38 Trips Around the Sun

Instead of being like a thousand other bloggers, I decided to write my New Years Blog Post for my Birthday! Yep, today I am 38. I am not usually one who gets crazy about turning a year older, except when I turned 25…”It was dark times Harry, Dark Times…” That was a rough one! When I think about the things I have done in the last year, I am pretty happy. I switched positions at my job, I bought my first brand new car, I realized it is ok to do fun things alone, upgraded to a new DSLR camera, took my first photography class and I even had time to sew some awesome clothes. I rediscovered my love for geocaching and hiking as well. Overall it was a good year, but I want to make this year even better.
I have spent several weeks/months really thinking of the direction I want to take my blog. I am just like every other blogger, I want to grow my audience and reach more people. I have noticed a lot of new faces following my social media accounts and for that, I am so grateful. It feels good to be noticed. I don’t know if the average person realizes how much work goes into being a sewing blogger. Pick a pattern, sew it up at least once (typically more), photos, photo edits, write blog posts, then share. 🙂 I do enjoy it though. I like knowing there is a record of my progress. I often look back at blog posts to remind myself of the changes I made to a garment and if I liked the fit or not. I love that other people will randomly find a blog post and leave me a message or pick up a pattern I haven’t mentioned in months. It makes me feel good knowing someone saw the joy in my blog. It also makes makes me feel good when I see kind comments from someone I don’t know.
Being a sewing blogger isn’t all sunshine and flowers though. Every single post is a risk. That seems a little odd, but it is true. Every post we make, every share we do, puts us up for being judged. Readers, I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t feel good to me. The comments people make shock me sometimes. For the dozens of good comments, there are always some bad ones. “Your shirt is too tight.” “You would look better with heels.” “You would look slimmer if…” “That color was a bold choice.” “Prints make you look bigger.” “Plus size can’t wear stripes.” and the list goes on…it is a long list. Note to crabby readers…your comments about me will never be harsher than my own thoughts. Why do people do this? Golden Rule, Folks. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. As a sewing blogger, I have gained some confidence though. Sometime,s I even dare to say my outfit looks cute or nice. Baby Steps.
So let’s talk about goals for the next 365 days.
*Do more quality sewing. I do a lot of quick sews, well in the past I did a lot. I have greatly reduced the number of tests I am doing. I want to sew things on my schedule for what I want to sew.
*Learn new things. Master my fit issues ehm… pants, bras, etc. Somethings scare me to sew…Bras…tried it once and quit! Pants are a work in progress. For me, I need to realize my body isn’t a normal feminine shape. Most patterns account for hips and booty and I lack in both. But I am making huge strides in preparing to sew my own jeans!!
*Write at least 5 blog posts for designers or for blog tours. Always on the look out for blog tours!! Tag me if you start one. I want in!
*Test less, Upcycle more. I have seen several mentions lately that plus size upcycling isn’t as popular as smaller sizes. I do agree with this in a way, but I have been upcycling for YEARS! When I began sewing, I started by thrifting for anything with great fabrics! I made some cool stuff, now I have more sewing skills I should be putting to use! As a bonus, we are saving a little space in the landfills!
*Continue to be a positive influence online. I shouldn’t need to explain this one.
*Learn to say No!
If I haven’t lost ya yet, thanks for sticking around! This is going to be an awesome year and I can’t wait to update this post on my next Birthday.  Don’t forget to give my blog a follow and leave me a comment! 🙂
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Edgy Top – Updated

So George and Ginger is a new name around here! I typically take a very hard stand against not supporting designers who aren’t designing in my size range. I now know that they are working pretty steadily at updating patterns in the larger size range, now going up to 5x. I tip toed over to the group because my cousin had requested a one shoulder top that resembled the way so many fabric companies drape their display mannequins. So I gave in, spent the money on a pattern that wasn’t in my size and sewed up the pattern she wanted.

She loved her new top and it was perfect for the Memorial Day festivities she planned to attend in DC. I bet this fabric looks familiar. This is Liberty Belle and it is a double brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics! I am linking you directly to Sly Fox Fabrics because this fabric is already sold out! Trust me, it is that fabulous! I used it recently to make my Easy Tee 5.0 when the fabric released! I also sewed up a Maxi Length Virginia for another customer out of the fabric! 

So about 2 days later, there was a tester call to update the pattern and extend the size range! I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up!

Edgy Top G&G 5x Sequoia Bond (15) - Copy

I choose to make the sleeveless version with the ruffle, which is the same style that I made above! The pattern sewed up quickly and easily both times. I used double brushed poly scraps to create this top and even though it was a test, it turned out 100% wearable! All the pattern pieces received an upgrade and update when the size range expanded. To me, most notable, is there is now a front and a back piece instead of it being the same. The Edgy Top included 4 different lengths of the single sleeve and you have the option to sew it with or without the ruffle! Let’s talk about the ruffle now!

Edgy Top G&G 5x Sequoia Bond (16) - Copy

On both tops, I chose to do a rolled hem! I knew I was most certainly not turning it under and hemming the edge, but I did want it finished. I decided the rolled hem was just the trick. I even made a quick Youtube video on how to do it. This was my first ever Youtube video, but I think it is helpful. Come check my channel out, follow me and give me some love! Here is the video.

Edgy Top G&G 5x Sequoia Bond (13) - Copy

 I sewed a 5x for this pattern, but blended from the bust curve to the hip to remove some of the hourglass like shape of the top. I knew I wouldn’t love it being super clingy to my rounded middle. I am now happy with the overall look. For both tops, I inserted a strip of elastic to help hold the top up. I love Brushed Poly, but strength isn’t its strongest suit! Just like when you use it to make bottoms, you have to support the waistband with something else.

Edgy Top G&G 5x Sequoia Bond (17) - Copy

Let’s talk about the fabric here. Both prints are double brushed poly and like said before I only used scraps! These dots are from Stitchin’ Pretties and no longer listed. The floral paisley fabric was a 1 cut piece from Sew Blessed also no longer available. Both of these companies have loads of other great brushed poly fabrics you could use. These two fabrics work together because the colors are a spot on match and the scale is different! #Breakallthedamnrules

Edgy Top G&G 5x Sequoia Bond (14) - Copy

As always thanks for stopping by my little spot in the cyber world. Stay up to date with me in all these places.

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