St. Tropez Hack and a 30% off sale!

Here is another outfit that got lost before it got blogged. I shared with you the first time I sewed up the St. Tropez Swing pattern for Momma Mia here. She loved that one and wears it frequently. Her one complaint was that her hair would get tangled in the button at the back. I can relate and my hair is only half as long as hers. She asked if I would make her another one without a button. Actually, if I remember correctly, she asked if I could make her another one before the weekend, removing the button, so she could wear it to West Virginia in 3 days. She really is good at sneaking in rush orders. So of course, I agreed, because #Whatmommawantsmommagets.

St. Tropez and Molly Pjs (1)

So really the only pattern piece I needed to adjust is the back yoke. I needed to make this one solid piece of fabric thus removing the need for a button and loop closure. I took my pattern piece and added 1/2 inch to only the part that extends to the center back. Next, I used my newly altered pattern piece to cut the back yoke on the fold…TA-DA one solid piece of fabric – no need for buttons! Now you can sew your St. Tropez Swing as usual skipping all steps involved in the button closure process.

Look Ma, No buttons!

I am happy to confess that this dress took much less time than the first one I made. I think that one took like 8 hours. This one came together much quicker because I had a better idea of what I was doing and I am way more comfortable with knits. I even made my own binding tape to match this time! I sized down to a XL Bust, XXL Waist and an L hip. This made her dress a little less flowy and not as full. I wasn’t concerned about downsizing since I had already sewn this pattern once and it was a bit too big. Plus this time, I used a brushed poly knit which is more forgiving than woven.

St. Tropez and Molly Pjs (4)

I couldn’t let Momma Mia go on vacation without pants so I sewed up a quick pair of Molly pants from 5oo4. Remember our matching Puppy PJs? Yep! That was Molly! By changing the fabric and slimming down the legs, they no longer look like pajamas! We have really worked on dialing in a perfect fit for these and finally nailed it. She likes them fitted, but not tight. She wants them to ride high on her belly, but not have a baggy crotch. Elastic to keep them in place, but not tight elastic. Pockets because all pants should have pockets. #Whatmommawantsmommagets

St. Tropez and Molly Pjs (2)

 Don’t forget there are children’s as well as men’s patterns, so the entire family can have new jammies! Christmas morning anyone? These are the options included with the Women’s Molly PJs.

  • Short or Long Sleeve Top lengths
  • Optional Long Sleeve Cuffs
  • Shorts or Pants Lengths
  • Knit Waistband or Elastic Waistband
  • Optional Pants Cuffs
  • Optional Bum Panel to show off your creativeness

St. Tropez and Molly Pjs (3)

Here is my aff link to the women’s Molly PJ set!

Here is my aff link to the St. Tropez Swing top. This pattern is currently on sale 30% off with the code SALE-ABRATION. RP is celebrating the launch of their brand new website! Everything except the brand new Bra Set is on sale with this code!

St. Tropez and Molly Pjs (6)

The green Brushed Poly print is from Zinck’s in Berlin Ohio.

The blue solid Brushed Poly is from Sly Fox Fabrics.


As always, I thank you for using my affiliate links. If you purchase this pattern using my link, I will receive a small thank you commission from the designer. This helps me to purchase sewing supplies and keep my blog going. Thank you.

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I was lucky enough to be a tester for the Rebecca Page Madeleine Maxi Dress. I loved the style as soon as I saw it even though I had no clue where I would actually wear it. I loved that it was a long flowing maxi dress and really loved that it had two different strap options. One of those strap options will even cover real bra straps! Thank you very much!

Rebecca Page Madeleine 5x (6)

Madeleine comes with detailed, step by step directions which includes pictures. This pattern is fairly involved and requires some work, but it is so worth it when finished. I was able to use my serger to assemble most of the dress and it took about 8 hours from printing to hemming. Several of the techniques were new to me, but after doing them, I think it will be faster for the next one. I would really love to hack this to a shorter length for a flowy tunic to wear over leggings. Momma Mia also states she wants one.
Rebecca Page Madeleine 5x (2)
I would rate this pattern as a confident beginner to intermediate level based on techniques that some people may not be familiar with. The directions are super helpful and if you ever need help the Rebecca Page team is always around.

