Catalina Dress – Phat Quarters

Phat Quarters is working its way into adult patterns and out of the gate they were size inclusive through a 66 inch hip. I love this so much! The most recent pattern is called Catalina! Catalina is a lovely Raglan pattern that comes with various length options and a variety of sleeves and collar heights. I sewed up the dress length with the elbow bishop sleeves and a slouchy collar. I really adore the sleeves and this fabric makes them feel super lux.
PQ Catalina 4xD-5x (8)
The Catalina comes with two bust options – B and D sewing cups. This is like the Full Bust Adjustment included option that several other designers have. The pattern is drafted with a little extra room depending on which sewing cup you choose.  I really love that both options are included as it means I don’t have to do my own full bust adjustment. I did adjust for my larger than life biceps though! The Bishop sleeves have a lot of ease built into them, but I still adjusted so they had the proper amount of fullness. I LOVE them! I mean, I LOVE THEM! I want these sleeves on everything! You can choose Bishop sleeves for the elbow or long sleeve lengths.
PQ Catalina 4xD-5x (3)
I styled my long dress in two ways to show you just how versatile this pattern is. You can wear it as a dress or belted and pulled out for a great tunic! I love when I am able to style garments in different ways to expand their use. I really adore this over jeans with sandals. I am so ready for warmer days to arrive.
PQ Catalina 4xD-5x (6)
Let’s talk about this amazing fabric! Roxy!!!  I feel like only super foxy folks should wear fabric called Roxy, so I have been saving this fabric for something special! This fabric is from Stitchin’ Pretties! Laura is still packing and shipping at warp speed, so keep her busy during the madness that is our world right now! She will continue to do her “Buy 2 yards and I will send you a surprise coordinate”sale, until things settle down!
PQ Catalina 4xD-5x (2)
Please pay attention to the sizes at check out. This link has the higher size range. There is a separate pattern for the lower end, bundles, and kiddo options. 🙂 This way you only buy what you need! Shop soon while the new release sale pricing is in effect! 
PQ Catalina 4xD-5x (7)
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