the rainbow striped print fabric! If you don’t know what French Terry is, let me try to explain. It is a super soft, comfy fabric which is perfect for sweaters, cardigans, and joggers. Think about comfy sweat pants. FT is easy to  identify because the “wrong side” of the fabric looks like loops of thread. Note: There is also a reversed French Terry where the loops are on the “right side.” I used a dark gray solid double brushed poly for the bottom and front bodice bands. I love the contrast of the gray with the rainbow stripes. Plus I didn’t have a single color that was a spot on match for my stripes in my cardigan.
EAM Chapman Cardigan 4x-5x (4)
 I have already worn my Chapman Cardigan out in the wild several times and have received several compliments. I bet you will also! This photos were taken while geocaching in Medina County, Ohio. It was such a perfect fall day. I wore my cardigan the entire day, even though I had only planned to wear it for pictures. On another side note, this should be my last blurry, dark, slightly out of focus photos as I have upgraded!! Prime example of what should have been a beautiful photo, but the camera ruined it below! I finally decided to get a Canon Rebel T1. The Dslr will be new to me and I am sure there is a huge learning curve, but I plan to fill a seat in a photography class next month! I can’t wait! I have really be dragging my feet on sewing and blogging because my photos continue to get worse and worse. I should now be able to take beautiful photos and better videos! Wish me luck!
EAM Chapman Cardigan 4x-5x (1)
Do you need a cozy cardigan for the cooler weather? Come check out the Chapman Cardigan while it is on sale for new release!

As always, I thank you for using my affiliate links. If you purchase this pattern using my link, I will receive a small thank you commission from the designer. This helps me to purchase sewing supplies and keep my blog going. Thank you.

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Guest Blogging – How to make sashes and belts to match any outfit.

Hi Gang! Today

I am guest blogging over at Ellie and Mac. I wrote a easy tutorial for DIY sashes as belts. These can become the quickest and best matching accessories you can ad to your wardrobe.

Here is the link to my latest guest blog.

South Shore Romper and Be Breezy Mash Up – Take 2

Hey gang! I know so many of you have commented and shared heart eyes over the Ellie and Mac South Shore Romper and Be Breezy mash up I recently did. I loved it too, but every time I sat down the cross front style of the top exposed a bit more than I preferred to the world, if you know what I mean. I loved the style so much, I planned to make it a little more modest AKA work place appropriate.  If you are worried about the same thing just follow along with my directions below to create a more modest look.

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (7)

First, Print your pattern pieces according to your size. You will need the front and back bodice pieces, sleeves, and neckband of the South Shore Romper and the Be Breezy skirt cut at the length of your preference.

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (1)

Next, we need to adjust your bodice at the front diagonal slope.  I added 1.5 inches to my bodice about midway through the pattern slope all the way to the side seam. I was careful not to change the width of the shoulder as that would create some issues with the front and back bodice shoulders matching up and sleeve fitting. Just redraw a line allowing for more coverage. Blend to give it a nice slope. The next modification I made to the bodice was the band. I cut the band at 6 inches wide instead of the narrow width in the pattern. I didn’t change the length at all. I used my 24 inch quilting ruler to make this easier.

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (6)

I made no other adjustments to the bodice top, so cut your remaining pieces. You need 1 back, 2 newly adjusted mirrored fronts, 2 sleeves and the newly widened band. You will also need a skirt of your choosing.

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (3)

Attach the shoulder seams per the original directions. I did NOT gather the side seams between the circles on the pattern. I left them straight on my dress. I think it would have been fine to gather them to create more interesting detail at the sides. Next, I attached the neckband. It should be folded in half, wrong sides together and just under 3 inches wide. I clipped at the middle, and both ends. I then added several clips between the ends and middle. This will help things line up neatly and prevent any slipping from happening while sewing down. Sew the band on. I didn’t top stitch because it fits snug enough to the body to not require it and I knew as the fabric stretched across by bust, the top stitching would likely pop. Next, I sewed in my sleeves. I like to sew sleeves in flat. I find it so much easier. Now it is time to sew your bodice. I clipped everything together. I began with the side seams and was careful to line up all three layers of fabric neatly. I sewed along the sleeve and down the side seam to the bottom of the bodice. Do this for both sides. You will assemble you skirt as directed in the pattern and attach it to the bodice. If you are using a longer length or heavier fabric, consider using clear elastic for additional support.  Now you can do your hemming and you are ready to wear your pretty new dress!