Rebecca Page Madeleine 5x (1)

I used this beautiful Double Brushed Poly that I picked up from Stitchin’ Pretties. This print is called Annella. Aqua and Orange is my favorite color combo so when you add in the pretty floral hints, I become obsessed. I am so glad I had 4 yards of this on hand! Double brushed poly really does have a wonderful drape needed for the full effect of the Grecian look. Be sure to stabilize the neckband and straps though like the instructions say! There is a lot of fabric in this dress so DBP will need the extra support of the interfacing to hold it in place.
Rebecca Page Madeleine 5x (4)
Madeleine comes in sizes XXS to 5X. I sewed up the 5x with only height adjusting the skirt portion. I am only 5’1 so this proves that short girls can wear maxi lengths when they are fitted correctly. I hope you give this beautiful dress a try! It is pretty amazing! I also hope you tag me when you make yours. Here are the links to pick up this fabric and this pattern.

Click here for the Madeleine pattern. It is currently on sale for $10.00.

Love my fabric too? Click here to shop for Annella at Stitchin’ Pretties. 

Rebecca Page Madeleine 5x (5)

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Peggy Pencil Skirt

Peggy Pencil Skirt and how to style it.

So I made this skirt last month, took photos, and hated them. Before taking the photos, I really did struggle with how to wear the two things together. The shirt I was wearing didn’t flatter my skirt at all. The proportion was wrong. My skirt was long, my shirt was long. I tried to tie it to one side, but there wasn’t enough fabric. I tried to fake tuck it by folding it up, but it looked bad.  A pencil skirt really isn’t overly flattering on my body. I have odd shape for a plus size gal. I have zero hip curve and zero booty. I am round especially from the side view. I am described very much an apple shape.

Peggy Pencil Skirt RP 4x (2) - Copy

According the Wiki, if you have an appleshaped body, then your body is “top heavy,” meaning you have a wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, waist, and upper back. Appleshaped bodied women also tend to have thinner arms, legs, and hips, and tend to gain weight at their waistlines.

This sounds pretty accurate, except I also have large arms. Hence the Full Bicep Adjustment I am always harping about.

Peggy Pencil Skirt RP 4x (6) - Copy

Pencil skirts can be a little tricky to wear as an apple shape. I strongly feel that curvy hips make pencil skirts look way better. Also being a little taller helps, which I am not. At 5’1, wearing shoes, I am no where near being considered tall, but it is ok. I feel that sometimes you just have to do with it.

Peggy Pencil Skirt RP 4x (5) - Copy

So I ended up styling my pencil skirt with a tank top. By exposing my arms, this already feels way less stuffy. Here are two photos side by side. I am wearing the same skirt obviously, but with different styles of top. You will notice the blue top makes me look very rectangular. This isn’t a very good look for most people and definitely not the look I want. The pink tank top exposes my shoulders and arms and is also shorter in length. The shorter length helps to break my body up into proportions. Overall, the look of the tank top and pencil skirt appeals to me more. The lower neckline of the pink tank, draws attention upward, hopefully making me appear taller. Also notice where the skirt is hitting lengthwise in both photos. The blue top outfit, the skirt is landing at the widest part of my calves while in the pink top, I have hiked my skirt up a bit, exposing more leg. Again, creating the illusion of being taller. I think that also with the shorter tank top, I could also wear a longer cardigan because the tank top would still create a line of proportion and give my outfit balance.

So now that we have talked about how to wear a pencil shirt if you have an apple shape, let’s talk about this pattern. This is the Peggy Pencil Skirt from Rebecca Page. As always the size range is up to 5x. I am wearing 3x in a Liverpool fabric. There are two fit options for this skirt. I made the regular pencil skirt, but there is also a body con fit. I also made the back vent for easy when walking. There are 3 length options and I made the knee length version, not height adjusted.

Peggy Pencil Skirt RP 4x (3) - Copy

So if you love the Peggy Pencil Skirt, you can pick up the pattern here.


If you love all skirts, you can pick up the entire bundle of amazingness, by clicking here!

The Skirt Bundle includes all of these lovelies! I linked the ones I Have made for you. If you pick up the bundle you save 43%!!!




