Copy Cat: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats

I am copying the heck out of my Sew Sista, Stephanie! Stephanie AKA The Sarcastic Sewist, is doing an exciting, year long blog series using the Diane Joggers from 5outof4 Patterns. She will be using the pattern options as well as hacking the original design to make 12 different pants to cover every possible need you have in your wardrobe. You can read her original post here. 

Her look was created with French Terry for the bottoms and DBP for the top. So I knew I wanted to do the same. I also knew that since I have never sewn this pattern before, I would want to make a muslin. A muslin (or a toile) is basically a mock up of a pattern made with the purpose of testing fit, determining personal adjustments, or even practicing unfamiliar techniques. You don’t use your high dollar fabrics or fabrics you need to make look good for a promo (my situation). At times, pants can be a bit tricky to get right even if an amazing designer has drafted them. My issue is that I have a large belly, no hips and no booty. When I take my hip measurement into account, I am put solidly into a size 5x with these pants. I am also lucky enough to know that The Diane Joggers, The Zen Pants, and The Molly PJ’s all have the same rise. This means that when measuring from the front waist band, between my legs, over my booty and up to the back waist band, all three of the patterns were created equal. Since I tested the Molly PJ set, I knew that making a 5X would have me swimming in fabric. With Molly, I tried making a 4x and grading my legs to a 3x. This worked well for me. My Molly fabric was DBP, so it has more stretch than French Terry. Because of this, I didn’t want to grade down to the 3x for my legs. I needed these pants to have their intended look, which is fitted, but not skin tight and I needed them to look good in public.

5oo4 Diane Joggers and RP Paris Top (1)

These Diane Joggers are a straight 4x. I only adjusted for height. These are my mock up pair and I only removed 3 inches from the length. When I tried them on it was clear that I needed to remove about another 2 inches so you can see the cuffs I worked so hard to put on. 🙂

5oo4 Diane Joggers and RP Paris Top (15)

I choose to add the pockets since this is a copy cat and Stephanie made pockets. I used a decorative stitch on my regular sewing machine to decorate the pockets. I used the wonder tape which was suggested in the pattern and in Stephanie’s blog post. It honestly did make this so easy. Here is photo of my decorative stitching. I like the loop to loop design with the polka dot print. You can also see that I topstitched along the top of the pocket and made the drawstring casing for the waistband.


I used this Gray French Terry fabric as my muslin. I picked this up months ago from Rosa at Sew Blessed. As always, her prices are low and her inventory changes almost weekly. I knew I wanted a solid top to wear with these pants so I wore my Paris top that I recently made to wear with my Arabella Skirt. The Coral solid looks lovely with the darker gray in my pants. I was lucky enough to have these flip flops which are nearly a perfect color match!

5oo4 Diane Joggers and RP Paris Top (2)

Since overall, I was happy with the fit of these pants, the only change I made was removing 2 more inches from the length. I am only 5’1. This will most likely always need to be done when I make pants.

5oo4 Diane Joggers and RP Paris Top (14)

These are my second pair of Dianes. I am obsessed with this fabric. It is French Terry from Stitchin’ Pretties. The print is called Hallie and here is the direct link to it. I love how it looks a little bit vintage and a whole lot of pretty.  My shirt here is Molly. Yes, Molly is a PJ top, but it is also a neatly fitting basic T-shirt which comes with a Full Bust Adjustment. I added several inches to my sleeves (remember Stephanie shortened hers) and did a Full Bicep Adjustment. I also added 3 inches to the shirt length so the world wouldn’t see my belly. My fabric is this Dark Hunter Green from Stitchin’ Pretties. My boots are covering my cuffs here, but I did shorten my length and they no longer pool around my ankles. I wanted to be able to wear this outfit to work, so I dressed it up a bit with boots and added some pretty jewelry my friend, Tonya, gave me.

5oo4 Diane Joggers and RP Paris Top (9)

These pants have a drawstring waist. I used a long narrow piece of my French Terry to make the tube. If you make tubes, Tube Turners will save you so much time and frustration. I was able to turn this narrow piece in about 30 seconds. I used an elastic bodkin to pull it through the waistband and that took about another 30 seconds. I double knotted the ends of my so they wouldn’t easily pull through my waistband. I am very happy to report that these pants stayed up all day! I was worried that they would slip down and fall down as the day drug on. NOPE, didn’t budge!! I am such a happy girl!

5oo4 Diane Joggers and RP Paris Top (13)

Let’s get you some pattern links. All of these patterns are sized up to 5x.

Diane Joggers

Molly Top and PJ Pants

Paris Party Top and Dress

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Molly PJ’s

5oo4 Molly 4x-5x (10)

Sorry guys!! I have been MIA for awhile. I have missed sewing and I have really missed writing and sharing with all of you. I have about 6 items I need to share, but I am starting with the Molly PJ’s! Two reasons- The pattern is on sale today and the fabric is on sale too!

5oo4 Molly 4x-5x (12)

The thing is, Molly is the women’s version, but there is also patterns for Men and kiddos. Finally, the entire family gets to match! I even made a doggy sweater! Sadly, there isn’t a pattern for the pups.

So Momma Mia got roped into another photo session with me. She loves her PJs though and we look awesome! Tasha, Chico, and Star aren’t too bad either. 5oo4 Molly 4x-5x (1)

I graded between a 4x and 5x for my bodice and used 4x for the bottoms. For my top, I added 3 inches to the length because I can’t stand shirts that end above my belly. I used the bodice with the FBA included in the pattern. I added 1 inch to the bicep using my favorite bicep adjustment technique. You can view my video here.  I made a muslin to fit test my bottoms. I used a DBP for them as well. It is important to test fit new garments. When you do this, you should use fabric with a similar stretch. I did a 4x with a belly adjustment, but it wasn’t needed since DBP is pretty stretchy. The bottoms were a little more roomy than I wanted so for these photos I am wearing a straight 4x no adjustments. I used the elastic waistband since DBP doesn’t have strong enough recovery for the yoga band which was my other option. I removed several inches from the inseam as my inseam measures 27.5 inches.


I made my mom the same options in an XL graded to a XXL. She has the FBA bodice on which saved me the trouble of doing that adjustment. Her pants are size medium. I added 1.5 inches to her top length and removed several inches from her inseam. We both are wearing a short sleeve top with the pants for our bottoms. I made an elastic waistband for her as well.

Other options you can use: Long or Short Sleeve (and a separate FBA Bodice piece!), Shorts or Pants, Cuffs, Elastic or Knit Waistband (AND and optional Bum Panel)

Even though this shirt is labeled as PJ’s, I wanted you see that you can clearly wear this shirt out and about. I got tricked into placing a few Christmas bulbs on the front bushes as I was having my pictures taken.


OK, let’s talk about this fabric now!! Holy Puppy Dogs!! How cute it this print? I love the softness of DBP and the print is adorable. I will not admit to buy 8 yards of this print, and you can’t make me! Stitchin Pretties has a sale happening if you check it out now!!! Don’t forget Stitchin’ Pretties ships within 24 hours during the week!

Here is the link to the Puppy Dog print.



Here is the link to the Molly Pattern.

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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!

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