So you wanna be a Hipster?

I was. Twice. Sorta. Can you be a hipster if you’d never drink Starbucks coffee? Humm Anyhow back at it…

I made the Hipster Hooded Dress by Ellie and Mac. Twice. For real. I made two dresses, both hooded, both midi length. I am a creature of habit and know what I like. I like casual, comfy shirt dresses I can wear over leggings.

Dress Number 1.


 Snip Snip Snip. I did a straight 4X size, no adjustments. The largest size it comes is 5X.  The measurements also go off your full bust size which is sorta different. I could  have benefited from a bust adjustment, but in testing I didn’t have the option. If you get the pattern…you do!

I used a fun print from Wal-Mart and at some point in the process I realized the fabric wasn’t printed straight. You get what you pay for sometimes. At least the fabric was soft and I loved the colors. I teamed it up with a small gray stripe. You will see, It works! Don’t be scared of mixing prints!!!20171111_134011-1

Told ya the prints work and its fun and no one else will ever have the same dress as you.



So that was round one, just for fun, I did it again. I needed some more life in my hood. Haha No really my hood is blah. Insert hot pink sweater. It’s cute right? It has also been hanging on my refashion rack for years…literally. Bye Bye sweater, get on my head!


From lifeless Goodwill sweater to awesome hood! I have warm ears now! Dress number two!


I looove this print! So girlie and pretty and soft, and girlie, and you get it.

The great pocket debate happened with this one. They do kinda stick out, but ultimately when given a choice, I will also take pockets. Here is a link to the Hipster Hooded Dress! it is on sale. 🙂

Here are your options-

Midi or knee length

Cowl or hood

Optional pockets

Side vents



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