Camilla Tunic

The Camilla Top and Dress from 5 out of 4 is back on my blog and I am still super in love with it.  Each time I sew this one up, it gets better! This is my third one and I can finally do it without the directions so I am counting that as a win.

5oo4 Camilla 4xFBA 5x (3) - Copy

I decided on this pattern because I had this stunning fabric from Stitchin’ Pretties! This fabric is an ITY and here is your link.  No joke, I have been drooling over it since it came out and finally ordered it! When it arrived, it was even more beautiful in person! I love ITY fabric because it is nice and smooth and always feels cool. So I sent a picture of my fabric to the Sarcastic Sewist and asked what I should make. She suggested Camilla right away! Lucky for me, I already had it printed and ready to use. This is also when I realized I hadn’t even blogged about my second Camilla. Stay tuned, it is coming.

5oo4 Camilla 4xFBA 5x (4) - Copy

I chose the ¾ sleeve length tunic. I sewed a 4x at the bust to a 5x. This pattern doesn’t have the included FBA which the newer 5oo4 patterns have. My tunic sewed up fairly quickly because at this point, I kinda know what I am doing. I also just put some small pleats at the cowl neck instead pinning at the marked spots which was a bit fiddly the first time. It may not even been quicker, it just doesn’t mess with my blood pressure. Once you have the cowl neck sorted it is all smooth sailing. A few passes with the serger and all is well.

5oo4 Camilla 4xFBA 5x (1) - Copy

Here is the list of all the included options with this pattern. 5 out of 4 patterns is sort of amazing because they always give me options, I don’t know I need. I actually wish I has enough of this fabric to make a swing dress. That would have been super pretty.


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