T-Shirt Super Sale at Sly Fox Fabrics

Stop by Sly Fox Fabrics and take advantage of the 20% off sale on all T-shirt fabrics.

Hi Friends, Welcome back! Two days in a row on my blog is sorta crazy, isn’t it? Make sure you hit subscribe and stop back daily because I am about to hit you with 7 days of fun!

The Deets

I want to start by giving you a quick intro into what will be happening over the next few days. Sly Fox Fabrics is having a huge sale on all their “T-shirt” fabrics. This 40% off sale includes DTY, Modal, Double Brushed Poly, Triblend, French Terry and Knub Jersey. This sale will happen now through next Friday. You have an entire week to pick all your favorites. My blog posts will reflect the DTY fabrics as this was the base I was given to sew. All of these fabrics are perfect for T shirts and can help you achieve whatever look you are going for. DTY fabric, to me, feels and looks a little more dressier than a Triblend and French Terry feels more snuggly than DBP.  The best part of sewing is being able to create whatever look you want through pattern and fabric selections. Even though I am sharing these fabrics as T-shirts, please realize you can use them for so much more. You can make everything from skirts, pants, and dresses to cardigans and so much more. My favorite joggers are made from French Terry and my DBP leggings are so perfect for “pajama day” in public.

Today I am going to show you each of my fabrics and hook you up with the links to get those fabrics. One of my fabrics (The Zebra print) has already sold out, but there are a total of 9 different prints on the website in DTY alone! Over the next few days I will focus on each pattern with the specific fabric. After our 4th day pattern review, I have a bonus refashion for you using a SFF DTY dress I made a few years ago! I am really excited about sharing my new garment. I really do love it, even more than my original maxi. I have already worn it at least 4 times.

What is DTY?

Glad you asked. 🙂 DTY is a polyester knit fabric that has been drawn and twisted with heat. It is brushed on both sides to give it the smooth silky texture that feels and wears so nicely. I personally love that it doesn’t wrinkle much and I can leave it in the dryer for days and not need to fluff it. I also love that it feels cool to the touch when I am wearing it.

The Rules

For the fabric comparisons, each sewist was asked to select one each Fitted, Classic, and Relaxed style t shirt patterns. Then we were given the option to sew anything else we wanted. đź™‚ Each of my tops turned out great and I wear them often. They are easy to dress up or down depending on my days activities. I have paired all three of my tops with basic jeans so as to not distract from the lovely fabrics.

Floral Glen Plaid – Used for my classic pattern.

Vibrant in Navy – Used for my relaxed pattern.

Daisy Dots – Used for my fitted pattern.

Zebra Print – Used for my bonus make. Fabric has sold out.

Azalea in Navy – Used in my bonus refashion.



I will be back here tomorrow on the blog sharing my first T-shirt pattern. I hope you stick around to see all the pattern info! Be sure to subscribe to SequoiaLynn Sews on my social medias so you don’t miss out!

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#TFCMAYFLOWERS and a sale!

Long time, no sew! My sew-jo has been so low lately. However, I did go on a fun vacation and now I am back with a few new sewing projects on deck! First off, This Dress! I feel like I write this line a lot * This wasn’t what I had planned when I was working on this pattern, but I really love how it turned out* but here we are. 🙂 Keep reading, we are going to talk about it.

The Pattern Details

This is Melanie from 5 out of 4. Melanie isn’t a new pattern, but it is less than a year old and deserves some love. I didn’t even have the pleasure of testing it because I was recovering from knee surgery and sewing was pretty limited. Since I am catching up on all the things the cool kids do, I tackled Melanie!