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (2)

I love the new neckline of my dress. I can wear it without revealing too much and still feel pretty nice. If you decide to make a dress following my hack, I would love to see it. You can always find me on Facebook or tag me on Instagram!

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (4)

This fabric is called Paradise and I picked it up from Amelia Lane Designs.

You can shop my Affiliate links here

South Shore Romper

Be Breezy

Modest South Shore Romper and Breezy hack (5)

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Guest Blogging and an amazing hack!

I occasionally write blog posts for a designer or a fabric companies. Today is one of those days. I wrote a blog post for Ellie and Mac this week. It was suppose to go live on Monday, but it came out early!
I hacked the South Shore Romper with my favorite dress pattern, Be Breezy Top from Ellie and Mac.

Sourth Shore Breezy Mashup (5)

I did a Rolled Hem on the bottom of my new dress and it only adds to the fluttery style of my dress. Have you checked out my video on doing a rolled hem with a sewing machine? You can view it here.

Sourth Shore Breezy Mashup (6)

I used this beautiful ITY (Interlock Twist Yarn) fabric that is newly released from Amelia Lane Designs. It is also on new release sale through Monday! This print is perfect for wearing to all summer events! The Red, White, and Blue floral is called Liberty and will look amazing for July Fourth picnics in the park! I was a little concerned when my fabric first arrived. I thought it would be too see thru to wear alone, but it is fine! It isn’t sheer when worn! If you have never worked with ITY, it is slinky and slick, but lightweight and cool. It has amazing drape as well! I find it kind of fiddly to work with and I use a load of clips to keep things together, but it was worth it because I love my new dress.

Check out this picture featuring Momma Mia’s latest quilt top. She finished it just in time for my photos! She did a great job and can’t wait to get it quilted.

Sourth Shore Breezy Mashup (2).JPG


If you would like to read my blog post on actually hacking just click the graphic below. 🙂 Enjoy!



Monday Morning Dress

I haven’t tested too many Ellie and Mac patterns lately, even though I do love them. I  am so glad I signed up for this one. I love quick, fun, flirty dresses and this one is all three.Sequoia Ellie and Mac Monday Dress 4x graded to 5c (1) - Copy

The dress comes with two neckline options. High and Low. I chose to make the lower option. I also love that it features a slightly curved side hemline. I seem to be leaning towards hems that aren’t straight across lately. I think it is just an extra detail that dresses things up a bit. Also there are pockets! I don’t know why in the world that anyone who sews custom, doesn’t add pockets in every single garment they sew.

Sequoia Ellie and Mac Monday Dress 4x graded to 5c (2) - Copy

In true EAM style, this dress sews up quickly and is straight forward. I love that the tank style straps are wide and they cover my bra straps. That is important to me! Sometimes, the simplest details are what matters most! I also love how I can style this as a dress, though it is a little short or I can wear it over slim jeans or even leggings.

Sequoia Ellie and Mac Monday Dress 4x graded to 5c (3) - Copy

I did a FBA on my dress and shorted the length of the skirt by 2 inches for a height adjustment. I would have been more content to wear this without pants if I had left those 2 inches on the overall length of the skirt.

Sequoia Ellie and Mac Monday Dress 4x graded to 5c (4) - Copy

I picked this fabric up at Stitchin’ Pretties recently. Can you believe it was on clearance for only $3.50? I am so glad I ordered 4 yards total because I am going to need to make something else in this fabulous print. I admitted to Laura, owner of Stitchin’ Pretties, that I hadn’t given this print enough love on the website.  I am so thankful I ordered it “just to fill my box!”

Sequoia Ellie and Mac Monday Dress 4x graded to 5c (5) - Copy

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To The Point Tunic

Finally, I sewed myself a little spring number!  This dress was 100% brought on by the need to sew for Spring! The current stocking at Amelia Lane Designs is Springy prints and all Double Brushed Poly. DBP fabric is a drapey knit that comes in a huge range of colors and prints. The first one I am sharing has beautiful flowers on a lovely plum background. It is called Bristol. The design and colors are perfect for warmer weather. When my package arrived, it included a note stating that this fabric was the softest brushed poly ever and after working with it, I actually have to agree. It is amazingly soft. I knew I wanted a pretty dress for spring, but also knew I only had 2 yards to work with. Let Fabric Jenga Happen!!

