Love Notions Update – Luna

Another updated Love Notions pattern is on the site. More inclusive sizing for an old favorite. I had never made the Luna Loungewear Nighty because it wasn’t in my size range. Now it is and I am so excited to have this one to my closet and pattern library.  I love that it is sew versatile and includes 5 different options so you can make exactly what you need.

Here is the list. 🙂  

  • Meant for knit and woven fabrics
  • 5 pieces: Cami, knee-length nighty, shelf bra/bralette, shorts and capris
  • Full bust option
  • Optional shelf bra
  • Optional side seam pockets

Sizes: XS-5X (See Size Charts here)

 I decided on making the nightie option of the pattern. I really didn’t need any pjs, but this is also the perfect summer sun dress. The easiest way to make that happen is fabric choice. If you don’t want something to look like pajamas, don’t use fabric that looks like pajamas. 🙂 Easy enough!  I picked this heavier weight double brushed poly from the Jessica Cee collection. 😉 If you know me at all, I love all the floral prints so this was an easy choice. The white background is a step out of my comfort zone, but it is perfect for summer. 

I used wide width fold over elastic for my binding. This way I can cover my bra straps. 🙂 I was able to find FOE at Hobby Lobby in the spool trim section half price a few weeks ago for 50% off so I stocked up. 🙂 I do love a bargain!

If you would like to give the Luna Pattern a try, it is on sale for only $5 today! That is basically 1 buck for each pattern piece. 🙂

Here is my afflink for the Luna Loungewear

Use code SEQUOIA10 for extra savings. 🙂

The Fitting Experiment – Leggings for Days!

Welcome to September and our next round of The Fitting Experiment. This time we are looking at the fit of a few pair of leggings. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a discount code and links to all the other bloggers in The Fitting Experiment!

The rules for this round was easy. 1. Make the two pair of leggings that the group voted to try out. 2. Pick one additional pair that you want to try.

My final leggings are as follows

Eden Leggings from Bella Sunshine Designs – My Choice

G.O.A.T. Leggings from Rad -Group Vote

20K Leggings from Max and Meena -Group Vote

1. BSD – Eden 2. RAD G.O.A.T 3. Max and Meena 20K

My initial thoughts:

I have sewn the Eden Leggings from Bella Sunshine Designs, I was actually part of testing them. This was about 2 years ago when I first began sewing. I made 3 pair during testing and will honestly admit that I haven’t worn any of the leggings since. While they fit ok, they got saggy around my knees when walking around in them and I had a fairly limited fabric stash back then, so I made some bold leggings without many options to wear with them! 🙂

I was nervous about the RAD G.O.A.T leggings since I have struggled with nailing the fit on the few other patterns of theirs I have tried. I also know that when these released people went nuts for them, so I was willing to give them a go.

The 20K leggings hadn’t even been on my radar since I didn’t even know they were drafted in my size range. To be fair, several other bloggers in our experiment had never tried their patterns so we were all pretty eager to give them a go.

Up First Bella Sunshine Designs Eden leggings retails for $14.oo, BUT there is a code to get them for FREE in their Facebook group! This leggings sew up quickly.

  • Yoga Waistband for the Ultimate in Comfort
  • 3 Rise Options: Super High Rise, High Rise, Mid Rise
  • 2 Lengths: Capri & Pant
  • Sewing Level: Absolute Beginner
  • Sizes: Ladies 0-30
  • Up to a 59.75 inch hip

I sewed up the High Rise in pant length. I also did a full belly adjustment, as I do this with most pant patterns. I graded a size 28 waist to 22 in the legs. Still a little saggy in the knee area. As far as height adjusting, I removed 1 inch above the knee, 1 inch from the above hip area. Looking back I don’t know why I did it from the hip area, I need more, not less fabric there. I should have removed it from the legs. After assembly my leggings were still crazy long on me. I cut off an extra 5 inches off the length because they covered my toes.

Let’s talk about the RAD pattern next. G.O.A.T stands for Greatest of All Time, by the way. This pattern retails for $10.00 US. My first thought was this pattern consists of a lot of pieces for leggings. I believe that magic number was 12 pieces. Leggings are usually less than 5 pieces sometimes only 3 pieces. I appreciated that this pattern is easily color blocked and has POCKETS! I figured with doing all these pattern pieces, I am adding the dang pockets! I sewed the 3x waist graded to the 2x hips and legs. This pattern is inclusive to a 70 inch hips which is RAD’s 7x. I adjusted for my 5’1 height by removing length from 2 places, above and below the knee. I appreciated that the RAD pattern suggested adding elastic to the waistband during assembly. I almost always need it and was glad they reminded me to do during construction.