The pattern has several options

Sizing XXS-5XL * Crew or Scoop Necklines * Sleeveless, Short, 3/4, or long sleeved * Top, Knee, or Tea Length * Side Ruching * Designed for Knits

What I Made

I made size 3x with the included FBA and graded to a 4x from the waist down. I did the scoop neck with short sleeves. Here is the part about things not turning out as intended. 🙂 I removed a couple of inches length from the knee length option because I thought I would wear this as a tunic length top over leggings, but ended up loving it as a shorter dress!  Since the side ruching is just drawstring style ties, I can easily shorten the dress to a different length by pulling the drawstrings tighter on the sides. I just used a coordinating fabric scrap to make my ties. You all know how I love to mix prints. In the situation, I didn’t have any scraps from my dress fabric that were long enough to make the ties, so polka dots scraps for the win! I also made the back opening slightly shorter since I didn’t want to have a visible bra band. I wish I would have brought it up an additional .75 inches. That is a tricky measurement on yourself. 🙂 So this is a note for me, the next time I make this dress and I promise, there will be another one!

Back slit. I don’t own cute bras I would want to display. 🙂

My Fabric Choice

This lovely poly rayon spandex fabric is from The Fab Clique and as soon as I opened my mystery package I was thrilled! This print is called Penelope’s Garden. These are my colors! While I do love girlie prints, I don’t like froo froo colors! This print is lovely and I adore the colorway. I don’t order many mystery packs of fabric, but this is my second one from TFC and they have both been exceptional.  This was a two yard cut and I was able to Jenga the pattern a bit to make it work. Thank goodness for back seams! My leftover scraps were too small to even bother saving and trust me, I don’t throw away usable fabrics!  I am so glad I was able to make this dress work with the fabric I had!

Notice my cute little polka dot side ties!


Remember the hashtag I mentioned? #TFCMAYFLOWERS ?? Want to join the fun? All you need to do is 1. Use fabric from The Fab Clique. 2. Make something lovely related to flowers- (floral print, pattern named after a flower, umm photo staged in a flower garden -ok, I made this one up, but TFC is pretty open to interpretations so it may work, ETC. ) 3. Share your make on all your socials using the #TFCMAYFLOWERS. I can’t wait to see what you come up it!

I do love when I can wear normal shoes with my dresses!

All Affiliate Linked Up because your girl needs to buy fabric!

Melanie Pattern from 5 out of 4 is currently on sale for 30% off – Hurry before the sale ends!

Penelope’s Garden – Gorgeous Rayon Spandex blend knit fabric from The Fab Clique

Rapports: Are they plus size friendly?

Today I am doing a little experiment. I recently had the opportunity to sew up my first rapport, which happened to be from George and Ginger. I wanted to know if they were usable for a garment for a plus size body and I am now here to share it with you.

Additionally my video will show you exactly how to install the twist neck detail and facing! Trust me, it is very easy.

I put together a video to give you the deets and show you what I came up with.

Affiliate Links

George and Ginger Rapport Fabric

Vista Top and Dress

Eleanor Cardigans, Jessie Dress, and Amazing Fabrics

The last few days I have been sewing up a storm! Actually the last 2 weeks, but I spent a 3 day weekend at a family sewing get together and had such a great time! I worked on everything from clothing to quilts and even had a request to sew a pair of bandless ear muffs. Think shower caps for your ears! Nope, not this girl! For the weekend count I finished a dress, a hoodie, 2 cardigans, 2 skirts and 14 quilt blocks. We were super productive and even cut out pieces for 42 quilt blocks each for 4 people while laughing, talking, and eating. This is our second get together this year! This is your warning, you are about to be buried in blog posts from me! Let’s gets started!


Happy Monday Funday, Friends! Today, I am sharing an awesome cardigan with you. I have made a few Eleanor Cardigans over the past year, but I think this one is my favorite! Wanna know the reason?? This fabric is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Hacci sweater knit is everything I love in fabric. Soft, cozy, and easy to sew. I ordered 3 yards of it from Stitchin’ Pretties and it is called Kathleen. As I was finishing up my cardigan, Momma Mia *may* have shown some interest in having something made as well. She lucked out this time, I was able to cut hers with only a quarter inch of fabric left at the last sleeve. Talk about a close call! So once again, #whatmommawantsmommagets !