Sequoia DBP Promo To the point EAM 4x (2)

I perused my pattern collection looking for something new and fun. I wanted to sew up something I hadn’t made yet, so I turned to some Ellie and Mac patterns that I missed during my testing break. I choose to make the To The Point. This pattern comes in 3 length options. Here I am wearing the long tunic length. This is the middle length of the options included in the pattern. I also am wearing a mid length sleeve.

Sequoia DBP Promo To The Point 4x (8)

Like most Ellie and Mac patterns this one comes in sizes up to 5x. You can choose a slim fit or a loose one. I am honestly not sure how I missed that when I printed the pattern, but I made the slim option. I am not a slim fit kinda gal so I wish I would have realized this before making it.

Sequoia DBP Promo To the point EAM 4x (6)

A few other things to note

Three sleeve options
Two neckline options

Tunic, long tunic or dress length options

Fitted or relaxed version options

The pattern also included directions for color blocking.

Sequoia DBP Promo To The Point 4x (10)

This pattern came together very quickly. For some reason, I always feel like garments finish much faster when I do the hemming first. Since this pattern has the point for the hem, I did it first. I also hemmed the sleeves while they were still flat. Super speedy!

I paired my To The Point Slim fitting top with a pair of random pink pants I dyed like 2 years ago and haven’t moved from my closet since. I think they look great with my top and so springy.

Sequoia DBP Promo To the point EAM 4x (5)

You can pick up your own Bristol print fabric here/ It is currently on sale for 15% off, but only until Monday! Hurry up!

To The Point tunic is available here. It has been on sale for 40% off this month, but as luck would have it, this pattern is on FLASH sale! I thought for only Thusday, but it is still marked down! Hurry and get it! No code needed. $3.00 🙂

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Be Mine Cardigan Take 3

You read that right! Take 3! That means I have made this cardigan 3 times now. I feel like sometimes I can’t get enough of a good thing! This cardigan is a good thing for sure!

ALD Cheyenne (3)

The first time (Here) I made it with some junkie Walmart fabric with terrible recovery. It grew and grew and it wasn’t pretty. The second time (Here) I used beautiful double brushed poly and hacked it as a guest blogger on EAM. So that brings us up to Take 3 and I am using Liverpool.

ALD Cheyenne (1)

So my cardigan came about because I needed to share some major Liverpool love with you guys! I love Liverpool fabric first off. I love the slightly textured, semi structured look of it. I really like the way it doesn’t cling in places I don’t wish to show off also! It comes in tons of colors and prints also. I have Liverpool T-shirts, peplums, pencil skirt, and now a cardigan. So let’s get down to it, Shall we?

Smiling Cheyenne

This is the first time I have used Amelia Lane Designs fabric! I was happy to be invited to their promo team recently and I was given my choice between several types of fabrics to promote and then again several print options as well. I chose to use two different Liverpool prints! I am going to share one of them today and the second one tomorrow! So get ready!!! This fabric is a New Release and is 15% off, but only until Monday.

ALD Cheyenne (2)

This print is called Cheyenne. I loved it immediately when I saw it. I love the vintage feel of the floral print and I loved that it is on a navy background. So many florals on are black backgrounds so this one really called to me and I was thrilled when I was picked for it. Amelia Lane has a few other Liverpool prints that are on sale for 15% off too!

ALD Cheyenne (4)