Pattern Options:

Features a high waist and a long, 7/8, 3/4, or capri length option. There are also optional side pockets that are made to fit even a larger phone, while keeping it secure. This pattern is drafted for a height of 5’7.

Max and Meena 20K leggings. This pattern retails for $5.95, but the Facebook group has a code to get it for FREE! Something different with Max and Meena patterns is that your pattern gets emailed to you instead of logging into an account to get it. This is a super fast sew with only 3 pattern pieces with the basic leggings pattern. I sewed up the regular length with the regular waist band. I didn’t adjust for height since the inseam is given at 29 inches. Mine is 27.5 and the pattern warned if you have larger calves, it may shorten the length a bit. So I have large calves for sure, so no adjustment for the height. I used Double Brushed Poly for my leggings.

The 20K Leggings have three lengths: short, capri, and regular length. Three waistband options: regular waistband, cross over maternity band, and waistband with built in pocket.The pattern has a generous size range from Misses XS-XL and Women’s 1X-5X.You will need 1 1/4- 1 1/2 yards of cotton lycra or similar 4-way stretch knits to make a full length pair of leggings. I sewed the regular length with the regular waistband.

1. BSD 2. RAD 3. Max and Meena

My After Fitting Thoughts:

All 3 of my legging have wrinkling at the knees so obviously this is a personal fit issue.

BSD – Eden leggings were quick to make and comfortable to wear. I used double brushed poly for this pair. For a quick sew, this fit the bill on expectations. This is a basic, no frills pair of legging which is great for laying around the house or even pairing under a dress with boots.

RAD’s GOAT leggings really shocked me – in the best possible way. Even though these were by far the most time consuming to sew, they were well worth it. The fit is great. They are fitted, but not overly tight. The added elastic keeps them secure and they didn’t require adjusting while wearing. I love that I was able to use scraps to make this pattern as the legs were made from a front, back, and side panel instead of the entire leg pattern being one solid piece. Plus there is a POCKET! Now I need them in a solid, non color blocked version!

Max and Meena’s 20K legging is another simple legging. Super fast sew. I made my first pair in Double Brushed Poly, but they were painfully tight. I decided to give them another go and did a full belly adjustment as I am at the top of their size chart in waist measurements and went up one size in the legs. My second pair is still tight in the belly area while it is wrinkled in the back of the thigh area and I noticed the fabric became very see through when stretched while I moved. These will be around the house leggings or leggings for layering. With more adjusting, these leggings could work for me.

1. BSD 2. RAD 3. Max and Meena

Huge thank you to RAD Patterns for sponsoring this month’s experiment by providing us with the G.O.A.T. leggings (Greatest of all time). Stephanie has kindly provided a discount for you to try the G.O.A.T. pattern, available in the announcements of Friends of the Fitting Experiment. Check out the group to see how others made out with the leggings. You can also visit the bloggers for their full review by following the links below:

This blog contains affilate links.

The Fitting Experiment – Brooklyn Top and Bahama Bottoms

The Fitting Experiment

Episode 3

Brooklyn Top and Bahama Bottoms

Hi Readers! We are back with two patterns today! Sonia Estep Designs was generous enough to offer The Fitting Experiment two patterns so we could make outfits this round! This is the first time I have sewn a pattern from Sonia so I was looking forward to trying them out. I am embarrassed to admit, I didn’t realize that SED was so size inclusive.  I SED Brooklyn and Bahama FE (4)was impressed with the generous size range and I am happy to report all of my measurements were on the chart! Thank You. I was also pleasantly shocked that my upper and full bust were actually in the same size. This means I didn’t need to do a full bust adjustment before I began. 🙂

Let me also take a minute to point out that both of these patterns included multi formats for printing included overlap or edge to edge trimless pages and project files! The pattern tutorials included step by step photos that were easy to read and understand.

Let’s talk about the Brooklyn Top first.

