Chezvies Dotty Mini Purse Sew Along Day 1

Dottie Purse (4)

Welcome! Let’s get started with the Chezvies Dotty Mini Purse Sewalong.

I will be sharing the sew along here at my blog so give me a follow by clicking the follow button on the right hand side of your screen. I will also be sharing some Youtube videos to guide your through some of the parts, but you will still need to pick up a copy of the pattern. The pattern is currently 20% off. This works out to about $4.10 American. Don’t wait because the sale is ending soon. 🙂 Here are those links. You can use either one.

Etsy Shop Link

Website Link

Did you know You can also follow along with the Sew Along and enter the raffles for a chance to win a free copy of the pattern! Just read to the bottom of this page and enter the rafflecopter. I have 3 PDF patterns to give away to my readers.

Sew Along Day 1

Strip piece the outside squares for your bag. You can choose to follow along with how I am strip piecing my denim scraps, go for solid pieces, or make up your own rules! I love when a pattern is this versatile. Your bag will be one of a kind and I can’t wait to see it!

Here is my video showing you exactly how I am strip piecing my bag.

So for today – Finish the squares for the outside of your bag.

Now sign up to win a free pattern by clicking below!

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A little Bit of Rita is all I need…

Mambo No. 5 out of 4 style is back and today is RITA!
Rita was the first skirt in the Mambo Collection that I was able to sew up! Pencil skirts are hard for my shape and I had high hopes that Rachelle was going to get my fit right! If this happens to be your first time finding my blog, you may not know that I complain endlessly about my  lack of hips and booty and that my stomach has been my fit nemesis forever. My body makes zero hints at having an hourglass shape! These issues tend to make pencil skirts fit oddly, but it worked out in the end. Upon printing my pattern, I knew there was a bit more “hip curve” drafted into the pattern than I would need. My “hip curve” is straight.  I sewed up the skirt as is. As I expected, this pattern had a little extra fabric which was very easy to ‘pinch out’ to get a perfect fit. I am happy to report that by simply smoothing the curve of the hip, my fit is great! I love the fit and look of Rita. I love that it isn’t body con fitted, and that there is an optional walking vent.
5oo4 Rita 5x (5)
Options for Rita

The Women’s Rita Fitted Skirt pattern includes the following:

  • Three Hem Lengths: Mini, Knee and Midi
  • Solid or Seamed Color Block Skirt (solid version has an optional back seam)
  • Three Waistbands: Seamed, Encased Elastic, Basic Knit
  • Tutorial includes an extensive Skirt Fitting Guide to get your best fit!
  • Women’s Sizes XXS-5XL (see the last image for yardage and size chart)

5oo4 Rita 5x (2)


Rita comes with 3 length options and I choose to make the knee length with the walking vent. I suggest that if making either the knee or midi length skirts, you add the walking vent. Otherwise, you will have trouble walking…think penguin shuffling down the sidewalk.  I choose to do the basic elastic encased waist band for Rita. My fabric is a semi structured knit with a texture similar to Liverpool, but not exactly. It also has less stretch. It is slightly slippery and a mid weight. I am pretty sure it either came from a yard sale or a give away table. I love the pretty pops of purple in these tulips!
5oo4 Rita 5x (1)
Speaking up those “pretty pops of purple,” I did not have a single solid purple shirt in my stash. Actually, I have very few solid colored garments at all in my closet. I decided to sew up an Easy Tee top just to wear with my new Pencil skirt!
5oo4 Rita 5x (3)
I have made the Easy Tee several times. I always sew a 4X bust graded to a 5x waist and hip. This time I did a FBA as I didn’t want my fit to be too snug. I also did a 1 inch bicep adjustment on the sleeves. I don’t feel super confident wearing solid colors. I feel like it draws attention to my curvier parts. I opted to make the tunic length top with a curved hem. My sleeves are a little closer to 3/4 length which I did specifically because it is fall here and it will be cold soon.
If you are familiar with the Easy Tee pattern,  you will know that it doesn’t come with a center back seam. I had to add one in because I was short on fabric! I had used this pretty Double Brushed Poly for another 5oo4 top, Rosanna, so it was shy of the 2 yards I needed. By adding a center back seam, I was able to use 2 larger pieces of fabric that would have been added to my scrap pile. Just cut them as a mirrored set. I was careful to cut the front bodice first so I wouldn’t need to have a seam here. Before cutting my back bodice pieces, I added a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I chose this amount because I planned to serge the two back bodices together at the center back seam and pretend it was actually one bodice piece. If I had changed the bodice width, I would have needed to also slightly adjust the neckband. Once the bodice halves became one whole, I continued with assembly as usual! This tunic sews up quickly and easily. I am happy with my Easy Tee and the way it looks with my new Rita Skirt! It will looks awesome with jeans as well!
5oo4 Rita 5x (6)
If you want to bundle and save, here is your link! Only $25 bucks for the entire collection!

