Quiltville Mystery Link Up Clue 6 and 7

Bonnie slipped an extra clue in on New Year’s Day, but that’s all part of the mystery! You just don’t know what is coming! Thankfully, Momma Mia and I had both powered through Clue 6 on Friday. We doubled up our strings and split them between us. Though this didn’t make things any faster at least we have loads of variety!


My Clue 6 Strings


Momma Mia’s Clue 6


Clue 7 and we are starting to assemble some things!

Momma Mia’s





While all this was happening, so did this… Prepping for Gray Strips for Punkin’ Patch!


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OK here is your linky back to Bonnie and Quiltville!

Quiltville Mystery Link up #5

Five clues are in the basket! Finally, both Momma Mia and I are caught up. This is a first since the mystery began. We are both learning new things as well as improving our accuracy. We are using some of the same tools and some not, but in the end we have both worked on our own quilts and both helped each other. We are building memories.

She finished her clue 5 first because with about 20 to go, I needed to sleep. She used Bonnie’s colors and they are looking great!


After she finished all her blocks and I was working on mine, she counted all her pieces and parts and determined she was on track save for a few half square bonus triangles. She used the Strip Tube Ruler and knocked them out fairly quickly.

I finished my Clue 5 and then began my counting. I needed 15 more half Chevrons and 31 bonus HST’s. I put them both in my picture because “Why not?” I am using Purple in place of the Blue and used Aqua in place of Bonnie’s Green.


Are any of my readers following along with the Quiltville Mystery? We are having so much fun. Here is a link back to Quiltville where you can get all the details!

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Quiltville Mystery Link Up

Did anyone join in on the fun this week? Momma Mia did over my way. I think she is determined to get caught up with me. I need to hide her fabric or something. 🙂

So today I am sharing two pics. I am almost done with the first three clues. I need to fill in for a few random half square triangles that were out of range for ‘fudging it” to make them work and also some half chevron units. For the record, all of my chevrons tilt the wrong directions. Oops!

I switched the dark blues for purples and the greens for aqua.


Momma Mia wrapped up her four patches including a pile of extras for me because I was had some wonky ones. we forced ourselves to stay up a few nights ago to push through as we were so close. 🙂 She is sticking to the original color plan. She has done a ton of cutting for clues 2 and 3.


Today, I forced her to take a break and clean up. I was on quilting overload as it was taking over ever flat surface. 🙂 We are back in business now. Who else is sewing along? Here is a link back to Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville where you can find all the info.

Stay tuned for a few other sewing projects including more Dino Shirts, a new dress for Momma Mia, and someone is getting a quilt for Christmas too!


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Quiltville Mystery Link Up

In the quilt world, I am obsessed with all things scrappy. This means I am 100% obsessed with all things, Bonnie Hunter. I am partaking the my second Quiltville mystery and am almost done with clue 2. Shhh, I am only 1 clue behind. Anyhow, today is the link up party so I am sharing my pics! I switched my colors just a little bit from the original suggestion so we will see how it goes.

Here is the link back to Bonnie’s website so you can join in on the mystery fun! 





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