My Adjustments: I added 2.5 inches for length. This shirt comes in top length, which means it ends at the high hip area. This is my “problem” area. I like it covered. I wear everything at tunic length because I  feel better about things at this length. I also adjusted the bicep of the Dolman sleeve by 1.5 inches. This is normal for me. Keep in mind that if you adjust the sleeve portion of the bodice, you will also need to adjust the “Long Sleeve” pattern piece so that they fit. I ended up shortening the sleeve 3/4 of an inch, but really could have done about 1 1/4 inches. I made note of this one my pattern piece for the SED Brooklyn and Bahama FE (1)future. I also added an extra button. I usually have issues with shirts gaping open when the front has buttons, so this was me being proactive. No gaping issues! 

When I cut and sewed this top, I made it with the knot. I wanted it to work, I wanted it to be cute, but the fact is, my body doesn’t need a knot standing out on my belly. I ended up cutting the knot tails off and hemming it straight across. Much better. Overall I really like the style of this top. It is cute and fun. I would totally make another one. I think I need a floral version! I sewed a 30/30/28.

Brooklyn Top- Details

Sizes included are Women’s 00-30 (sizing & measurement chart are included in the listing).

Options included:

  • Tank
  • Short Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve
  • Straight No Tie Hem
  • Tie Front
  • Curved Back Hem
  • Straight Back Hem

Now let’s talk about the Bahama Bottoms

This pattern also is drafted for both knit or a lightweight woven fabric. I selected a knit, possibly a cotton jersey, but I really am not sure. I don’t even know where this fabric came from. 🙂

My Adjustment: I made the shorts version because I like to wear shorts around the house. This pattern includes 3 lengths of shorts as well as pants. I picked the longest SED Brooklyn and Bahama FE (2)shorts length (8 inches) then shortened it by one inch. I also did a full belly adjustment before cutting the pattern. From experience I know if I go by my hip measurement, my bottoms will be way to big in the hips and booty. This happens because my weight is carried mostly in my belly area so I need to make adjustment to a correct this. I did a 1.5 inch adjustment and sized down 2 sizes. This type of shorts isn’t super flattering on my body, but these are definitely lounge around the house worthy. In the future, I would need to either lengthen to rise a bit or not do the double turn down like the pattern instructs. Also my fabric is a little thick which caused the elastic waist band to get a little bulky. Lesson learned! I sewed a 26 waist with a full belly adjustment graded to a 22 hip.  SED Brooklyn and Bahama FE (3)

As a bonus, the website includes this download for getting a great fit on pants. You will want to check it out.

Sizes included are Women’s 00-30 (sizing & measurement chart are included in the listing).

Options include drawstring

Four inseam lengths

Front patch pockets and back patch pockets with flap.



Formats included are Edge to Edge 8.5 x 11, Edge to Edge A4, Overlap 8.5 x 11, Overlap A4, A0, and Projector File.

All formats come with the layers feature, allowing you to print only the size(s) you need. Need help printing or assembling your pattern? Click HERE to see how to do both!

Overall these were both easy sews that were drafted nicely. If you would like to give either of of this patterns a go, here are your links!

The Brooklyn Top

The Bahama Bottoms


Spreading Our Social Media Wings

** We heard your requests and have started a Facebook group for everyone to join and follow along! We are adding albums for a current and previous makes and getting it going, but we would love for you to join us. FRIENDS OF THE FITTING EXPERIMENT**

Thank you to Sonia Estep Designs for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment creators with patterns. Please check out others’ makes:

Candy Pants

Psst I am sharing pants again…Candy Pants!!! I told you, I am on a mission for the perfect fit. These pants are pretty much awesome sauce out of the gate! For both pairs I made, I used the yoga pants pattern which is a little wider in the leg than the leggings options. Oh wait! Did I say options?!?! How about we switch things up here and start with all the options. We know 5oo4 always loads up on the options!
Women's Candy Pants 5oo4 4x (1)
The Candy Yoga Pants and Leggings is a PDF sewing pattern that includes:
  • Women’s sizes XXS – 5XL
  • Yoga Pants or Leggings
  • Solid or Colorblocked versions for both yoga pants and leggings
  • Optional side pockets (to be used with the colorblocked version)
  • 7 Lengths: 2″, 5″ and 7″ shorts, pedal pusher, capri, ankle and long
  • 4 rises: High, Mid, Low and Extra Low/Maternity
  • Regular waistband options include exposed elastic, regular knit, foldover yoga band and contour
  • Maternity waistband options include full overbelly panel, contour, regular knit and foldover yoga band
  • Full, half or no gusset options
  • Check out this YouTube video of all of our testers’ versions!
For my fit test pants, I made the 4x waist with the legs graded down to the 3x. I found the legs a little snug for a yoga pant. I think in testing I told Rachelle that “they gets stuck on my legs.” LOL meaning the were a little clingy at my knee and calf. You can see in the side by side photos that the black with rust floral print is a bit weird at my knee and calf compared to the navy with colorful floral print. Ahh improving my pants fitting game. This is why we do a muslin, so we know what works, what needs improved, and how to best good our good fabric.