Peggy- This post 🙂
Paige- I haven’t made this one yet!

Peggy Pencil Skirt RP 4x (4) - Copy

So let me know what you think of the Peggy Pencil skirt and be sure to tag me when you sew up your very own!

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RP Sew Free For Summer Tour – Pet Travel Bed Hack

The Sew Free For Summer Blog tour is winding down, but I am sharing one more pattern hack with you. I used the FREE Pillow Bed Sewing Pattern to create a Pocketed Travel Pet Bed. I am also going to walk you through inserting a zipper to create a pocket. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out how you can WIN so prizes!! 

RP Doggy Bed Hack (3)

I used the same size pieces that were give in the original directions, but only cut 4 backs instead of the 8 as directed. I also cut one additional piece which becomes the zipper placket. I cut it 4 inches by the 28.5 inches. I used a heavy quilting cotton for my project. Warning there are a lot of photos coming at ya! I often need a lot of pictures to help me when I am sewing something so I tried taking them step by step.

Step 1

Stitch front pieces together at the long edges to create one long piece. You can also finish the outer edges if you like. I wish I would have just for ease of not doing it later.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (4)

Step 2

You will need the extra placket piece you cut. I serged the edge to finish one side. This can 100% be done on a sewing machine with an overcast stitch or a zig zag. You can also double turn it and hem if you prefer not to see a stitched edge. I was lucky enough to find a 28 inch zipper in my stash and the color sort of matched so I went with it! Pin the zipper WRONG SIDE down to your unfinished fabric edge. This is a large zipper. With smaller zippers (on other projects) I recommend using wash away wonder tape to hold it down. Attach your zipper foot. My foot is double sided, but most are just one skinny foot. Stitch the zipper in place with a straight stitch. I butt the edge of my foot up against the actual zipper to keep my straight line. Sew slowly and it will be even. Also notice here, I have sewn over my pin. DON’T do it! It is dangerous and I have broken pins. I wanted to show you that I pinned it in place. Sew the entire length of the zipper down.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (5)

Step 3

Next flip your zipper over the fold, press and pin, then topstitch in place using a regular foot. I like to use this open toed foot when top stitching because I can run the outside edge along the zipper teeth or the inside of the ‘toe’ along the folded edge to give me something to use as my guide for straight lines. I often increase my stitch length to 3.0 when doing this. Also I usually use a thread that either blends in or complements the colors in the project. This is the same process I use for top stitching on garments also.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (6)

Step 4

Now we will attach the zipper placket into our pillow bed. I folded my placket in half along the length of it and pressed to create a memory hem to use as my reference line. I then used that pressed line and pinned it in place along the seam line where the middle two front panels are sewn together. Your pieces will be laying right side of the placket to the wrong side of the front pieces. Pin in place then stitch along the memory line and middle seam line. I stitched from the outside, so I could stitch in the ditch.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (10) RP Doggy Bed Hack (11)

Step 5

Time to attached the second side of our zipper. Lay your project out so that the zipper placket is folded over as you will see it from the right side of your project. This will ‘point’ you to the side where you will attach the second side of the zipper. Fold that front panel piece over to your zipper half that is installed. You will now have two front panels laying right sides together. You should now see how the pocket is coming together. Lay your zipper right sides together along the edge of the front piece. Pin in place and use the zipper foot to stitch. When sewing zippers with a larger pull you may have to raise your presser foot and zip the zipper out of the way to finish stitching in place.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (8)

Step 6

Flip and top stitch in place using regular open toed foot.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (9)

You should now have a project that resembles this… Pocket (with open edges still) on the right with two unfinished pillows on the left.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (12)

Step 7

I folded under my edges and top stitched. You could also open the zipper and fold it inside out and stitch around the edges. Then turn out again. Your choice. Be aware of your zipper. You CAN’T sew through a metal zipper! Sew up to it and stop. Then jump over the zipper and begin sewing again.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (13)


Ok, Let’s sew the pillow backs. You basically follow the original directions here with the exception of I just top stitched my finished edges along the seam where the pocket is. I also sewed in one of my handles at this step. The other handle goes in the original place at the opposite side of the pillows. You pocket will hang freely on the front of your travel pet.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (14)


You can now return to the original directions and finish your bed. TA-DA!!

