Love Notions – Constellation Hoodie

Hi Friends! I have a few things to let ya know about. First off the Constellation Hoodie pattern is the Feature Friday pattern at Love Notions this week and it is Fall Perfection! Since it is on feature it is only $5 and worth every penny!

I made my first one almost 2 years ago and blogged about it here. I used the hood options and the thumb hole cuffs on that version so this time I knew I wanted to show off different options!

Thumb hole cuffs deserve a thumbs up!

This time I used a heavier weight fabric and I love the slight structure of it. My collar stands up nicely which was really important to me! I used the regular cuff with an additional .5 inches of width added since I left the original length was a bit snug and I was unable to push my sleeves up.

Let’s talk about my fabric. Like I said, I used a heavier weight fabric which I picked up at Zinck’s of Berlin. I loved the pale purple background with the purple and red plaid layout. If you notice, the inside of my collar and the background behind my pockets, that fabric is actually my main fabric just the backside of it. 🙂 I couldn’t really find a fabric that contrasted yet matched enough to work so this ended up being the perfect solution. My red accent fabric is a scuba weight fabric and my red zipper were both also from Zinck’s.

Here is a list of the important things that are included with the Constellation Hoodie.

This pdf pattern is rated for confident beginners

  • Three hem options: curved hem, bound curved hem, banded hem
  • Collar & hood options
  • Clean finish techniques
  • Two video clips- zipper installation & binding
  • Cuffs with thumbhole option
  • The half zip makes nursing a breeze
  • A FBA (full bust adjustment) piece is included
  • Trimless pattern format
  • Layers
  • Print at home
  • In addition to the print-at-home file is a large format file for copy shop printing is included. This file will print on two A0 (33″ x 46″) size sheets. Be sure to instruct your printer to print actual size in black and white on their cheapest paper. We recommend PDFPlotting for printing the large format files.

Yeah! Another fall make in the books! I am thrilled and so ready to wear this one out and about. What do you think? A Fall staple? Do you plan to make one? Let me know!

Also something else that is super exciting. Today I am on the Love Notion’s blog writing their Focus on Fit segment. I will walk you through 7 simple steps to do a full bicep adjustment. Please stop by and show me some love and learn this amazingly helpful adjustment!

Aspen – $5 weekend!

Fall has arrived in Ohio! The thermometer just hasn’t accepted that yet! I hate to burst your bubble thinking these are lovely fall photos, but just between us, it was 91* as I was climbing this tree. I donned my newly sewn Aspen Vest and knee high boots for all of you, my readers. Risking heat stroke for the love of sewing!

5oo4 Aspen 5x (5)

Let’s start with… It is $5 weekend at 5 out of 4 and this round, I was lucky enough to be one of the sewists! This is my first time making the Aspen Vest and was very happy with the outcome. I chose the most basic version of the vest as I wasn’t sure if my skin would tolerate the feel of this fabric. Ugg, It didn’t! This is a wool fabric from my stash, but I can’t remember where I got it. I actually think it may have been at a my quilting groups yard sale. It is wool or wool blend, I don’t know. It is like the itchy sweater your mom made you wear when you were too young to protest. My fabric has zero stretch (the pattern calls for 10%) so I went up to the 5x in the bust even though I typically wear a 4x at 5oo4. This gave me a little wiggle room and room for an extra layer or two of skin protection. I have ultra sensitive skin so I am just a wimp!

5oo4 Aspen 5x (1)

The Aspen was a fairly easy sew even with the zipper. If you are new to zippers, don’t worry, 5oo4 really does have great directions. Between the written directions and the photos, you will not have any trouble. You are given the choice to sew in the zipper the regular way or bind the edges for a neat clean finish. MY next one, I will definitely do the end binding for the cleanest finish possible. Also zippers are scratchy and also annoy my skin so I LOVED the addition of the “Zipper Guard.” It honestly took about 3 minutes and saved my skin a little bit more. Why doesn’t every company do this? I am also seeing that my hair covers the zipper guard in every photo I took so let me explain it. It is basically a half circle of fabric that wraps around the top of the zipper so that the zip doesn’t touch your skin. 🙂

5oo4 Aspen 5x (6)

If you like to all the options 5 out of 4 is known for, here is what is included with this vest-

-Solid or Colorblocking,

-Zippered Chest Pocket with optional flap,

-Zippered Hand Pockets,

-Lined front panels

-Zipper Shield

-Fully finished interior to really help take your sewing to the next level.

