Momma gets a Jessie Dress

I have blogged about my own Jessie tops on two other occasions. You can read those  here and the here and it includes some hacking. This time I made a dress version. This dress is made from the same Sly Fox Fabric as the Pippa Pants I shared on Friday. See I told you, versatile and cool!

5 out of 4 Jessie XL 3 Momma liked this pattern when she saw my shirts so she requested that I make her one. I started with a different fabric and totally messed it up and then couldn’t locate any more of the fabric even though I was nearly certain I had 2 more yards. After I finished this one,  I found those 2 yards…of course. Her only request was that the length be below her knee. OK, I can handle that.

5 out of 4 Jessie XL 2
Criss Cross

 This one comes in Top, Tunic, Short and Long Dress lengths as well as 5 different sleeve lengths. Don’t forget I added 4 inches to the long dress length to get this length below the knee. It also incudes options for the back and they are High, Low Ballerina, Racerback Insert, and Strappy Back. The strappy back will allow you to make your own pattern as I did above. Also these thin little straps are super easy to make and turn if you use tube turners. I picked up a multisize pack years ago at Joann’s and have used them quite a bit. They are well worth the few bucks they cost.

The Women’s Jessie comes in sizes ranging from XXS-5X. This is an XL graded to a XXL.

The pattern can be purchased here.

5 out of 4 Jessie XL

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This blog post contains Affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me buy fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

Pippa Pants

I am back finally!! It may seem like I have been missing in action, but actually I have been sewing again. Prepare yourself for several posts over the next few days. I am sharing this one first because the Pippa Pants are currently on sale, but for only a few more days. Rebecca Page has several other deals going on as well!

RP Pippa 5
Feeling Sharp!

Initially, I was just going to make shorts as a test with this fabric because I was scared the pants wouldn’t fit. I was worried I would need a bunch of adjusting to make the pattern work with my round belly, but I jumped into the deep end because I had exactly enough fabric for a pattern. So glad I made full length pants! I should clarify full length for me, about 6 inches shorter than the pants pattern.  I am only 5’1. I also choose the regular width legs. You can follow the pattern to make the following options.

  • Full length or ¾ length pants
  • A flat waistband, or a folded over waistband with ties and ruching at the side
  • Regular or wide width legs


Since I had the great boarder print I also used it to make my waistband. I chose the yoga style band because it is quick and easy and that is totally my style. The waist band rises high enough that they stay up while wearing. That is important to me as I hate when pants slip down while walking.

RP Pippa Pants
Covering the belly and a stylish yoga style band.


The Pippa Pants are currently on sale for 23% off so here is the shopping links.

Ladies Pattern XXS-5X   on sale $6.90

Childs Pattern 2-12 years on sale for $6.90

Ladies and Kiddo Bundle on sale for $11.70


This amazing border print is available at Sly Fox Fabrics. It is a single brushed poly, Boho Print. I am linking it for you because it is lovely and you need it! Stay tuned you will be seeing it again in the next few days in a dress version on Momma Mia.

This blog post contains Affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me buy fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!


Sly Fox Fabrics and a New Jessie Tunic

When you are given the chance to sew anything with Sly Fox Fabric… you politely say thank you and grin…ear to ear…Cheshire cat style.  This was the fabric I was given. Spring Fling in Chambray and by luck I had the Dark Mauve Stripes in my stash. 🙂 Rayon Spandex and Double Brushed Poly.


I spent several days deciding which pattern I was going to use. I finally settled on Jessie by 5 out of 4 Patterns. I knew I wanted to do something a little different with the straps.  So here is Jessie Version 4.0. When a pattern is this fun, you keep making them. I already blogged about my first two here.


This time I wanted a looser version that my previous shirts. I already knew that I loved the fit of the shoulders and bust area, but could easily add some flow by pivoting out the


lower half of the pattern. Cutting the pattern this way would give me an extra 4 inches at the lower hem.  This would give me plenty of extra room. I added 2 inches on the fold when cutting the front and back bodice. See in the photo how the underarm point is at the fold of the fabric and then the slant begins. That’s how I gained the extra inches. So I cut all the required pieces for my tunic, but I knew instead of the straps I was going to make bo20180413_102325.jpgws. 🙂


I know I am not really a bow kinda girl but it will be fun!So for my bow I cut  a 20 inch x 5 inch piece of fabric. I used the  lines of the fabric and just free cut it. I then serged the long edges together with right sides facing and turned the long tube right side out. I then cut it in half. I pinned in my wide strips at the point, test fit and did a bit if adjusting where needed. Now just follow the patterns instructions for  basting and then sewing down the wide strips. I then cut 2 small strips of fabric 1 inch by 3 inches. Fold right sides together and  stitch along the 3 inch side. Turn your tubes and press flat. Use these pieces to gather your “bows.” Hand stitch closed and trim extra edges. Turn small strip inside out so the stitch doesn’20180414_071204.jpgt show when wore. This photo is the inside of shirt. You can now see my little bows!!! So are you ready for the big reveal???







This fabric sewed up beautifully. I used my serger for the basic construction and my regular sewing machine for all the basting and hemming. It is soft, lightweight, and a beautiful print and a lovely spring shade of blue. This fabric is a new release from Sly Fox Fabrics and currently available on their website. New customers get 25% off their first order and everyone can join the serger giveaway on the website!

Maggie changed my sewing game

So Maggie is another Bella Sunshine Design Pattern and if you girls don’t know about them, you should. The Maggie was the first pattern I made from this designer and have since made several more. I think I am up to 9 now.  🙂 My first Maggie came after seeing it modeled at Diskordia’s. I picked my own sizes based on the largest size will fit motto. Ummm ok so that was wrong and mine was too big. I was swimming in in. Humm what’s the deal folks? This never has happened before. I will spare you those picture as it won’t be fun for either of us. Anyhow I redid the cutting with a smaller bodice, only one size though, for safety sake.  🙂 I cut the longest tunic length which basically made it a “viewer friendly” over leggings. My first Maggie was made with Grandma’s Polyester fabric…you know the slightly itchy stuff that no one wants to wear for very long. I can’t be using  my good stuff while test running on clothes I don’t expect to fit, right?!?!  At least it is pretty! This version is wearable but still slightly too big in the sleeves and arm synth.


Maggie comes in a large size range from sizes 0-30. Bonus points for the designer adding in a Full Bust Adjustment for us *lucky* girls. We can now cover our *girls* without wearing potato sacks. 🙂 Are you convinced you need this one yet?


Maggie comes with three length options, three sleeve lengths, and three neckline options.

I decided to make a second Maggie with Sly Fox Fabrics Mocha Stripes. Oh Holy Softness! Much better than Grandma’s Polyester. PS I worked hard matching those stripes please tell me I did awesome! In hindsight I should have used a more contrasting fabric on the neck band. This time I compared my actual measurements to the size chart and cut 3 sizes smaller than my original version. How about that? It actually fits!


I also may have dug really deep into my closet and found some shockingly WHITE pull on denim leggings. Well this girl isn’t going to be wearing white anytime soon, sooo into the hot tub they go. I added some Mauve, Midnight blue and then some Tangerine dyes until they came out in a sort of matching color. It’s like a science experiment in art class. Don’t be scared.


These pants need to take a trip into the sewing machine to cinch in the baggy knees and to hem them as they are all bunched up at the  bottoms but they match! Score one for the thrifty girl!


So this is Maggie, the perfect T-shirt/ dress pattern and you need in your stash! You can get it here. Let me know if you make one!!

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