Aspen – $5 weekend!

Fall has arrived in Ohio! The thermometer just hasn’t accepted that yet! I hate to burst your bubble thinking these are lovely fall photos, but just between us, it was 91* as I was climbing this tree. I donned my newly sewn Aspen Vest and knee high boots for all of you, my readers. Risking heat stroke for the love of sewing!

5oo4 Aspen 5x (5)

Let’s start with… It is $5 weekend at 5 out of 4 and this round, I was lucky enough to be one of the sewists! This is my first time making the Aspen Vest and was very happy with the outcome. I chose the most basic version of the vest as I wasn’t sure if my skin would tolerate the feel of this fabric. Ugg, It didn’t! This is a wool fabric from my stash, but I can’t remember where I got it. I actually think it may have been at a my quilting groups yard sale. It is wool or wool blend, I don’t know. It is like the itchy sweater your mom made you wear when you were too young to protest. My fabric has zero stretch (the pattern calls for 10%) so I went up to the 5x in the bust even though I typically wear a 4x at 5oo4. This gave me a little wiggle room and room for an extra layer or two of skin protection. I have ultra sensitive skin so I am just a wimp!

5oo4 Aspen 5x (1)

The Aspen was a fairly easy sew even with the zipper. If you are new to zippers, don’t worry, 5oo4 really does have great directions. Between the written directions and the photos, you will not have any trouble. You are given the choice to sew in the zipper the regular way or bind the edges for a neat clean finish. MY next one, I will definitely do the end binding for the cleanest finish possible. Also zippers are scratchy and also annoy my skin so I LOVED the addition of the “Zipper Guard.” It honestly took about 3 minutes and saved my skin a little bit more. Why doesn’t every company do this? I am also seeing that my hair covers the zipper guard in every photo I took so let me explain it. It is basically a half circle of fabric that wraps around the top of the zipper so that the zip doesn’t touch your skin. 🙂

5oo4 Aspen 5x (6)

If you like to all the options 5 out of 4 is known for, here is what is included with this vest-

-Solid or Colorblocking,

-Zippered Chest Pocket with optional flap,

-Zippered Hand Pockets,

-Lined front panels

-Zipper Shield

-Fully finished interior to really help take your sewing to the next level.

-Quick and easy method (without binding) for zipper installation or a more advanced fully bound zipper

-Available in sizes XXS-5XL.

5oo4 Aspen 5x (2)

I think I forgot to mention there are matching men’s and child’s matching vests as well! Have I convinced you to add this vest to your fall wardrobe?  Yes? Here are your links

Women’s Vest     ONLY 5 BUCKS TODAY!!

Men’s Redwood Fleece Vest

Kids’ Willow Fleece Vest

5oo4 Aspen 5x (3)

As always, I thank you for using my affiliate links. If you purchase this pattern using my link, I will receive a small thank you commission from the designer. This helps me to purchase sewing supplies and keep my blog going. Thank you.

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