-Quick and easy method (without binding) for zipper installation or a more advanced fully bound zipper

-Available in sizes XXS-5XL.

5oo4 Aspen 5x (2)

I think I forgot to mention there are matching men’s and child’s matching vests as well! Have I convinced you to add this vest to your fall wardrobe?  Yes? Here are your links

Women’s Vest     ONLY 5 BUCKS TODAY!!

Men’s Redwood Fleece Vest

Kids’ Willow Fleece Vest

5oo4 Aspen 5x (3)

As always, I thank you for using my affiliate links. If you purchase this pattern using my link, I will receive a small thank you commission from the designer. This helps me to purchase sewing supplies and keep my blog going. Thank you.

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Guest Blogging – How to make sashes and belts to match any outfit.

Hi Gang! Today

I am guest blogging over at Ellie and Mac. I wrote a easy tutorial for DIY sashes as belts. These can become the quickest and best matching accessories you can ad to your wardrobe.

Here is the link to my latest guest blog.

Copy Cat: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats – February

Let’s start with the epic sale that 5 out of 4 patterns is having right now! They have marked all of their dress patterns 25% off to help you get ready for Easter, but I bet a lot of you need Mother’s Day dresses and pretty dresses for upcoming weddings!! Why not pick up these amazing patterns while they are 25% off? Just click my above link and check out everything on sale…Trust me…It is a lot!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (2) - Copy

But right now, let’s talk about today’s new outfit! Remember my Copy Cat post from last month? The one where I am copying Stephanie at Sarcastic Sewist. She is sewing up 12 versions of the Diane Joggers and she has promised they will all be different! This is my February Copy Cat outfit. Again, I used the Diane Joggers patterns, but this time I am using Double Brushed Poly. Stephanie kicked it up a notch by throwing in the use of plaid. Yep, plaid on pants. Plaid print that I needed to attempt to match up so I didn’t go totally crazy each time I put them on. With a lot of time (a whole lot of time) I got them lined up to a semi respectable manner. I tried hard to make Stephanie proud! For February we are making capris!! I sewed a straight 4X as DBP has a great deal of stretch! I actually wish I would have used the 3x pattern lines for the legs. I would have preferred them just a tad more snug! I used the middle height of the waistband options and used the encased elastic. If you choose to do bottonholes with a drawstring that would be lovely. Don’t forget I wrote a tutorial post to help you make buttonholes. Again I added front pockets, but unlike Stephanie, I wimped out on making patch pockets for the booty. My pattern patching skills aren’t that great and at this point my patience was running slim!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (1) - Copy
See they are sorta matched!

In the original outfit, Stephanie used the Knot Your Average Top from 5oo4. Sadly, The Knot Your Average Top doesn’t come in my size. I swapped with the Jessie top which is another great pattern from 5 out of 4 and it happens to be part of the big 25% off sale because it is also a dress. Remember, it is Momma Mia’s favorite dress.  I again used double brushed poly for my top. Jessie is a slim fitting top and it I graded out a bit more than the 5x line which is the largest size included. My shirt is still a little more slim that I typically wear. I added a little to the shirt length to have this top at a length I feel better about wearing. I used the high front low back option for my shirt and criss crossed the back opening with thin turned tubes. This shirt sews fairly quickly once you get your tubes turned out. This is Momma Mia’s favorite dress and she has requested a new one for spring. As we all know #Whatmommawantsmommagets! I will sew her a new one this weekend.


Let’s talk about my fabric! Both of my fabrics are from Stitchin’ Pretties. The plaid print is called Kenzie and the print is Navy. Both are double brushed poly and sew up neatly. I used my serger for most of the construction. I used my regular machine to stitch down my criss cross tube pattern and for hemming. Both of these prints are available at Stitchin’ Pretties. While you are there, you should check out the clearance section and the code that will get you some fabric for $3.50! Laura has super fast shipping and you will be overly impressed with the fabrics!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (7) - Copy

All the Details:

The Diane Joggers pattern includes:

  • 3 rise heights (low/maternity, mid, and high)
  • Shorts, Capri, and Long cut lengths
  • 4 leg finishes – cuffed, hemmed, drawstring, or elastic
  • Information for both hemming and using bands (hello no hemming!)
  • 6 waistband options – Encased elastic, drawstring, Knit, Yoga Foldover, Contour, Maternity (underbelly)

This is my 3rd pair of joggers! Let’s do the math. 3 pair divided into $9.95 equals $3.32 per pair! I can’t wait to see what it works our to when I have an entire year’s worth of these pants! You can pick up your Diane Pattern using my Aff. Link here. 


