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I know it was just a few days ago when I said I don’t wear rompers. Has it even been a week? At the last minute, Jessica at the DIBY club asked me to join in for a romper test. I agreed because she works very hard to be super inclusive for the plus size body. Her sizes go up to a DIBY size 36 which is several sizes past me. In most sewing groups, I do sew near or at the top of their size charts. Companies all have different size ranges and and none of them compare to clothing you buy at the store. 
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (3)
So let’s talk about the Stevie Jumpsuit! I planned to make the most basic jumpsuit. I made the shorts pattern for the pants. Again because it was so last minute, I omitted the pockets and the waist tie sash. When I tried on my suit and it fit so well, I was immediately annoyed at my own laziness and wished I would have done both!
In addition to the shorts, there is an option to do a loose fit pant or a slimmed leg that gathers at an ankle cuff. Honestly, I love that look and am thinking of making those pants!   Actually, I am already thinking of making them as pants and not attached to the jumpsuit!
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (1)
 This is the only style for the bodice, but it is so cute, I am ok with it. The loose V shaped neck line is easy to achieve! My sleeves required a 1.5 inch bicep adjustment. I think a 2 inch adjustment would have made this a little easier to slip on and off. I will remember for the next time. I also added 2 inches to the bodice length to get some more room. I would I would have added maybe 2 more and removed a bit from the height of the shorts. It is very important when making a romper that you measure and account for the trunk measurement. No one wants a wedgie! I like to let my readers know how I adjust the patterns to fit me. It is normal to make adjustments, that is why our clothes fit so well. A good reason I began blogging is so I would have a personal journal of what I am making, how I am adjusting, and what I should do for the next time I make a pattern.
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (6)
This fabric is double brushed poly and I picked it up at a fabric warehouse in Amish Country. I do happen to know that Stitchin’ Pretties carries this same print in an Aqua and orange colorway that is absolutely amazing. The print is called Annella and you can pick it up here! I have some of it in my stash already and may use some of it on a test that I just joined! Stitchin’ Pretties always has amazing sales and super fast deliveries! I highly recommend them!
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (8)
When I took my new Stevie over to my mom’s to get some pictures for you, I realized I had forgotten my swim suit at home. No worries, into the pool I went! PSA: I don’t suggest using double brushed poly for normal swimming as it has zero support, clingy as heck and honestly, I am not sure how well it will hold up to Chlorine! Do as I say, not as I do. I would be 100% ok with slimming these shorts down and making a body swimsuit!! I can see vintage style bathing suits in my future!
Are you ready to pick up this pattern? I thank you for using my affiliate link. This just means I receive a small commission from the designer for testing and sharing.
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (7)


I know you guys have heard all the rumors, “The rompers are coming! The rompers are coming!” Well, The Rompers are here…just not on my blog…because I prefer separates! I made a mix of tops and bottoms and they all come with the 5oo4 Stella ROMPER pattern! So here we go…

First up – Flounce Top with optional straps! What is not to love about this??

5oo4 Stella 5x 9

This is my favorite, I love animal prints!! I got this one from Fabric.com last year in a clearance sale. 🙂

Next up – cami top, baby! I think a lot of people can relate to wearing cami tops. I love them under tops all year long. For an extra layer in fall; for extra warmth in winter. Spring and Summer – they are great when the weatherman can’t decide how to dress. The best part of making your own, choosing the length! I like my shirts long. 🙂 This cami is long…I like this cami! I am wearing it as I type.

This fabric is Cotton Lycra which I scored in someone’s major destash! Her loss, My gain!

Next item on my list…Shorts!!! Say, What? Yep, Shorts! Shorts with amazing pockets!

5oo4 Stella 5x 12

These awesome shorts are made with scuba from Iamsewblessed. Ms. Rosa sent me these roses as a sample when I asked what the heck does Scuba feel like and what would I make with it? 🙂 Shorts, make all the shorts! Make shorts with pockets.

I would buy this pattern simply because there are pockets in the shorts and they look good!!! I hemmed my shorts, but you can band them if you prefer.

After all this sewing, I am ready to relax… in.. my.. brand.. new.. PJs!!! (insert your best Price is Right voice here)

Super Soft, Ultra Comfy sleep set! If I wasn’t as pale as a ghost, I would be blending in with this giant tree.  This camo print also came from Ms. Rosa.

So let’s talk details… Stolen right from the 5oo4 website…because there a lot of great details! Can you believe I didn’t even sew all the options???

The Stella is a women’s romper pattern that can be made as a one-piece outfit or as a separate tank and shorts. This is a PDF sewing pattern, not a finished product.

Options for the Stella Women’s Romper include:

  • Two back styles
  • Off-shoulder flounce
  • Optional built-in bra that can stand alone (helloooo bikini top!)
  • Knit waistband or casing option for the romper
  • Two lengths for the shorts
  • Pockets!
  • Leg openings can be finished with hem or band
  • Nursing option included
  • Matching girls’ option! Check out the Stella Girls’ Romper! Get 10% off when you buy both patterns at one time!

So you can pick up your romper pattern and all these separates here. It is currently on sale since it is a new release! Don’t waste time though, the sale won’t last long!!!

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This blog post contains Affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me buy fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

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