RP Doggy Bed Hack (15)RP Doggy Bed Hack (16)RP Doggy Bed Hack (17)


When traveling, the pocket will hold toys, leashes, and treats. When laid out, it becomes a mat to set her food bowl on.

RP Doggy Bed Hack (1)

At this point, Millie was 100% over me making her ‘stay’ and ‘sit.’ She promptly took a nap on her new bed!

RP Doggy Bed Hack (2)

Don’t forget to pick up your free pattern here

Thanks for joining me on the on the Sew Free For Summer Blog Tour!  

More Inspiration

Please visit all the stops on the Rebecca Page Sew Free for Summer Blog Tour for more great inspiration:


We will be giving away a pattern bundle of choice each day PLUS an overall grand prize of a $50 pattern credit. To stand a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on each blog, each day so stay tuned to the Rebecca Page Sewing group for updates from our bloggers!

RP Dino Pillow

Sometimes, I like a easy simple sew! This is totally it! This is the second stuffed animal from Rebecca Page pattern group! I followed the pattern almost completely! I made a solid pieces of dino scales for mine! I used a button for the eye and painted on a mouth. Here are some photos!

This is a FREE pattern download! You can pick it up here! 

Tomorrow I will be back with another Freebie from Rebecca Page as part of the Free Summer Blog Tour.

Talia Twist Top

Talia Twist Top by Rebecca Page is a great addition to any closet. This is one of the newer patterns from Rebecca Page. It is a very good play off those dresses that keep popping up in my newsfeed from Zulily and other fast fashion sites. The reason this is better…You custom fit your body. Nothing makes me feel better than great fitting clothing! As a bonus, no one will be wearing the exact same item as you! You pick the prints, colors, and options!!

RP Talia 5x FBA (6) - Copy

This was a super easy sew and not at all a fabric hog. I created my top with just over a yard of fabric. The front bodice is a double layer to enclose the seams.  I used the 5x pattern and did a full bust adjustment. The FBA directions were a FREE download from the website and are easy to follow and give great results. I added 2 inches to my bust and actually wish I would have added just a bit of length as well. When I raise my arms, my top tends to drift upwards just a little. This also may be because I used French Terry instead of a more stretchy knit like Double Brushed Poly. I think I will try this top in a less stable knit before adding length. Another thing I love about this top, all of the seams are enclosed. I feel like that is something Rebecca Page is very mindful of. Neat finishes are always a bonus and the more I sew her patterns, the more I appreciate them!

RP Talia 5x FBA (5) - Copy

Speaking of French Terry, I picked this one up from Stitchin’ Pretties! When I ordered it, I thought I would be making a pair of shorts, but this is where I ended up and I am not at all mad about it. I love that French Terry is a little bit muted or softer in its tones. I am usually all bright and bold colors, but sometimes, I just want to be calm.  French Terry is calm. This is more of a dark charcoal gray then a black because of the way French terry looks. The name of this FT is Delilah. Here is the link. I love the great selection at Stitchin’ Pretties, but especially love their lightning fast shipping! Today actually marks the one-year anniversary of SP so join the Facebook group to follow all of the fun!

RP Talia 5x FBA (7) - Copy

The Talia comes with a partner pattern. That means you can bundle it with a dress or tank as the bottom layer. This dress was drafted to be a perfect complement to the twist top. It features two length options and thin straps that can be made easily with Fold Over Elastic. It would also make the perfect night dress or tunic to layer when the weather is cold. I love when I can use a pattern a little different than its actual purpose because it allows more bang for my buck!

RP Talia 5x FBA (2) - Copy

The Talia Twist Top Options include three sleeve lengths – short, three-quarter, and long

I am wearing the short sleeves here.

Talia Tunic and Dress Options include – Tunic and Dress Lengths

I am wearing a tank top I already had on hand.

These patterns are sizes up to 5x.

RP Talia 5x FBA (3) - Copy

Here are all the links you need to pick up the pattern or fabric! Feel free to give one of my Rebecca Page Links a click. This helps support me as a sewist and blogger. I earn a small commission on sales that happen via my links. It doesn’t change the cost for you at all.

