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Dottie Purse (4)

Surprise! I made a small purse! I know I don’t share many small projects on my blog, but this is a fun one! I couldn’t resist the tester call that promised a patchwork purse. I quickly signed up, and pulled out a fat quarter bundle. I also grabbed one piece of purple print to add to the mix and draw out the hints of purple that were in the FQ. I dug deep in my zipper stash to find a matching one. I am happy to report, I had everything in my stash to make this version of the purse. I didn’t have 1/2 inch D rings or Swivel hooks to add a strap though. I kinda like this size for a bag to just throw in my work or overnight bag though so it worked out well.

Dottie Purse (2)

This cute little big came together quickly and used a few techniques I hadn’t seen before. The zipper installation was a little mind blowing, but I will 100% use it again! With proper directions and the included photos, you won’t have any trouble with assembly.

Dottie Purse (3)

I love the pops of colors that are everywhere. I made my own bias tape so I could use the dots. I have used polka dots for some many quilt binding so of course, I had to use it here. The sneak peek of the inside polka dots is cute as well. I couldn’t really make a purse called Dotty without polka dots, right?!?! If you prefer your top sides closed, I think you could do a simple whip stitch to close them up.

Dottie Purse (2)

This adorable purse/tote pattern is now available. Here is a link. The pattern is currently 20% off. This works out to about $4.10 American. ๐Ÿ™‚

Etsy Shop Link

Website Link

BONUS: I have some super exciting news! In the upcoming days, I am going to share some video sew along for making your own Dotty purse.

BONUS BONUS: I will have a couple of free patterns to give away!

Let me know what you think of my cute little zipper pouch and stay tuned to sew along with me!

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