The Jessie Pattern Includes:

  • Top, Tunic, Short Dress, and Knee Length Dress Lengths
  • 5 Sleeve Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4, and Long
  • Multiple Back Options: High, Low Ballerina, Racerback Insert, and Strappy Back

This is my 5th Jessie. Let’s do that math. 5 Jessie’s divided into $7.95 equals $1.59 per use. Also don’t forget there is another one coming for Momma Mia this weekend. I like to buy patterns that work for me, that I will make more than one option, and I like! If I spend money on a pattern, I like to count the pattern prince in with the fabric price to figure the cost of my item. When it works out to $1.59 a use… it is totally worth it to me! You can pick up Jessie and all the other Sale dresses here.

I may have even wore my Jessie Top for some impromptu target practice! I am channeling my inner Charlie’s Angel here.

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (4) - Copy


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HOC #Breakallthedamrules Week 2

Blogger Collab BLACK

First off, Congrats to Laurie Roberts! She was the winner of the $20 credit to Stitchin’ Pretties and has already contacted me. Thank you again, Stitchin’ Pretties for donating our first prize!


$25 Store Credit to Ellie and Mac! 

Ellie and Mac

You will find the raffle at the bottom of this post, but first, enjoy my third post from the #breakallthedamrules series! Are you joining in? What have you made??

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan (2)

How fun is this combo? This is one of those outfits where my mom said, “It looks ok, for you.” 🙂 So first off, this shirt! This gorgeous peplum is my absolute fabric pattern when I make it in Liverpool! I love the structured look of it. This Liverpool print is from Stitchin’ Pretties! There big sale is still going on for about one more week. I have made several other Gloria Tops and you can see them here.

This is Gloria from 5oo4. You can pick up the pattern here! 

This is loaded with options!

  • Regular Bodice and 1″ FBA Bodice pieces.
  • Peplum, Short or Long Skater Skirt Lengths
  • Peplum, Short or Long Hi Lo Skirt Lengths (with instructions on how to combine for a more dramatic Hi Lo effect)
  • Traditional Sleeve with 5 Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4 and Long
  • Split Sleeve with 4 Lengths: Short, Elbow, 3/4 and Long
  • 2 Neckline Options: High or Low Scoop
  • Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial section
  • Instructions on making the Gloria skirts without the bodice or adding a Circle Skirt to the Gloria bodice

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan (3)

This amazing cardigan is the Ladies Circle Cardi from Rebecca Page. Here is the link. First off, don’t let the looks of this pattern laid out on paper freak you out when you see it. It looks a little weird, but it works out. Because I sew in the largest size offered, I wasn’t able to cut my pattern on the fold. If you look super close, you can see I have a seam down the back. I worked hard to match it up! Anyhow, I love this. I actually wore it twice in the last couple days. This fabric is a Hacci from Fabric Mart. I picked it up months ago at a super discount price! I have made the short length, hemmed, and 3/4 sleeves. Here are all the pattern options:

  • 2 length options (short or long),
  • 3 hem options (plain, band or ruffle)
  • 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, Âľ and full length).

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan

So let’s talk about why the prints work:

They are both super fun prints. Even though the both have crazy zig-zag stripes they are just different enough to stand apart. The common color between them, Black, helps pull them together. Imagine if the blue and black remained the same color, but the cardigan changes to white and green. This would give it a totally different look and throws off the color balance. Three’s company, Four’s a crowd. 🙂

So give it a try folks!

Don’t forget to to share your makes on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #Breakallthedamnrules


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HOC + SP + 5oo4= Happy Momma Mia

This is the second post for the House of Curves #Breakallthedamnrules series! Are you partaking? Have you joined in the fun at the Facebook group? I started a post for everyone to share their makes!! Join us! HOC Blogger Black

Today Momma Mia is up! I will admit to you guys, she doesn’t mix prints, she doesn’t do bold, and she will admit that I dress a little ‘loud.’ She will often remark, “That will look fine for you.” I don’t know if that is a good thing. I just laugh. 🙂 On the flip side, she likes when I make her clothes. I told her if she wants clothing this month, she is mixing it up. Obviously, she agreed.

5oo4 Easy Tee XL (6).JPG

AND….She is smiling!!!

So this is the Easy Tee from 5outof4. I have made 3 of them for myself! You can see them here. I also used Stitchin’ Pretties fabric for all of those tops! So this top is just slightly different than the orginal pattern. I would like to say that the striped color blocking was well planned out, but I messed up. I cut the pattern on the wrong lines, the sleeveless version lines. They are clearly marked, but I was sleep cutting, I guess. So ooops Momma Mia, you are getting some stripes. She was actually ok with it. I had already talked her into stripes in her hood anyhow.