While waiting for my fabric to arrive, I tested a few different patterns out. I am always nervous when trying a pattern with a fabric that isn’t recommended. Liverpool doesn’t have near the stretch as a knit like Double Brushed Poly so sometimes, you may have to bump the size up one for a perfect fit. I had a few fails,  but literally couldn’t wait to sew it up when it arrived. After a quick wash and dry, I begin cutting the pieces out for the Be Mine Cardigan. I knew I wanted to reduce the amount of gathering in the seam that attaches the bodice to the skirt. The reason I wanted to do this is because Liverpool is a thicker fabric and a little heavier in weight. I was worried this could make that seam appear more bunched up. I reduced the skirt width by about 10 inches overall. I spread that distance evenly between the three skirt pieces. I needed a Full Bicep Adjustment. I added 1.5 inches. I wish I would have added 2.5 inches looking back. My sleeve is a little snug. This is caused by the stretch percentage of the fabric. I cut the sleeve length based on the amount of fabric I had left. Turns out, I love this length. Perfect for wearing down and lovely when pushed up just a bit. My tip when doing this pattern or any pattern with a long facing, cut that piece first. Sometimes after everything else is cut, it is impossible to win at Fabric Tetris when you need a long facing or binding and you don’t cut it out first. I frequently end up cutting mine in several  pieces. I don’t mind a seam at the back of the neck, but this one also ended up with an extra seam on each side near the bottom front. On a print this isn’t horribly noticeable, but on a solid it will be.

ALD Cheyenne (8)

Let’s talk details:

Fabric: Liverpool called Cheyenne from Amelia Lane Designs. Here is your direct link and it is currently on sale for  15% off but only until Monday!

Cardigan Pattern: Be Mine from Ellie and Mac 

Tank Top Pattern: Virginia from 5oo4 Patterns

ALD Cheyenne (6)

Liverpool Promo Cheyenne

Link Up, Guest Blogging, and a Sale

I have a lot to cram into this post! So consider this your warning.

Quiltville Link Up

Good Fortune is the latest mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter and today begins the last link up! Momma Mia has finished her Good Fortune quilt top and has finally decided on a blue print for the backing. It will be sent to the long arm quilter soon. My quilt is still in 3,417,037 pieces, but they are beginning to get sewn into actual blocks. I am sew proud of Momma Mia for her hard work on her quilt top! I love this pattern!

GF momma mia2.jpg

Here is the link back to the Quiltville blog so you can see what else is happening in Bonnie’s world.

Guest Blogging

I was recently the guest blogger over at Ellie and Mac and I have shared another upcycle. This time I used lace curtains to make a top! I have also written a tutorial on dying fabric in your washing machine. Stop by the blog and let me know what you think. Here is the link. My_Post_2_large

New Release Pattern Sale

Red Apple Sewing has a new website which is much easier to navigate and now has some adorable graphics! This week the Apple Cider top is featured! Use code NEWRELEASE to get the discount.  It is a high lo tunic designed to use with your favorite knits. Don’t forget these are custom drafted patterns and will fit your exact measurements. Here is the link.


What are you working on today? It is cold and raining in Ohio this morning and I wish I could stay in and sew, but work will always call. 🙂

I have a few 5outof4 sharings coming up and a tutorial on sewing button holes as well. 🙂 Stay tuned!!

Lucky Girl

Are you a LUCKY GIRL? Are you wearing the Lucky Girl Top? Lindsey and the tester team worked hard to get this great top ready for you. This is the first test I have been able to do for Ellie and Mac in a few months. I feel like I am back in my game!

eam lucky girl top (8)

So let’s talk about my shirt and  its options first! I made the tunic length because that is what I am most comfortable wearing. I also have made the split banded sleeve. There is an option to do a tie sleeve if you prefer. The step by step directions made it easy to make these sleeves. I used my serger to finish the edge of my sleeve opening and then my sewing machine to top stitch it. I often find the serged edge makes it easier for me to fold over and hem anything.  I graded from a 4x armscye to the 5x at the bicep then back to the 4x at the elbow. I didn’t want to work out a bicep adjustment for this type of sleeve honestly. I don’t even know where Id begin, unless I put the two pieces together, then bicep adjusted, then split again. That would probably work. Not sure, 4x to 5x worked too. eam lucky girl top (1)

In addition to the sleeve options, you can choose from 3 length options plus you can do bands on the hem lines. So potentially you can make 6 different lengths! The top comes in PDF download form in sizes XXS to 5X.

eam lucky girl top (7)

I got this print fabric from KSews. I believe it is a rayon poly blend jersey. We think. 🙂 It has a nice two way stretch, but I think the pattern called for 4 way. I love the black and white stripes and the little red cherries that pop out everywhere.

eam lucky girl top (5)

If you love this pattern also, you can pick it up here!