I chose to use the full gusset for both pair of pants. A gusset in pants is added for a little extra room in the crotch. Usually a full gusset is used in athletic pants so there is a little more room for doing squats and stuff. 🙂 I just don’t like tight fitting anything! This pattern can be made with a full, without the gusset or with a half gusset. The first time I botched a gusset was another 5oo4 pattern. The Rip Tide Shorts. They worked out fine, but after watching the video in the pattern, I did it right the first time!
Women's Candy Pants 5oo4 4x (8)
These pants turned out super comfy and I will need to add a bunch of them to my closet as well as some shorts for wearing under all my dresses. By the way, did I tell you how quickly these came together. No outside leg seam makes them super speedy and one less annoyance for folks with sensory issues.
Women's Candy Pants 5oo4 4x (3)
I *Think* the black with rust flower print is from Sew Blessed and the Navy with colorful ones is from Ksews. Both companies have loads of great deals, quick shipments and are lovely with customer service.
You can pick up the Candy pants here.
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Momma Mia is all 5oo4

Just sharing a new outfit I made Momma Mia. A few weeks ago she was heading south and knew it was going to be super hot! She wanted a couple of tank tops to keep her cool and a new pair of comfy pants to wear on the trip! Digging into her fabric stash, I keep it with mine, I found this pretty pink plaid and floral combo. We had ordered in late last year and only one yard. I knew it would be prefect for her new top!

Molly and Virginia (1)

This tank is Virginia, I know that it is shocking to my readers, but it really is my favorite tank top! I have a secret though, something new is coming to the mix really soon! This time I added 2 inches to the overall length to provide the coverage she wants! She is wearing an XL graded to XXL. This is the higher neckline option and this double brushed poly is from Sly Fox Fabrics. This pattern sews so easily and quickly! I really to love it. I can’t stress it enough. If you don’t have it in your 5oo4 library, why the heck not?

Molly and Virginia (2) Did you realize this Tank top with optional built-in bra pattern also has an included skirt?!

  • Separate full bust adjustment (FBA) pattern pieces for the tank and bra
  • Knee length or Maxi length skirt
  • Skirt can be made from woven or knit fabric
  • Tank top has two neckline options in the front and two neckline options in the back
  • Dress can be made with knit waistband or elastic casing
  • Maternity option
  • Pockets!
  • Sizes XXS-5XL
  • Matching girls’ option! Check out the Girls’ Virginia Tank & Maxi and get 10% off when you buy both patterns at once!

Today is the last day of the 30% off Summer Sale at 5 out of 4 patterns!!

Molly and Virginia (4)
When my hair is wind blown, it stands straight up! Why can’t I have this look?

Time for the pants! For these pants I used the Molly PJs as a base. Since I made them back in the late fall, I knew how they fit and she knew what she wanted to adjust so they were a little less “Pajama” like. First, we slimmed down the legs to a small from a medium waist. I also used the cut line for the size small for the front crotch curve to reduce a little bit of fabric excess there. I used the elastic waist option here and I removed several inches of length as well. Not to self: A little too much. In fitting pants, Momma Mia wants them high rise and not too tight on her belly. When you make your own clothing (or your daughter makes them :)) you can get exactly what you want.

Molly and Virginia (3)

Here are the pattern options that come with Molly PJ set! Yes there is also a shirt!

