Hooded Infinity Scarf

Does it get chilly where you live? Is it already chilly? It is cold here! Two nights ago, we had real deal, scrape your windshield, frost! I am not mentally ready for winter, but the latest release from DIBY.club is getting me physically ready! The Hooded Infinity Scarf is up for grabs- AND IT IS FREE! Yes, you read that right. FREE!!

Hooded Scarf DIBY (3)

It is designed to be made with woven fabrics and it is double layered. I love that because it becomes reversible with all of the seams hidden! The hood is assembled with three panels so it fits nicely around your head to keep you snug and warm!

I used a warm fleece as my purple plaid layer and a regular weight quilting cotton for the liner. When it gets even colder here, I can reverse it and have the warm layer against my skin!

Hooded Scarf DIBY

This hood comes together pretty quickly and is very easy to assemble! I used my serger, but it bogged down a little sewing the thickest layers. The scarf tails were hand stitched, but I bet you could even do a wide zig-zag to put them together. You can make a few in an assembly line in an evening…Hello, Christmas Gifts!

Click here to download the FREE Hooded Infinity Scarf!

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