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Game Day Jersey – A Love Notions Sew

Recently, I was contacted by Tami from Love Notions. She was letting me know that they were looking to expand their brand sizing and asked if I was interested. Yes! I am all about companies who are trying to expand sizes and am typically willing to help! I also know that some of my FB friends sew tons of LN stuff and the end products look great! Now it is my turn!

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (5)

First off the new size range is below. I stole the picture for you. 🙂

Love Notions

Did you notice there is a line there that says there is a full bust bodice piece included!! Yes!! One less adjustment I have to make myself! I added 1.5 inches to the bicep of this shirt.

If you are in the United States then you know it is officially Football season. The NFL kicked off on Thursday night, High school and college season is also going. This is the perfect time to sew up The Game Time Jersey from Love Notions! You could use this pattern to stitch up your teams colors and show your support while being the best dressed at the ball field. Take it up a notch and use vinyl to add names to your jersey. I don’t watch a ton of sports, but I do love a comfy shirt especially when it lends itself so well to color blocking.

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (4)

Jersey Details:

*Very cool V neck style neckline. I love that it is not your typical V neck and it has this neat little overlap. In my opinion, it was way easier to sew that a regular one!*

  • Scooped neck option and V neck options.
  • Split bottom hem line. The back is slightly longer than the front
  • Jersey Top and Dress lengths included.
  • 2 sleeve lengths Short and 3/4 length. I am wearing the short one!
  • Optional striped bands for sleeve details. I didn’t use them since I used a striped print
  • sizes XS to 5X
  • Included Full Bust Adjustment

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (1)

I auditioned several fabrics for this top before finally settling on floral and stripes. I know this is a big shocker. I love this combo, I use it a lot. I used a scrap of the stripes, which is a DBP, that I used for sleeves on another shirt last year! This time I flipped it so the stripes ran vertical and got a new look.  Those stripes are from Sly Fox Fabrics and I believe they were called Mauve. My floral print has also been deep in my stash for awhile. I was saving it for something I loved. It was perfect for this jersey! I picked it up from Sew Blessed Fabrics.

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (3)

Overall, I LOVE this style! It is something different than anything in my closet right now! I would feel comfortable wearing it to work or just out and about. It is clearly “Jersey” styled, but is perfect when paired with florals!

You can pick up The Game Day Jersey here while it is on sale for $2.00 off!

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (2)
The pose you get when it starts raining in the middle of your photo shoot!

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Reagan Raglan

It has been awhile since I sewed up a Reagan Raglan for myself. This pattern was actually one of my very first sewing pattern tests. I had no idea what I was doing, but thankfully, the BSD team didn’t kick me out. They really helped me along. I have really learned so much since then. I love going back to my roots, so to speak, and sewing up some Bella Sunshine Designs. I love that their clothing always fits, the size range is consistent and all newer patterns include an FBA.

BSD Reagan Raglan 24 FBA, 28 (1)

Bella Sunshine Designs has a pattern range from kiddos to almost a 60 inch hip and bust. I am wearing a 24 bust with the included Full Bust Adjustment. My shirt is graded to a 28 at the waist and hip. I decided to make the tunic length shortened by one inch. I did a bicep adjustment of 1.5 inches for this pattern and this is a pretty standard adjustment for me. I used the scoop neckline, mostly because I stink at V necks, but I do like the scoop best.

BSD Reagan Raglan 24 FBA, 28 (4)

Let’s talk fabric. How fun is this black and white squiggle stripe? It is called Tabitha. I think it is fun and playful, but it is also slippery like swim wear….because it is SWIM FABRIC!! Yep, a super fun and squiggly printed swim fabric! Summer is winding down here in Ohio and really, I don’t do much swimming. This print was too fun to pass up though. I ordered it up from Stitchin’ Pretties and they still have some in stock! I only ordered 1 yard of it because I was actually going to make some fun underwear. I loved this fabric too much to hide it under my clothing though.