Eleanor Cardi, Jessie Dress, Easy Tee Hack SP fabrics (2)
She told me not to use this picture, but I think it is kinda great! #Whatbabygirlwantsbabygirlgets

So let’s talk about the Eleanor Cardigan. It is from 5 out of 4 patterns and has tons of options. Momma Mia is wearing the mid-thigh length and I am as well, only mine was shortened two inches. Both of us have the slimmer sleeve option and I hemmed all edges instead of banding. I really did not have fabric for that! Remember I only had 1/4 of an inch to spare. 🙂 After cutting and without adding the front bands, I can sew this basic version up in about 30 minutes! I love speed sewing. I love instant gratification projects! I sewed my cardigan on Friday of Sewing weekend and Momma Mia’s was made Sunday morning!

Eleanor Cardi, Jessie Dress, Easy Tee Hack SP fabrics (5)
I love dressing in layers! I am so happy Fall is here again!

  • 3 lengths- Tunic, Knee, and Duster
  • Regular long sleeves and “extra” long sleeve cut lines. Whether you’re like me and have long arms or you just like your sleeves to cover your hands, Eleanor literally has you covered.
  • Pockets big enough for your phone!
  • Optional belt loops and tie belt
  • 2 sleeve widths – relaxed or slim fitting
  • Optional hood
  • Elbow button or snap cuff for rolling up your sleeves to 3/4 length
  • We also have Women’s and Girls Bundle if you need both and it’s DISCOUNTED!

 Here is the link if you haven’t added this one to your pattern stash yet!

Apparently, you can’t have an awesome new Hacci Cardigan without an awesome new DBP shirt or dress to wear with it! I was lucky enough to get a perfect matched combo in my promo fabric this month and I fell in love with the colors! I will talk about my shirt more a little later this week so for now…

Eleanor Cardi, Jessie Dress, Easy Tee Hack SP fabrics (9)

Momma Mia loves the Jessie Dress, so I sewed her one to match her new Eleanor Cardigan. She has been asking for solid items for months so she can mix and match things. I have been dragging my feet, but I really am a busy sewist! We both need solids in our closets, but I don’t love sewing with solids. I am usually drawn to bright bold prints, but when you get a great color, it makes a difference! Speaking of great color, isn’t this Royal Blue awesome? Again, this one is from Stitchin’ Pretties! At first touch, I loved the weight of them DBP. It wasn’t a thin wimpy fabric that clings in all the places if you know what I mean! With my 3 yards of Kathleen, I received one yard of this Royal Blue and I knew I was going to need a lot more!! I can make myself a tank top from yard, but I need a little more for a proper shirt! I ordered 2 more yards and thanks to Laura’s super fast shipping, I received my fabric 2 days later! Don’t forget, I will talk about my shirt later this week!

Eleanor Cardi, Jessie Dress, Easy Tee Hack SP fabrics (4)

Back to the Jessie Dress…It recently got an update and now includes a full bust adjustment. I wanted to sew her a dress during the update, but ran out of time. I love that 5oo4 has been updating some of their pattern with this. It really it helpful and it really does save me the work! Momma Mia’s new dress has long sleeves and a scooped front neckline. I free hand cut this neckline as she didn’t want it at the normal “scoop” level. I just had to remeasure the opening and band that size of band for it. She never wants a scoop neck in the front. We planned to add the criss cross detailing that is normally at the back of Jessie to the front, but she liked this one as is. Her dress length was determined by the length on 1 yard of fabric I had. I cut her sleeves from the leftovers of my top.

Eleanor Cardi, Jessie Dress, Easy Tee Hack SP fabrics (11)

Here are all the options included with Jessie

  • 3 bodices: Regular, FBA and Maternity
  • 4 hem lengths: Top, Tunic, Short Dress, and Knee Length Dress Lengths
  • 5 Sleeve Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4, and Long
  • Multiple Back Options: High, Low Ballerina, Racerback Insert, and Strappy Back where your imagination is your only limitation!

 If you love the Jessie Pattern please shop my link. 

Let me give you a quick link recap here!

Stitchin’ Pretties – for all your fabric needs at great prices and FAST shipping!