The Molly Women’s Pajama Set PDF sewing pattern includes the following:

  • Short or Long Sleeve Top lengths
  • Optional Long Sleeve Cuffs
  • Shorts or Pants Lengths
  • Knit Waistband or Elastic Waistband
  • Optional Pants Cuffs
  • Optional Bum Panel to show off your creativeness

Don’t forget!!! This is the LAST DAY for 30% off at 5 out of 4 patterns!!!

The solid DBP is also from Sly Fox Fabrics and it is called slate.


You can follow all of my sewing adventures through the links below!

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DIBY- Stevie Jumpsuit / Romper

I know it was just a few days ago when I said I don’t wear rompers. Has it even been a week? At the last minute, Jessica at the DIBY club asked me to join in for a romper test. I agreed because she works very hard to be super inclusive for the plus size body. Her sizes go up to a DIBY size 36 which is several sizes past me. In most sewing groups, I do sew near or at the top of their size charts. Companies all have different size ranges and and none of them compare to clothing you buy at the store. 
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (3)
So let’s talk about the Stevie Jumpsuit! I planned to make the most basic jumpsuit. I made the shorts pattern for the pants. Again because it was so last minute, I omitted the pockets and the waist tie sash. When I tried on my suit and it fit so well, I was immediately annoyed at my own laziness and wished I would have done both!
In addition to the shorts, there is an option to do a loose fit pant or a slimmed leg that gathers at an ankle cuff. Honestly, I love that look and am thinking of making those pants!   Actually, I am already thinking of making them as pants and not attached to the jumpsuit!
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (1)
 This is the only style for the bodice, but it is so cute, I am ok with it. The loose V shaped neck line is easy to achieve! My sleeves required a 1.5 inch bicep adjustment. I think a 2 inch adjustment would have made this a little easier to slip on and off. I will remember for the next time. I also added 2 inches to the bodice length to get some more room. I would I would have added maybe 2 more and removed a bit from the height of the shorts. It is very important when making a romper that you measure and account for the trunk measurement. No one wants a wedgie! I like to let my readers know how I adjust the patterns to fit me. It is normal to make adjustments, that is why our clothes fit so well. A good reason I began blogging is so I would have a personal journal of what I am making, how I am adjusting, and what I should do for the next time I make a pattern.
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (6)
This fabric is double brushed poly and I picked it up at a fabric warehouse in Amish Country. I do happen to know that Stitchin’ Pretties carries this same print in an Aqua and orange colorway that is absolutely amazing. The print is called Annella and you can pick it up here! I have some of it in my stash already and may use some of it on a test that I just joined! Stitchin’ Pretties always has amazing sales and super fast deliveries! I highly recommend them!
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (8)
When I took my new Stevie over to my mom’s to get some pictures for you, I realized I had forgotten my swim suit at home. No worries, into the pool I went! PSA: I don’t suggest using double brushed poly for normal swimming as it has zero support, clingy as heck and honestly, I am not sure how well it will hold up to Chlorine! Do as I say, not as I do. I would be 100% ok with slimming these shorts down and making a body swimsuit!! I can see vintage style bathing suits in my future!
Are you ready to pick up this pattern? I thank you for using my affiliate link. This just means I receive a small commission from the designer for testing and sharing.
DIBY Stevie 30 graded to 26 (7)

Copy Cat – 12 looks, 1 pattern, no repeats – April

Can you believe we are already 6 months into this year? Time is zipping by way too quickly for me.  I am back with another round of the Copy Cat Series. In case you are just tuning in, I am copying Stephanie from The Sarcastic Sewist. She is using the Diane Jogger pattern from the 5 out of 4 pattern company and hacking it to make 12 different looks. I am totally copying her and blogging about the journey.

Copy Cat FT Diane Shorts (6) - Copy

For April, she made shorts! I think it was still snowing here in April, but now that June has arrived and it is toasty warm between the rain showers. I used the Diane Joggers which are now my most used pants pattern to make these shorts. I don’t wear shorts very often and if I do it is around the house. Maybe if I start making shorts as cute as these, I will start wearing them out and about.

Copy Cat FT Diane Shorts (4) - Copy

So this round, I used French Terry. You may notice this print looks a whole lot like the first pair of Diane’s I made in January! You would be correct. This is a different colorway and I honestly didn’t even notice until my shipment arrived on my doorstep! I was distracted by the awesome golden mustard shade of the fabric. It was pretty and soft and FT is super easy to sew. I picked this fabric up at Stitchin’ Pretties and it is called Maisie. I love that they are ninja fast on the shipping and run tons of great sales! Speaking of sales…30% off EVERYTHING right now. Join the Stitchin’ Pretties Facebook group for the code. Also Laura is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the company so loads of good stuff coming!

