Sansa Flare!

It has finally happened folks! I made pants!!! Flare pants! I can’t even tell you how much work the designer and test group put into making this pattern fit perfectly!! Plus there is a video coming to help you get the perfect fit! Check the Bella Sunshine Blog for it!

Another Bella Sunshine Designs Winner!


I made a 26 graded to a 24. I shorted my overall length 4 inches.  I also made the mid rise yoga pant.


Let me give you all the details.

Sizes range from  kid-to plus size 30. You get to choose from Mid rise and High rise as well as yoga band or elastic waist.   That basically covers every option you need in a flare.


I used a performance knit for this  pair. So I got to use my new serger to stitch them up! It took about 20 minutes for me to sew them. I bet you can’t buy a pair of ill fitting ready to wear in 20 minutes!


You can pick up this pattern as well as loads of other Bella Sunshine Designs AMAZING patterns by using my Aff. link here.


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