Eleanor Cardigan

Jessie Top / Dress


This is my first blog post with photos from my NEW camera! Dang what a difference in quality and color! It will take me some time to figure it all out, but I am looking forward to learning! I am planning on taking a photography class in about 2 weeks and I really looking forward to it. I am super excited about the possibilities! What do you guys think? Better photos? Things are looking up!

Eleanor Cardi, Jessie Dress, Easy Tee Hack SP fabrics (3)

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Sleeve Hack Series #1 – Gathered Sleeves

BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (2)
Maggie has gotten a lot of love on my blog, but Melissa, the designer has been off living her best life for awhile. Good news though, she is back and drafting up a storm. I pulled out one of my most used Bella Sunshine Designs patterns for this series. A few months ago, I discovered that I really like tops with interesting sleeve details. I am working on putting together a series of shirt sleeve hacks to run right here, on my blog. Today, I am introducing you to my first one.
BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (7)
Let’s start with a reminder of the Maggie pattern. Maggie comes in a top, tunic, and dress lengths. I typically cut the tunic length as I prefer my shirts a little big longer. It comes with an included Full Bust Adjustment. There are 3 neckline options as well as 3 sleeve lengths! This version is a tunic, adjusted sleeves with a scoop neckline and pairs perfectly with leggings. I sewed a 24 bust graded to a 28 waist. Bella Sunshine Designs includes sizing up to 30.
BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (1)
Here are some of my previous Maggies.
BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (5)
This fabric is a beautiful new release from Amelia Lane Designs. It is called Dulce and is on new sale as it debuts. It is a double brushed poly and the colors are absolutely beautiful. You can pick the fabric up here. ALD has great quality fabrics and a wide variety of fabric bases. Also, super fast shipping, which is what is very important to me as a customer.
BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (3)
Maggie sews up quickly, but since this is the kick off to my Sleeve Hack Series, we are switching it up a bit. For starters, we are creating a gathered sleeve. Basically, I am going to show you how to use elastic to draw your sleeve up and create a new look. Sometimes, even simple changes make for a big impact.  For this top, I printed the 3/4 sleeve length even though I only planned to do about an elbow length sleeve. The reason I went ahead and printed the extra length is so I didn’t have to redraft any of the arm even though I wanted a longer than short length. I measured about 2.5 inches down from the length of the short sleeve. I knew that adding the elastic would draw the sleeve up a bit and I didn’t want the sleeves to be too short.  As always with Bella Sunshine Designs, I needed a Full Bicep Adjustment. I have talked about them many times on my blog and have a little video here if you aren’t sure how to do them.
BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (6)
Another new thing I am trying for my blog is more videos!! I am by no means a professional, but I think this gives you a better idea of what you should do. I think a lot of the time just seeing what is happening is helpful. I have recently created a Youtube Channel for my sewing stuff so feel free to like and follow it so you don’t miss any uploads.
BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (8)
Here is the embedded video from my YouTube Channel. Please feel free to give me a follow and a share!


Easy enough, correct? I love the slightly gathered sleeve and hope you do also!

Do you need to add the Maggie top to your collection? Here are some links for ya!

  • Ladies pattern. Sizes 0-30. Click here 
  • Bundle includes ladies and women’s pattern. Click here
  • Girls pattern. Sizes 6m – 12. Click here.

BSD Maggie Sleeve Hack Series 1 (4)

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Delicious Dress

The Delicious Dress is kinda Delicious actually. This is the first dress released from Red Apple Sewing and is the follow up to the Apple Core Tee. This is a custom Made to Measurements Pattern!

delicious dress 1

So what makes this dress special? It is drafted to your exact measurements.

