A little bit of Tina is what I see

Day Four – Mambo No. 4.
Today I am sharing skirt No. four of my Mambo Collection. This is Tina and she is uber cute and flirty! Does it even get better than polka dots and ruffles?? Seriously, that combo isn’t one I wear frequently because it has been reserved for overly girlie folks and I am not that by any means. However, the dark navy background color saved it from being too much. Like all the others, this skirt is made with a structured knit and features a high waist band.
5oo4 Tina 5x (1)
This is the most blue I have seen this fabric look. Must be the natural light bringing it out!

My options for Tina are a little different that all my other skirts! This time I went long. I decided to make the Midi length and add the hem ruffle. I had 3 yards of this fabric that I have been saving and wanted to use as much of it as I could! Typically, I would add a ruffle so I didn’t have to hem a finished edge, but this fabric stitched so nicely I hemmed my ruffle! I added patch pockets to the front of my skirt as well. Funny Story… I am short and height adjusted my pattern at the proper line, but I didn’t account for my shortness when adding from my pockets.  When I FULLY ASSEMBLED my skirt and tried it on, I could barely reach my pockets! Only my fingers tips could reach them. Oops! Seam Ripper to the rescue! I removed the waist band and then 1.5 inches from the top of my skirt, reattached the band and all is good now! So don’t be like Sequoia, double check the pocket placement sooner rather than later! I also mixed up the waist band on Tina, this is the cross front band. It is cute! I think it looks nice over my light colored tank with my cardigan. Don’t forget all the options for Tina and the rest of Mambo are interchangeable!

5oo4 Tina 5x (4)
Handing fitting properly into my pockets. 🙂

Here is the complete list of options for Tina

The Women’s Tina A-line Skirt pattern includes the following:

  • Three Hem Lengths: Mini, Knee and Midi
  • Options include a Hem Ruffle, Patch Pockets and Suspenders
  • Three Waistbands: Scooped, Cross Front and Slim
  • Tutorial includes a link to an extensive Skirt Fitting Guide to get your best fit!
  • Women’s Sizes XXS-5XL (see the last image for yardage and size chart)

5oo4 Tina 5x (3)

Surprise! Another Liverpool fabric!!! This amazing navy with white dot pattern came from Amelia Lane Designs! I feel that navy and white is a classic combo and looks great with “all the things.” This fabric sewed up nicely and is of great quality. ALD ships quickly and and offers great customer service.
5oo4 Tina 5x (5)
Do you recognize this tank top? Yes! Virginia! The Virginia tank is 100% my go to when I need a tank top! You have seen it a dozen times on my blog. You can read about this version here.
5oo4 Tina 5x (2)
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