Copy Cat FT Diane Shorts (7) - Copy

So for my shorts I made a size 4x in the waist and graded to a 3x.  I am finally super happy with my fit and do not require elastic in the band to keep them up. This is the first pair I made that I didn’t need to slim down the legs. I added 2 inches to length to give myself room to roll and hem. I folded my shorts to the inside which is opposite of what Stephanie did. Again, I added front inside pockets instead of the original patch pockets included with the pattern.

Copy Cat FT Diane Shorts (2) - Copy

I styled my new Diane Joggers with summer in mind. Tank top, sandals, flashy jewelry and a high pony tail! Kinda a fun look if you ask me!


Here are the details for the Diane Joggers. These are included, but don’t forget all the fun hacks!

Women’s Sizes XXS – 5X plus all these options

  • 3 rise heights (low/maternity, mid, and high)
  • Shorts, Capri, and Long cut lengths
  • 4 leg finishes – cuffed, hemmed, drawstring, or elastic
  • Information for both hemming and using bands (hello no hemming!)
  • 6 waistband options – Encased elastic, drawstring, Knit, Yoga Foldover, Contour, Maternity (underbelly)

Do you need to have this pattern in your wardrobe RIGHT NOW?? Here is a link for that!

Copy Cat FT Diane Shorts (5) - Copy

You have already seen this tank several times. I do love my Virginia Tanks!! Here is an entire collage of Momma Mia and I  wearing forms of the Virginia Pattern in the past year. I do love it very much!  Plus I just delivered a new one to Momma Mia Last night! Here is the link to buy it yourself!


Stay tuned right here because my next post is going to be a picture guide to making yourself some of these amazing pockets!

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Molly PJ’s

5oo4 Molly 4x-5x (10)

Sorry guys!! I have been MIA for awhile. I have missed sewing and I have really missed writing and sharing with all of you. I have about 6 items I need to share, but I am starting with the Molly PJ’s! Two reasons- The pattern is on sale today and the fabric is on sale too!

5oo4 Molly 4x-5x (12)

The thing is, Molly is the women’s version, but there is also patterns for Men and kiddos. Finally, the entire family gets to match! I even made a doggy sweater! Sadly, there isn’t a pattern for the pups.

So Momma Mia got roped into another photo session with me. She loves her PJs though and we look awesome! Tasha, Chico, and Star aren’t too bad either. 5oo4 Molly 4x-5x (1)

I graded between a 4x and 5x for my bodice and used 4x for the bottoms. For my top, I added 3 inches to the length because I can’t stand shirts that end above my belly. I used the bodice with the FBA included in the pattern. I added 1 inch to the bicep using my favorite bicep adjustment technique. You can view my video here.  I made a muslin to fit test my bottoms. I used a DBP for them as well. It is important to test fit new garments. When you do this, you should use fabric with a similar stretch. I did a 4x with a belly adjustment, but it wasn’t needed since DBP is pretty stretchy. The bottoms were a little more roomy than I wanted so for these photos I am wearing a straight 4x no adjustments. I used the elastic waistband since DBP doesn’t have strong enough recovery for the yoga band which was my other option. I removed several inches from the inseam as my inseam measures 27.5 inches.


I made my mom the same options in an XL graded to a XXL. She has the FBA bodice on which saved me the trouble of doing that adjustment. Her pants are size medium. I added 1.5 inches to her top length and removed several inches from her inseam. We both are wearing a short sleeve top with the pants for our bottoms. I made an elastic waistband for her as well.

Other options you can use: Long or Short Sleeve (and a separate FBA Bodice piece!), Shorts or Pants, Cuffs, Elastic or Knit Waistband (AND and optional Bum Panel)

Even though this shirt is labeled as PJ’s, I wanted you see that you can clearly wear this shirt out and about. I got tricked into placing a few Christmas bulbs on the front bushes as I was having my pictures taken.


OK, let’s talk about this fabric now!! Holy Puppy Dogs!! How cute it this print? I love the softness of DBP and the print is adorable. I will not admit to buy 8 yards of this print, and you can’t make me! Stitchin Pretties has a sale happening if you check it out now!!! Don’t forget Stitchin’ Pretties ships within 24 hours during the week!