5oo4 Easy Tee XL (3)

So here she is wearing the hooded version with 3/4 sleeves. If you have never sewn a 5oo4 pattern you may not know they have loads of options. Probably more options per pattern than anyone I Have sewn up. Here is the list for this one.

Options include:

  • Shirt, Tunic, Short dress, and Knee Length Dress options
  • Hemmed or Band options for the shirt and tunic
  • Curved hem option that is in between the shirt and tunic lengths
  • Pockets for the dress options
  • Maternity pattern piece
  • Optional waist tie and breast pocket
  • Crew neck, scoop neck, or v-neck
  • Hoods for both the crew and the scoop neck versions
  • Cuffs for all sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short, 3/4, long, and extra long), including thumbhole cuffs if you want them!

5oo4 Easy Tee XL (1)

So why does it work? Again, scale and color here. The floral print is mid sized and has hints of blue gray in it. Imagine if I had used an orange or yellow stripe… no good! Also compare the tone of colors. Darker plum with darker gray- here that works. Grays tend to play well with a lot of colors so they are easy to use.

What icolor-palette-2893f I wanted to pair a dark plum with green. I could totally use a darker green or even a mid tone, but neon be a little trickier. Look at the two shades of green here. Now swap one for poison green… eeep! Color paint palettes are awesome for matching colors!

Do you ever do this? Google color schemes? I do it when I want to paint at home, but also when I make clothing!

Next time you go to Lowe’s pick up a few paint swatches! 🙂 I dare you to use them!


Ok pattern and fabric time.

Stitchin’ Pretties fabric. This is Paige a Lovely Double Brushed Poly. It is on sale for only $3.49 a yard right now!! This gray and white stripe was found deep in my stash. I think it is from a destash, but its been lingering a long while!5oo4 Easy Tee XL (5)

The pattern is 5oo4 Easy Tee and it is a great closet filler! Do you remember all of the options I listed? Here is the link to it. 

Also Stitchin’ Pretties has sponsored a $20 shop credit for my HOC #Breakallthedamnrules event! Go to this post and sign up!!!!

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Guest Blogger – Full Bicep Adjustment

If you are a regular reader of the Ellie and Mac blog, you already know I was today’s guest blogger. If you aren’t a regular reader, why the heck not? There is a lot of good info there from pattern hacks to personal adjustments to Pinspirations!

Today, I walked you through, step by step, how to do a full bicep adjustment. I do this adjustment on 99% of the tops I sew for myself. Here is the link to check out my blog post.  

Also use code EAM15DEC when you spend $25.00 to save an extra 15% off already discounted prices!! Here is my aff link to use! EAM Sitting Pretty Top and Wrap Skirt 2

Cardigan Love

The Women’s Cardigan Love pattern is waiting for you!!

EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x

Let’s jump right in to the details: 

There are two length options – mid-thigh and below the knee, so you can take your pick. Don’t you agree the best part of sewing is making exactly what you need? There are also optional side seam pockets and a hood option!  You can even choose between making a tank/sleeveless version or a long-sleeved cardigan!  EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x (2)

I made two versions of this Cardigan during the testing process. My first one, I used the gorgeous deep plum French Terry from Sly Fox Fabrics. It was amazing and soft and cozy and pretty, and not stretchy enough for this pattern. Pay attention to the stretch percentages, they are there for a reason! My mom now has an amazing and soft and cozy and pretty cardigan! I made a 4x and she wears a XL for comparison as to why stretch percentages matter.  

EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x (3)

The second time around was better. I used a lovely double brushed poly which I picked up in a destash group last year. I had gotten 4 yards of this stripe design, so I knew I had enough to work out some pattern matching. The pattern used just under 3 yards in my size. I liked that I was able to make the tails matching! I made the mid-thigh length version. I took 3 inches out for height adjustment because I am only 5’1. I removed it all from the bodice area because in my first version the seam hit across my upper booty area…that is a place, right? Upper booty area?? Anyway, it hits me at an odd place for a seam.  

EAM Love Cardigan 4x-5x (4)

The Cardigan Love is available in sizes XXS-5X. I sewed a 4X graded to a 5X bodice.

On a side note- What do you think of the new Blog colors and heading? I am sort of in love with the black background and dark lilac borders. 🙂

You can download your copy of this pattern from this link.  It is currently on sale for 40% off, so hurry before October 31st!

