La Bella Donna meets the Foxes

Welcome back Sly Fox Fabrics! In case you didn’t know, Sly Fox Fabrics has moved from Ohio to Georgia! Katy and Mary Beth (the original foxes) were ready to retire (Mary Beth) and Rebecca Page (Pattern Designer) wasn’t ready to let them go. I know, I know. Rebecca Page is in the UK, so why does she need US based fabrics?!?! Well Sly Fox Fabrics is awesome and there are loads of US based sewists! Stephanie AKA The Sarcastic Sewist AKA The New Fox is in Georgia and is taking over the duties! I know it sounds like a whole lotta crazy, but this fabric is worth it. So please keep reading…

LaBella Donna (4)

I was lucky enough to land one of the first promo spots after reopening! The minute I saw this fabric offered up, I was all over it. It is adorable and I needed it. I loved these soft colors and small floral design and I was thrilled when I was picked to debut it!

LaBella Donna (5)

I knew right away I was going to make a La Bella Donna. I have sewn up a few of them lately and I love them! Bonus points because the pattern was still in my sewing room and easily accessible. I knew this fabric would be really pretty with the Dolman style sleeves and the slightly rounded hem. #Nailedit I loved the finished product. I even decided to fix my hair and wear makeup. 🙂 Must be a really great shirt! I have some serious heart eyes looking at Love Notions!

LaBella Donna (3)

I made the tunic length with the included FBA. 4x graded to 5x with a 1.5 inch full bicep adjustment as usual. I added a little extra swing to my tunic by cutting the neckline and arm and then kicking the bottom of my pattern out about 1.5 inches and continuing with cutting. One other change I made was cutting the back neckline a little lower than usual by using the front neckline for both. This is how I cut. Fold fabric selvage to selvage. Now fold the fabric in half along the length. This was almost the exact length of my pattern! I started with a 2 yard cut. I also used a length of fold over elastic for the neckline. I had this perfectly matching piece of blue left over my my underwear making session last week and it was the perfect length plus 1 inch.  This made me happy as I didn’t know what I was going to use it for.

The La Bella Donna pattern options

Ladies sizes XS-5X

  • Shirt length with shirt tail hem
  • Shirt length with banded hem
  • Tunic length with pocket option
  • Full bust option for both views
  • 3 sleeve options: short, 3/4 & long cuffed
  • Hood & cowl options

LaBella Donna (6)

So fabric deets! This print is called California Bluebells in Pinks. It is on a pale blueish greenish minty background and has the prettiest pops of colors. This is a double brushed poly, but it only has horizontal stretch. The vertical stretch is limited. I had no idea this was a thing, but no worries. It is still FABULOUS.

LaBella Donna (2)

Let’s go over the details one more time…

Great Fabric…. Available here.

Great Pattern….Available here.

This is me….taking pics….while my neighbors are watching from their front porch…

LaBella Donna (1)

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