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Here is a little collage of some of my 5oo4 makes in the last year.

5oo4 is without a doubt my most used patterns! You will not be disappointed!

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Pocket Hack

I am going to walk you through a quick How To for changing patch pockets to inside pockets. I love the Diane Joggers from 5 out of 4 patterns, but sometimes I like to switch my pockets up a bit. I stole this idea from the Sarcastic Sewist when following her 12 Looks, 1 Pattern, No Repeats series. I will only be covering the pocket portion of this pattern.

Step 1 –  Cut two Patch Pockets the regular way. (looks like the paper pattern below)

Cut two Pockets that are squared off at the top. (looks like the gray fabric below)


Step 2-  Lay your Patch Pocket on top of your front pants fabric. These will be Right Sides Together. Repeat with the other side of the pants. 2

Step 3- Pin and Stitch along the curved edge of the Patch Pocket. I use a straight stitch with a length of 3.0 set for Stretch fabric on my machine. You could also zig zag  or lightening bolt stitch. Repeat with your other pocket.3

Step 4- Trim away the extra corner. I leave 1/4 inch or so for the seam allowance. If you are using this technique for a woven garment, I would snip into the seam allowance to help it lay flatter. Repeat with the other side.4

Step 5- Flip your Patch Pocket over to the wrong side (along the curve) of your front pants and pin in place. Repeat for both pockets.


Step 6- Stitch along the top edge of the curve. Again, I used a basic lengthened straight stitch. You could also play with some decorative stitching here. If needed, add interfacing to the backside of your patch pocket. Repeat for both pockets.6

Step 7- Align your Squared off Pocket on top of your patch pocket. You will be matching and pinning along the right and left edges as well as the bottom. Only pin through the two layers of pocket. Do NOT pin to the front pants piece. These will be right sides together. Repeat with both sides.7

Step 8- Stitch along the inside edge, around the curve, and across the bottom of the pocket. I used my serger, but you can use a sewing machine. Sorry I didn’t turn my photo before typing on it. Repeat with the other side.


Step 9- OPTIONAL I like to serge my outer pocket edge to my front pants piece. I think this helps me line things up better. You could also use a basting stitch. I just pin it in place and stitch.


Now assemble your pants as usual! You can see the finished shorts in my previous post here.

Here is a nice shot of this pocket technique in action! You can view this post here.

Sequoia ALD Camilla and Diane Joggers 5oo4 (7)

Have you enjoyed how verstle this pattern is? I know I love it. I sewed up yet another pair this weekend, so be on the look out!

Here are the pattern options and Aff. link to buy!

Women’s Sizes XXS – 5X plus all these options

  • 3 rise heights (low/maternity, mid, and high)
  • Shorts, Capri, and Long cut lengths
  • 4 leg finishes – cuffed, hemmed, drawstring, or elastic
  • Information for both hemming and using bands (hello no hemming!)
  • 6 waistband options – Encased elastic, drawstring, Knit, Yoga Foldover, Contour, Maternity (underbelly)

Do you need to have this pattern in your wardrobe RIGHT NOW?? Here is a link for that!

Here are some of my favorite photos of the Diane Joggers!

Also do you love the French Terry I used, You can pick it up here at Stitchin’ Pretties. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group for a code to save 30%!

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Be Mine Cardigan Take 3

You read that right! Take 3! That means I have made this cardigan 3 times now. I feel like sometimes I can’t get enough of a good thing! This cardigan is a good thing for sure!

ALD Cheyenne (3)

The first time (Here) I made it with some junkie Walmart fabric with terrible recovery. It grew and grew and it wasn’t pretty. The second time (Here) I used beautiful double brushed poly and hacked it as a guest blogger on EAM. So that brings us up to Take 3 and I am using Liverpool.

ALD Cheyenne (1)

So my cardigan came about because I needed to share some major Liverpool love with you guys! I love Liverpool fabric first off. I love the slightly textured, semi structured look of it. I really like the way it doesn’t cling in places I don’t wish to show off also! It comes in tons of colors and prints also. I have Liverpool T-shirts, peplums, pencil skirt, and now a cardigan. So let’s get down to it, Shall we?

Smiling Cheyenne

This is the first time I have used Amelia Lane Designs fabric! I was happy to be invited to their promo team recently and I was given my choice between several types of fabrics to promote and then again several print options as well. I chose to use two different Liverpool prints! I am going to share one of them today and the second one tomorrow! So get ready!!! This fabric is a New Release and is 15% off, but only until Monday.

ALD Cheyenne (2)

This print is called Cheyenne. I loved it immediately when I saw it. I love the vintage feel of the floral print and I loved that it is on a navy background. So many florals on are black backgrounds so this one really called to me and I was thrilled when I was picked for it. Amelia Lane has a few other Liverpool prints that are on sale for 15% off too!

ALD Cheyenne (4)

While waiting for my fabric to arrive, I tested a few different patterns out. I am always nervous when trying a pattern with a fabric that isn’t recommended. Liverpool doesn’t have near the stretch as a knit like Double Brushed Poly so sometimes, you may have to bump the size up one for a perfect fit. I had a few fails,  but literally couldn’t wait to sew it up when it arrived. After a quick wash and dry, I begin cutting the pieces out for the Be Mine Cardigan. I knew I wanted to reduce the amount of gathering in the seam that attaches the bodice to the skirt. The reason I wanted to do this is because Liverpool is a thicker fabric and a little heavier in weight. I was worried this could make that seam appear more bunched up. I reduced the skirt width by about 10 inches overall. I spread that distance evenly between the three skirt pieces. I needed a Full Bicep Adjustment. I added 1.5 inches. I wish I would have added 2.5 inches looking back. My sleeve is a little snug. This is caused by the stretch percentage of the fabric. I cut the sleeve length based on the amount of fabric I had left. Turns out, I love this length. Perfect for wearing down and lovely when pushed up just a bit. My tip when doing this pattern or any pattern with a long facing, cut that piece first. Sometimes after everything else is cut, it is impossible to win at Fabric Tetris when you need a long facing or binding and you don’t cut it out first. I frequently end up cutting mine in several  pieces. I don’t mind a seam at the back of the neck, but this one also ended up with an extra seam on each side near the bottom front. On a print this isn’t horribly noticeable, but on a solid it will be.

ALD Cheyenne (8)

Let’s talk details:

Fabric: Liverpool called Cheyenne from Amelia Lane Designs. Here is your direct link and it is currently on sale for  15% off but only until Monday!

Cardigan Pattern: Be Mine from Ellie and Mac 

Tank Top Pattern: Virginia from 5oo4 Patterns

ALD Cheyenne (6)

Liverpool Promo Cheyenne

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