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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!


Everyday Tee – Re release Party

The Everyday Tee has just re-released from Ellie and Mac and it is a good choice for a simple tee. I love that you have the option of a fitted or loose bodice. I made one of each for myself. I also love the hi-lo hem as it is a nice detail, that is a step above your basic straight around the body hem.

I was asked to test the fitted version of this top. I agreed that I would test it, but explained that if I wasn’t comfortable in it then I wouldn’t promote it. I think that is fair. I test a lot of stuff for EAM so I try to be flexible and help where I am needed. Even if you have only seen very few of the things I have made you know I prefer loose fit in everything. I gave it a go and it was in fact- fitted. I am not as put off by the fitted version of the top as the pattern placement. No one really wants bullseyes on their boobs or their booty and lucky for me, I got both in one top!  EAM Everyday Tee 4x-5x Fitted (1)When I ordered this fabric, I wasn’t even thinking how difficult it would be to work out pattern placement. Either way it made a good test fit choice. I think it will be 100% wearable under a cardigan or blazer. You could even tuck it into a skirt or pants and wear it as a layer. I adjusted the bicep 1 inch.

After sewing up my initial fit test, my mom requested a few new shirts. 🙂 I told her I would make her some if I could test this pattern out on her. She was game as usual.

I left out the back seam on hers and just cut on the fold. If you plan to do this don’t be like me and forget to remove the seam allowances. 🙂 Oops! Anyhow I made her a XL graded to a XXL. She is happy with the fit other than the lower neckline. Had I removed the fabric from the seam allowance she would have loved it. I will end up putting in the seam for her, so she doesn’t have to wear a cami under it. I lengthened Momma Mia’s sleeves a bit because #whatmommawantsmommagets

EAM Everyday Tee XL-XXL (5)

As the deadline for final pictures came, I knew I couldn’t promote with the bullseye shirt so I sewed up another version, this time with a small all over floral print so there was no chance of odd placement. I used a lovely Liverpool. The Navy background is perfectly fine for fall, but the combo of colors will be great for year round wear.

This is the looser fit bodice option, extended about 3 inches on the length. I also did a 1 inch bicep adjustment. Both of these are things I typically need to do when sewing. I love the final product!!

My Opinions-

This T comes together very quickly as it only has 3 pieces since it features a dolman style sleeve. The hi lo hem makes it a little bit fancy and as you can see, it looks nice in three different weights of knit fabric. No extra sleeve or bodice length options with this pattern though.

Fabric Details-

Hot Pink and Orange Retro Bullseye Print – ITY from Sew Blessed.

Navy Floral Print –  Liverpool from Sew Blessed.

Fall Floral Print – Double Brushed Poly from Zinck’s.

Pattern Details-

Women’s Pattern sizes XXS-5X is here

Also while at Ellie and Mac shop around, everything is 40% off for the month of October!


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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

Malala Dress and Free Leggings

My first sweater of the season and it is Malala…It is kinda like Oh-la-la!

DIBY Malala 30 1 (6)

The Malala comes in 5 different lengths which is kinda amazing! I made the dress length because, well, why not? It it so lovely! Other length options are…

Shirt and Banded Shirt

Tunic and Banded Tunic

and the DRESS!

DIBY Malala 30 1 (9)

Of course, DIBY also gave you sleeve options. I used the elbow length.

Elbow // 3/4 Sleeve // Long Sleeve // Cuffed Long Sleeve

The fun feature of this top/dress is the pleated collar! It forms a lovely V neck and is accessorized with buttons. Don’t panic, Jessica made a video to walk you through the process of assembling it. The pattern lays out placement for 2 buttons, but I had one very large, very lovely Mother of Pearl button to use. My button collection is a lot like your grandma’s button jar. 10,000 buttons no matches! I love it!

Fabric Details:

The Softest French Terry ever and I got it from Sew Blessed! Rosa has been killing it at the fabric market lately! I am crossing my fingers I have enough left to make a cute tank out of.

DIBY Malala 30 1 (4)


Lovely design, easy sew, step by step video for neck band, length options, sizes up to Plus 36. As always DIBY provides a wonderful pattern and grading directions to help you get a perfect fit.

Pattern links:

Women’s pattern here: Malala

The pattern is currently on sale until Monday for $7.99. While you are over at DIBY pick up the free leggings pattern.

Free Leggings: Anything but Basic Leggings

A little bird mentioned there may be some add-ons coming to give you even more options!!

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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

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