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Forte Dress View D (2)

Today I am sharing my latest dress with you. I know a few weeks ago I sewed up The Forte top from Love Notions, well today I made the dress, the one with the inverted Vneck. This one has been on my list for about two months. I had a chat with another sewist about their concern about the seam line which connects to the skirt on the bust instead of below it. I confirmed with the designer at the time that is in fact suppose to be midbust. So here I, giving it a shot.

Forte Dress View D (5)

I had this large piece of fabric that I had already cut a dress from for Momma Mia. She wears it often and I adore the fabric so I wanted to make myself something pretty. I was lucky enough to have enough for the Dress View D.  My fabric is double brushed poly from Stitchin’ Pretties. Don’t forget Laura is still throwing in a coordinating yard of fabric for each continuous 2 yard cut you order.  Sadly, this print sold out awhile ago, but there are tons of other options on the site.

Forte Dress View D (3)

So back to my dress, Love Notions is rapidly moving to the top of my most sewn patterns list. I love that they are working on expanding their pattern to the inclusive through 5x size chart and they always include a full bust adjustment pattern piece. I sewed up View D of the Forte Dress, it featured a gathered inverted V front neckline. This dress is surprisingly easy to make and after cutting, sewed up in about an hour. I love that! I like quick sewing projects that look like I spent a lot of time one them.

Forte Dress View D (4)

I elected to go with the sleeve length between short and 3/4 because that is exactly how much fabric I had left after cutting the dress. I am all about using the small pieces and getting them out of my stash. I have way too much fabric to begin with and don’t need a mountain of small bits.

Forte Dress View D (5)

So after making the dress and giving it a wear, I kinda love it. It looks nice, the seam placement across the bust isn’t weird and it is comfortable. All of these things add up to a win! You know what else is a win? This pattern along with all of the Love Notions website is currently 40% off for Mother’s Day! This is the largest sale of the year for Love Notions, so take advantage of it!

Even though this is clearly a post about the Forte Dress, I want to remind you of how fab the Forte Top is too!

The Forte Top/Dress Pattern

Love Notions Website 

Stitchin’ Pretties


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This pattern is rated for confident beginners. I love that the Love Notions team is great at explaining the options and how to sew your best garment! Here is all that is included with just this one pattern!!

  • Four top views:
    • A- gathered skirt peplum style with scoop neck
    • B- waterfall skirt with v-neck
    • C- classic tee with scoop neck
    • D- gathered inverted with v-neck
  • Two dress views: B & D
  • Six sleeve options to mix and match:
    • short with flounce
    • bell
    • gathered
    • plain short
    • plain mid-length
    • plain long
  • A full bust piece is also included for ladies with a 4-6″ high bust to full bust difference– no need to do a FBA! The Forte is fitted at the bust with plenty of ease in the waist and hips.

A Love Notions Mash Up – Tessa and Sybil

I am back with another Love Notions Dress and a mash up to boot! So I sewed up Momma Mia’s first Tessa dress a month or so ago and she loved it! Actually I loved it too, but sadly it hasn’t been on the Love Notions size upgrade list yet so I will keep sewing them for Momma Mia. Last time, my promo fabric from Stitchin’ Pretties came with a note saying it would love to become a beautiful dress. So I made the fabric’s dreams come true and it became a Tessa Sheath Dress! This time I received this pretty red floral double brushed poly fabric without a note, but it was screaming at me to make it a dress.
I have a confession to make, when I order fabric, I usually don’t have a plan in mind. My second confession, I told Laura at Stitchin’ Pretties to “just send me something.” I trust her and her product. She doesn’t let me down! When this fabric arrived on my door step, I knew that it would be a dress. I typically feel that fabric with larger open spaces of background does well as dresses. Compared to a tank top, there wouldn’t be as much room to show off a great print! I love print, busy prints! Momma Mia isn’t quiet as flashy as I am in the print department. I knew I was making her a dress with this fabric! I decided on another Tessa, but with a twist. In case you do not know, you can mash the Tessa Bodice with all the skirts from Sybil. I used the Aline skirt from Sybil. This will give her dress a little bit of flirty flare, but not full on twirl factor! Also I only had 2 yards of fabric to work with. Speaking on the 2 yards, since the back bodice is “Cut as mirror image” you can use less fabric than if you had to “Cut on the Fold.”
*You can use this tip for any top pattern. If you don’t have enough fabric to cut a front and back bodice on the fold, you may be able to use the mirror image cutting technique. Just remember to add seam allowances if you adjust from cut on the fold to mirror image or your neckband won’t fit properly.

You may have noticed that I colorblocked this Tessa with the fantastic Royal Blue. I have a bunch of smaller usable scraps from a few months ago, plus still some yardage tucked away. I have SO MUCH LOVE for this color! So at first glance, I was torn as to whether this royal blue was too bold for the red print. Typically, I encourage folks to “mind the tones” of your colors. For example, the royal blue is a jewel tone and the red isn’t. I posted a side by side picture in the group and asked if it works, yea or no. I got both responses, so that wasn’t at all helpful. In the end, my mind was made up and I made the first cut. Speed work for about an hour and TA-DA! Momma has a new dress. I put the finished dress on the dress form which has basically taken up residence in my living room window. I LOVED it! Like really loved it. I left it there for 3 days! When I delivered it, Momma Mia loved it too. She just happened to have perfectly matching shoes and a purse to add to her photo session! She is too much some days! Side note, I delivered this dress Monday evening. When I saw her on Tuesday, she was wearing it. She had been grocery shopping in it! 🙂 You go Momma! I am glad she is always willing to wear the clothes I make her. She makes this daughter proud!

Tessa with Sybil ALine Skirt LN (1)

This red floral print is called Felicia and I knew Momma Mia was going to LOVE it! This fabric was easy to sew and it drapes nicely. I did notice a little bit of wrinkling after I had thrown it in a bag to take it to Momma Mia, but a quick tumble in the dryer fixed it right up! This fabric has a nice weight to it also. As usual, Laura ships within a day and runs great sales and has really awesome fabric. Honestly, if you don’t know about Stitchin‘ Pretties, you are missing out.

Tessa with Sybil ALine Skirt LN (2)

I used the same boat neck line as the first Tessa, color blocked at the yoke and 3/4 sleeves. The above photo really shows the width difference in the skirt compared to the Sheath Style of the original Tessa. I love the that all 7 of the Sybil skirts fit with the Tessa. Maybe Momma Mia will end up with the entire collection. 🙂 I don’t think she would mind.

Tessa with Sybil ALine Skirt LN (5)
Blowing in the breeze!

Love Notions Patterns

Tessa Dress

**The dress features a bateau or scoop neckline, optional yoke detail and five sleeve lengths: sleeveless, short, elbow, 3/4 and long. Two hem lengths are also included- above knee and shin. Bonus- the bodice part of the pattern can also be easily mashed with the Sybil Skirt Collection.

Sybil Skirts

**Meant for knit fabrics, the Sybil comes with seven variations: pencil, a-line, swing, drop yoke with swing, gored, asymmetrical wrap and pleated. All versions, with the exception of the drop yoke, also have knee and midi length options as well as inseam pockets. All skirt waistbands can include the optional hidden control panel or a yoga-style waistband, no closures needed.

Tessa with Sybil ALine Skirt LN (3)

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