Talia Twist Top Only

Talia Tunic and Dress Only

Talia Twist Top, Tunic and Dress Bundle

Delilah Print French Terry

This is a little sneak peek of another share I have coming up soon. “Hello, Mr. Dino. So nice to meet you, finally.”

RP Talia 5x FBA (1) - Copy

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Another lovely skirt pattern from Rebecca Page. This one features a hi lo hem line in the front, optional pocket, and a decorative sash. The skirt is made up of 5 fabric panels which give it some extra ooommph!

Layla Rebecca Page 5x (1) - Copy

I sewed my Hayley from a vintage sheet! I picked this one up at a thrift store some time ago. I actually really like using old sheets for full skirts because they have already been washed to softness, come in great prints and patterns that you aren’t likely to see someone else wearing and they tend be to cheap! This sheet has a tag in it labeled 100% muslin. Full skirts like this often take 4-5 yards of fabric in my size depending on how wide the fabric is even though I am short. That would make for 30-50 bucks worth of fabric. If I spend that on fabric, it better be on something super special that I plan to wear for a long time. Like a coat or boots or bras.

Layla Rebecca Page 5x (2) - Copy

These sheets can be picked up for usually less than 5 bucks each at yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores. My aunt recently replenished my sheet stash when she cleaned out her closet! There are some fantastic prints in there and I can’t wait to show you!

Layla Rebecca Page 5x (4) - Copy

Since not all height requirements are created the same, Rebecca Page doesn’t include a line marked on the pattern for this. Thankfully, there are full details for height adjusting in every Rebecca Page pattern. This one suggests splitting your pattern and the ¼ mark from the top then overlapping and redrawing the line to go shorter. J This worked well for me as I had to remove a few inches. Be sure to do this to all of the panel pieces in the pattern.

Layla Rebecca Page 5x (6) - Copy

I used my serger to sew nearly my entire skirt. The serger makes it difficult to turn the corners for the pockets so I did return to my sewing machine for this. I also top stitched with my sewing machine. Even though the serger provides a neat and clean finish, I really to miss the French Seams from my Arabella. I think, in the future, I will stick to that technique.

Layla Rebecca Page 5x (7) - Copy

Rebecca Page patterns are always sized to Women’s 5x which makes them inclusive to many sewists. Hayley includes a sash and pockets but they are both optional. Adding them is easy with the well written directions, but without them this sews up quickly. After cutting my fabric, I spent about 3-4 hours completing my skirt.

Layla Rebecca Page 5x (8) - Copy

Women’s Pattern Link

Women’s and Kid’s Pattern Bundle Link

If you are loving all the Rebecca Page Skirts, How about a bundle?

Skirt Collections Bundle  Link

Here are 3 of the 5 included patterns!

I have shared my Aff. Links in this post. That just means I make a bit of a commission all any patterns you purchase.

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The Stevie Skirt- Rebecca Page

Do you need an outfit like super-fast? I know that I am not the only person who waits until the last minute when I need a special outfit to wear to an event. The Stevie is just about the easiest skirt EVER! Since this pattern is designed to be made with knit fabrics, there are no zippers or buttons to install which makes it a super fast and super easy project. It is sort of an instant gratification project honestly. Print, Tape, Cut, Sew, ENJOY! It will take you an hour or so.


This flowy knit skirt can be worn for so many occasions. I made the longest length, which is the maxi. I shorted the length by several inches, I am only 5’1 so this is common in nearly every  bottoms pattern I sew. Measure your height and compare it to the pattern before cutting your fabric. Adjust for the length before cutting into your fabric stash. This skirt does come with 4 length options, so you can customize it for year-round use or one for every season.


The Stevie is also perfect for a Momma and Me set because there is a newborn girls to 12 years pattern starting. If that isn’t enough, there is a 18 inch baby doll pattern too! This is the perfect pattern to take advantage of a bundle deal because everyone wears skirts!



My Opinions: Comes together super quickly and is a basic no frills skirt. Instant Gratification! The size range is very inclusive from 18 inch doll to 5X women’s. This is a great starter skirt or perfect if you just need to get your “Sew-Jo” back. As is typical of Rebecca Page patterns, this one is well drafted with excellent directions.