Do you typically make a full bust adjustment? Not with this pattern! Do you need a bicep adjustment? Not with this pattern! Are you shorter or taller? This pattern will be made to your exact numbers. I save precious time since it is drafted just for me!

delicious dress 5

So let’s talk about the pattern. Bust darts have been places to cinch in your curves just enough. I whine about sewing darts on any pattern, but honestly they go in quickly and easily and there are only 2 so it doesn’t take long at all. It is worth it in the end when they perfectly hug my curves. The back bodice and A line skirt features a seam down the back for additional contouring. You can choose to sew without the seam if you like.

delicious dress 2

This fabric is Double Brushed Poly that I think I got from Sew Blessed Fabrics. Last year I got this exact print and made another garment. I loved it so much, I needed more! I used about 2 yards for this dress.

delicious dress 7

In the spirit of #Breakallthedamnrules I added a multi colored scarf. Have you played along with me? I am really having a lot of fun mixing up my closet to make some great stuff! I stole this scarf from Momma Mia’s. Accessories are a great way to add some color and interest to any outfit. Make sure you tag me on Facebook and Instagram so I can see your makes! #Sequoialynnsews and #Breakallthedamnrules. Did you see my current raffle? Here is the link to join!

So if you love this pattern, want a perfect custom fit, or need and easy to sew girlie dress- head over to Red Apple Sewing and pick it up while it is on sale for $5.00. This is half price folks!!

Here is the link

Did you join in on the $20 shop credit from Bella Sunshine Designs yet? Don’t forget to go back to this post and click the raffle!


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Dashing Dress

I sewed this up a few months ago, then took a brief hiatus from blogville. I am back and feeling rejuvenated! This is the Dashing Dress from Ellie and Mac and it updated when I was taking pics! It has now expanded into the 5x size range which is wonderful! I sewed the 4x bust graded to a 5x waist. I did a full bicep adjustment as well. You can view my recent blog post at Ellie and Mac blog to see a Step by Step tutorial of how to do this or watch my video here.


EAM Dashing Dress 2

I am wearing the square collar, knee length dress with long sleeves. This is the circle skirt option, not the gathered option. The next time I make this dress, I will raise my waistline up a bit so that it hits at a more flattering spot. I am only 5’1 so this would be a typical height adjustment to make. Ellie and Mac drafts for 5’5′, I believe. This dress has a major twirl factor if you are a twirling kind of gal!

EAM Dashing Dress 4

This pattern features:

**Fitted Bodice ** Two Collar Styles ** Two Sleeve Options Sleeveless Option ** Circle Skirt or Gathered Skirt Options ** Tunic, Mid-Thigh, or Knee Length Options**

EAM Dashing Dress

I picked this print up at Sly Fox Fabrics and I love the wild funky color and print combo. This print is called Charisma and it is Rayon Spandex. This print is no longer listed, but they have a ton of other amazing prints! I love that they ship within 24 hours! Not too many companies have that short of a turn around time. Also flat rate shipping!!! $6.99 for any order in the US!!

EAM Dashing Dress 3

You can pick up your copy of the Dashing Dress via my link here. Don’t forget it comes in sizes XXS-5X!


Also did you sign up for the House of Curves #Breakallthedamnrules raffle??? Click here the scroll to the bottom of my post to join!! There is a $25.00 shop credit to Ellie and Mac on the line!

Ellie and Mac

Stay tuned right here, I am about to hack this dress and mix it up with another print!!! SAY WHAT?

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Blogger Collab BLACK

HOC #Breakallthedamrules Week 2

Blogger Collab BLACK

First off, Congrats to Laurie Roberts! She was the winner of the $20 credit to Stitchin’ Pretties and has already contacted me. Thank you again, Stitchin’ Pretties for donating our first prize!


$25 Store Credit to Ellie and Mac! 

Ellie and Mac

You will find the raffle at the bottom of this post, but first, enjoy my third post from the #breakallthedamrules series! Are you joining in? What have you made??

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan (2)

How fun is this combo? This is one of those outfits where my mom said, “It looks ok, for you.” 🙂 So first off, this shirt! This gorgeous peplum is my absolute fabric pattern when I make it in Liverpool! I love the structured look of it. This Liverpool print is from Stitchin’ Pretties! There big sale is still going on for about one more week. I have made several other Gloria Tops and you can see them here.

This is Gloria from 5oo4. You can pick up the pattern here! 

This is loaded with options!