Lucky Girl is on sale for $3.85 AND  When you are adding this pattern to your cart, be sure to add the Feel Frisky Panties. They are free with any purchase through tomorrow, Jan. 31. So 2 patterns for under 4 bucks!

Have you signed up to win free patterns from DIBY and Red Apple Sewing yet? The raffle link is HERE.

Also don’t forget you can save on one pattern purchase from DIBY using this code. 🙂

hoc diby


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HOC Week 4- Sly Fox Fabrics

Blogger Collab BLACK

We have crossed the halfway point gang! I hope you are having as much fun as I am. This post is a little bit different. So last week our winner was LeighAnn!! Congrats and enjoy shopping at Bella Sunshine Designs. Now on to this week’s prize!

Sly Fox Logo

I reached out to Sly Fox Fabrics and begged them to sponsor a giveaway prize for this weeks House of Curves #Breakallthedamnrules series. Just kidding, I didn’t have to beg and they still went above and beyond. First off, they donated a $25 store credit to one lucky winner! That teamed up with $6.99 flat rate shipping…becomes a super amazing prize! And this is where they went “above and beyond.’ The Foxes also let me pick 6 yards of Double Brushed Poly to create my looks with!! This was beyond amazing and I quickly ordered some great prints. Then I placed an additional order as a super “Thank You for hooking me up!” So let’s get started with my first look.

Today, I am going to make some adjustments to The Dashing Dress I shared several posts ago. Mostly, I wanted to shorten the bodice so it would hit me at a more flattering spot. So as you know I have already made my dress with Charisma (Rayon Spandex) from Sly Fox Fabrics.

See where the waist and bodice meet…the largest part of my belly which draws attention to my rolls. Not my happy place. Not cute! I wouldn’t wear this in public as is.

EAM Dashing Dress 3

So Step 1:

Cut off the seam between the bodice and skirt. There was so reason to pick out that serged seam and honestly my patience wouldn’t allow it. I found using sharp sewing shears was more accurate than a rotary cutter. As a side note I love my Tula Pink Shears. They match my Tula Pink Rotary cutter that Lindsey from Ellie and Mac sent me! I love them! Did I mention that? Snip Snip, they cut like butta!

step 1

Step 2:

Now you have 2 pieces again.

step 2

Step 3:

To shorten the bodice by 2.5 inches, I laid the bodice out flat being careful not to have any wrinkles and to line the edge up neatly. I used a quilting ruler to cut a long continuous cut. I used a rotary cutter for this.

step 3

Now you will reattach the bodice to skirt in the same manner as the original directions. And you get….

TA- DA So much better. 

OK now Let’s #Breakallthedamnrules with this dress! This is where my NEW Sly Fox Fabric comes into play. I used this gorgeous purple, black and ivory  Double Brushed Poly plaid to make a Sleeveless Knee Length Cardigan.

ras vest eam dashing dress (6)

So my hunt began for a sleeveless vest as soon as I decided what I wanted to do. I asked for some pattern recommendations on Facebook and Jessica from Red Apple Sewing quickly offered to draft one just for me. In case you don’t know Red Apple Sewing is a newer pattern company that is just starting out making custom patterns. What you don’t know is, they are one of our prize sponsors for next week. 🙂

ras vest eam dashing dress (2)

My request for Jessica was simple. Sleeveless vest, must hit at knee length and be made from knit fabric. She drafted it to my personal measurements, my personal seam allowance requests, and my fabric type and stretch percentages. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. I kick myself for not begging for pockets also.

ras vest eam dashing dress (5)

So why does this combo work? The dress is a very colorful and a fun wild print. The plaid is darker, with a more muted print. The purple helps to tone down the wild print. Both pieces will work well together or separate! I am so happy to have these two pieces in my closet.

ras vest eam dashing dress (8)

Let’s Talk about the Patterns

 The Dashing Dress you can pick it up here. Currently it is 40% off along with every other pattern at Ellie and Mac.

Red Apple Sewing– This vest pattern is just in the beginning phases, but it will be available soon. Stop by and check out the other Made to Measure patterns!

Here is the link to join this weeks give away for a $25 Shop Credit from Sly Fox Fabrics!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway


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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my blog links, I receive a small commission. This doesn’t change the price for you, but is a little Thank You to me! It also helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!

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