Recently this skirt was added into a Skirt Bundle and I am going to be showing you several of the skirts in the next week or so. I have gathered all of the links to all the Stevie patterns and bundle offers… Keep reading!!

Women’s skirt only $9.50

Stevie Skirt Bundle$18.00

  • Women’s
  • Kids
  • Doll

Women’s Skirt Bundle $29.50

and it includes all of these gorgeous patterns:

  • Hayley
  • Stevie
  • Arabella
  • Paige
  • Peggy


I have shared my Aff. Links in this post. That just means I make a bit of a commission all any patterns you purchase.

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Unicorn Pillow

Today, I am sharing a little change of pace for my blog. Nothing to wear in the post, but an adorable pillow. This pattern is a free pattern courtesy of Rebecca Page.


This pattern is a fun scrap buster. I used a variety of scrap prints, trims, and lace pieces. I used puffy fabric paint for the eye. A mini button from my scrapbooking days makes up the nose and heart accent necklace.


I tacked the fringe of bangs down as they tended to stand up a bit more than I liked. I love how quickly this sewed together and how you can literally use ANYTHING to decorate it.


This pillow measures 10 by 15 inches when finished and did I mention it is a free pattern!

Here is the link: Unicorn Pillow


St. Tropez Swing

Another make for Momma Mia! We are so ready for warmer weather and sunshine. Winter has been long here in Ohio. At least the sun is peeking out a little now, and the daffodils are climbing back to the surface of the ground. We are on our way. This is why we need to start our spring and summer sewing. This year, Momma Mia got the first dress of the season.

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (8)

I love the look of this one, I love the little peek-a-boo cut out in the back. The way all the seams are neatly enclosed inside French Seams, really does make me happy. I wanted to do a quick test run of this dress before using an expensive print or even a chiffon. I had this wild, neon print in my stash for a long time. Years at least. I am sure it came in a yard sale find somewhere. I actually like the way it looks, but sadly, there wasn’t enough to make my top. Momma Mia lucked out on this one for sure! I also used vintage bias tape. I say vintage because it was like 15 cents or something crazy. I used 2 packs. I am sure these came from a yard sale at some point as well. I gave it a few stretches and it seemed to hold up fine. I used it confidently.

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (1)

According to the size chart she would need a XXL bust, XXXL Waist, and a L in the hips. I ended up only grading back to an XXL at the hips. I should have gone farther in, but this is why we make a muslin. To see what works, what doesn’t, and how we can make it better. I also think I can shorten her back straps just a bit as they tend to gape slightly. Overall, she is happy with the look and feel of this top and that makes me very happy. Now that I have her muslin worked out, I would love to make her the sleeved version so she can wear it everywhere!

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (9)

This is cut at the dress length, which make be a bit short for some folks preference. I agree, I couldn’t wear it out in public. As I have mentioned before, I just don’t know how to sit like a lady. J This would be a super easy adjustment to make though. You can simply add all the length you need at the Lengthen/ Shorten line which is marked on the pattern. Just slice along that line and insert some extra inches.

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (7)

A helpful tip I have for you – This pattern calls for bias tape. I believe it is ¼ inch. I *may* have began with 1/8 inch around the back opening. This was a slight nightmare to sew and I suggest you follow the directions on this one! Notice the arms are a wider bias tape. This pattern wasn’t going to get me twice! Another tip- The pattern walks you through sewing French Seams for the sides of the woven version. Rebecca tells you to trim that seam allowance down after sewing right sides together. Again, Don’t ask questions and just do what she says. You will be thankful. Those little threads really do peek out and they really are annoying. No one wants hairy looking seams on their beautiful clothing.

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (2)

So are you going to add the St. Tropez to your warm weather wardrobe?

Here is my Aff. Link. Please give it a click to visit the Rebecca Page website.

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (10)

From the Rebecca Page Website

  • A chic ladies swing top pattern
  • Option of top or dress length
  • Cute cut out in the back
  • Optional sleeves and belt
  • Suitable for woven or knit fabrics
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate sewistas
  • Pattern pieces and full tutorial with step-by-step instructions
  • Instant download PDF pattern
  • Ladies sizes XXS to 5XL

Sequoia Bond, St. Tropez Feb. BA Sew (5)