BSD Reagan Raglan 24 FBA, 28 (5)

If you sew many things for a plus size body, you will know it is hard to make anything bigger than a tank top and underwear with a single yard cut. I decided I would dig in my scrap bin (Yes, Again!) and see if I could find some scraps. I ended up finding this dark green which happens to also be from Stitchin’ Pretties. Remember when I used it to make a Jessie top? You can view that post here. I was happy to have a scrap large enough to cut some decent length raglan sleeves. In case you never thought about it, they take a lot more fabric than normal sleeves.

BSD Reagan Raglan 24 FBA, 28 (2)

I was able to just barely cut my front and back bodices from my 1 yard piece of fabric. I even had to dip into the selvage just a bit to make it work. I was mostly able to stay on track with my stripe matching although my stripes may be a little tilted. I didn’t even notice until I was sewing the bottom hem. Although when I was eeking by, I was willing to forego stripe matching if need be. I was going to get a raglan cut from this print if I had to do some kind of Harry Potter sorcery on it.

BSD Reagan Raglan 24 FBA, 28 (3)

Did I mention the Reagan Raglan is actually a FREE pattern? SCORE!!! You can pick this one up for free with the code available at the Bella Sunshine Designs Facebook group!

  • There is also a ton of stuff on sale at Stitchin’ Pretties!!!

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Talia Twist Top

Talia Twist Top by Rebecca Page is a great addition to any closet. This is one of the newer patterns from Rebecca Page. It is a very good play off those dresses that keep popping up in my newsfeed from Zulily and other fast fashion sites. The reason this is better…You custom fit your body. Nothing makes me feel better than great fitting clothing! As a bonus, no one will be wearing the exact same item as you! You pick the prints, colors, and options!!

RP Talia 5x FBA (6) - Copy

This was a super easy sew and not at all a fabric hog. I created my top with just over a yard of fabric. The front bodice is a double layer to enclose the seams.  I used the 5x pattern and did a full bust adjustment. The FBA directions were a FREE download from the website and are easy to follow and give great results. I added 2 inches to my bust and actually wish I would have added just a bit of length as well. When I raise my arms, my top tends to drift upwards just a little. This also may be because I used French Terry instead of a more stretchy knit like Double Brushed Poly. I think I will try this top in a less stable knit before adding length. Another thing I love about this top, all of the seams are enclosed. I feel like that is something Rebecca Page is very mindful of. Neat finishes are always a bonus and the more I sew her patterns, the more I appreciate them!

RP Talia 5x FBA (5) - Copy

Speaking of French Terry, I picked this one up from Stitchin’ Pretties! When I ordered it, I thought I would be making a pair of shorts, but this is where I ended up and I am not at all mad about it. I love that French Terry is a little bit muted or softer in its tones. I am usually all bright and bold colors, but sometimes, I just want to be calm.  French Terry is calm. This is more of a dark charcoal gray then a black because of the way French terry looks. The name of this FT is Delilah. Here is the link. I love the great selection at Stitchin’ Pretties, but especially love their lightning fast shipping! Today actually marks the one-year anniversary of SP so join the Facebook group to follow all of the fun!

RP Talia 5x FBA (7) - Copy

The Talia comes with a partner pattern. That means you can bundle it with a dress or tank as the bottom layer. This dress was drafted to be a perfect complement to the twist top. It features two length options and thin straps that can be made easily with Fold Over Elastic. It would also make the perfect night dress or tunic to layer when the weather is cold. I love when I can use a pattern a little different than its actual purpose because it allows more bang for my buck!

RP Talia 5x FBA (2) - Copy

The Talia Twist Top Options include three sleeve lengths – short, three-quarter, and long

I am wearing the short sleeves here.

Talia Tunic and Dress Options include – Tunic and Dress Lengths

I am wearing a tank top I already had on hand.

These patterns are sizes up to 5x.

RP Talia 5x FBA (3) - Copy

Here are all the links you need to pick up the pattern or fabric! Feel free to give one of my Rebecca Page Links a click. This helps support me as a sewist and blogger. I earn a small commission on sales that happen via my links. It doesn’t change the cost for you at all.

Talia Twist Top Only

Talia Tunic and Dress Only

Talia Twist Top, Tunic and Dress Bundle

Delilah Print French Terry

This is a little sneak peek of another share I have coming up soon. “Hello, Mr. Dino. So nice to meet you, finally.”

RP Talia 5x FBA (1) - Copy

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