  • Regular Bodice and 1″ FBA Bodice pieces.
  • Peplum, Short or Long Skater Skirt Lengths
  • Peplum, Short or Long Hi Lo Skirt Lengths (with instructions on how to combine for a more dramatic Hi Lo effect)
  • Traditional Sleeve with 5 Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4 and Long
  • Split Sleeve with 4 Lengths: Short, Elbow, 3/4 and Long
  • 2 Neckline Options: High or Low Scoop
  • Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial section
  • Instructions on making the Gloria skirts without the bodice or adding a Circle Skirt to the Gloria bodice

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan (3)

This amazing cardigan is the Ladies Circle Cardi from Rebecca Page. Here is the link. First off, don’t let the looks of this pattern laid out on paper freak you out when you see it. It looks a little weird, but it works out. Because I sew in the largest size offered, I wasn’t able to cut my pattern on the fold. If you look super close, you can see I have a seam down the back. I worked hard to match it up! Anyhow, I love this. I actually wore it twice in the last couple days. This fabric is a Hacci from Fabric Mart. I picked it up months ago at a super discount price! I have made the short length, hemmed, and 3/4 sleeves. Here are all the pattern options:

  • 2 length options (short or long),
  • 3 hem options (plain, band or ruffle)
  • 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, Âľ and full length).

5oo4 gloria and rp circle cardigan

So let’s talk about why the prints work:

They are both super fun prints. Even though the both have crazy zig-zag stripes they are just different enough to stand apart. The common color between them, Black, helps pull them together. Imagine if the blue and black remained the same color, but the cardigan changes to white and green. This would give it a totally different look and throws off the color balance. Three’s company, Four’s a crowd. 🙂

So give it a try folks!

Don’t forget to to share your makes on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #Breakallthedamnrules


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!



Quiltville Mystery Link up #5

Five clues are in the basket! Finally, both Momma Mia and I are caught up. This is a first since the mystery began. We are both learning new things as well as improving our accuracy. We are using some of the same tools and some not, but in the end we have both worked on our own quilts and both helped each other. We are building memories.

She finished her clue 5 first because with about 20 to go, I needed to sleep. She used Bonnie’s colors and they are looking great!


After she finished all her blocks and I was working on mine, she counted all her pieces and parts and determined she was on track save for a few half square bonus triangles. She used the Strip Tube Ruler and knocked them out fairly quickly.

I finished my Clue 5 and then began my counting. I needed 15 more half Chevrons and 31 bonus HST’s. I put them both in my picture because “Why not?” I am using Purple in place of the Blue and used Aqua in place of Bonnie’s Green.


Are any of my readers following along with the Quiltville Mystery? We are having so much fun. Here is a link back to Quiltville where you can get all the details!

Also in other Sequoialynnsews News:

#Sewinthenewyear is coming and I am a host for the Eastern Time Zone! Give me a follow here and on Instagram for your chance to win tons of amazing prizes from patterns to fabric, sewing classes to tools! Trust me you don’t want to miss out!

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Quiltville Mystery Link Up

Did anyone join in on the fun this week? Momma Mia did over my way. I think she is determined to get caught up with me. I need to hide her fabric or something. 🙂

So today I am sharing two pics. I am almost done with the first three clues. I need to fill in for a few random half square triangles that were out of range for ‘fudging it” to make them work and also some half chevron units. For the record, all of my chevrons tilt the wrong directions. Oops!

I switched the dark blues for purples and the greens for aqua.


Momma Mia wrapped up her four patches including a pile of extras for me because I was had some wonky ones. we forced ourselves to stay up a few nights ago to push through as we were so close. 🙂 She is sticking to the original color plan. She has done a ton of cutting for clues 2 and 3.


Today, I forced her to take a break and clean up. I was on quilting overload as it was taking over ever flat surface. 🙂 We are back in business now. Who else is sewing along? Here is a link back to Bonnie Hunter and Quiltville where you can find all the info.

Stay tuned for a few other sewing projects including more Dino Shirts, a new dress for Momma Mia, and someone is getting a quilt for Christmas too!


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