Here is the link to the Puppy Dog print.



Here is the link to the Molly Pattern.

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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!

Lola Bottoms

If you are going to make some amazing pants- Make them in snake skin print!

5oo4 Lola 4X 8

These are the Lola Pants from 5oo4 patterns. A high rise, wide leg pant that is so popular this fall. The Lola will become your new favorite pant, but they can also be your favorite capris or shorts. I sewed up my fit muslin in a woven fabric to make sure the fit was spot on. These pants are drafted to be made for a very fluid woven fabric or a lightweight knit.

5oo4 Lola 4X 1

Here I am wearing a size 4 x. I did a fully belly adjustment. I honestly could have probably used a 3x with a belly adjustment because this knit is so stretchy. I would recommend doing a fit muslin with a similar fabric to what you plan to use for your finished piece. Pants can be tricky to fit so I suggest you do a muslin. This is a single brushed poly from Sly Fox. I love it, I wanted a dress made out of it, but since these are such great pants I am happy with them too! Here is the link to the fabric.

Copy of 5oo4_Lola_Pants_Size4XL(1)

In typical 5oo4 fashion there are loads of options with these pants.

  • Pants, Capris or Shorts
  • Belt Loops and Waist Tie Belt
  • Pockets
  • Woven or knit construction

I didn’t create belt loops or tie belt because I knew I wanted to pair my Lola’s with an extra wide belt. I am sort of obsessed with this belt lately!

Showing it with and without a sweater! Looks great for a variety of seasons which is perfect for Ohio.

Do you love Lola too? Here is the link to the ladies pattern. It is on sale for $7.95 right now!

I suggest any of more fitted tops from 5oo4 to wear with your Lola’s. I am kinda dreaming of making a Jessie in red Liverpool to wear with mine! Here are a few other Jessie’s I have made.


SFFPromo 5oo4Jessie (10)Here


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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!


I know you guys have heard all the rumors, “The rompers are coming! The rompers are coming!” Well, The Rompers are here…just not on my blog…because I prefer separates! I made a mix of tops and bottoms and they all come with the 5oo4 Stella ROMPER pattern! So here we go…

First up – Flounce Top with optional straps! What is not to love about this??

5oo4 Stella 5x 9

This is my favorite, I love animal prints!! I got this one from last year in a clearance sale. 🙂

Next up – cami top, baby! I think a lot of people can relate to wearing cami tops. I love them under tops all year long. For an extra layer in fall; for extra warmth in winter. Spring and Summer – they are great when the weatherman can’t decide how to dress. The best part of making your own, choosing the length! I like my shirts long. 🙂 This cami is long…I like this cami! I am wearing it as I type.

This fabric is Cotton Lycra which I scored in someone’s major destash! Her loss, My gain!

Next item on my list…Shorts!!! Say, What? Yep, Shorts! Shorts with amazing pockets!

5oo4 Stella 5x 12

These awesome shorts are made with scuba from Iamsewblessed. Ms. Rosa sent me these roses as a sample when I asked what the heck does Scuba feel like and what would I make with it? 🙂 Shorts, make all the shorts! Make shorts with pockets.

I would buy this pattern simply because there are pockets in the shorts and they look good!!! I hemmed my shorts, but you can band them if you prefer.

After all this sewing, I am ready to relax… in.. my.. brand.. new.. PJs!!! (insert your best Price is Right voice here)

Super Soft, Ultra Comfy sleep set! If I wasn’t as pale as a ghost, I would be blending in with this giant tree.  This camo print also came from Ms. Rosa.

So let’s talk details… Stolen right from the 5oo4 website…because there a lot of great details! Can you believe I didn’t even sew all the options???

The Stella is a women’s romper pattern that can be made as a one-piece outfit or as a separate tank and shorts. This is a PDF sewing pattern, not a finished product.

Options for the Stella Women’s Romper include:

  • Two back styles
  • Off-shoulder flounce
  • Optional built-in bra that can stand alone (helloooo bikini top!)
  • Knit waistband or casing option for the romper
  • Two lengths for the shorts
  • Pockets!
  • Leg openings can be finished with hem or band
  • Nursing option included
  • Matching girls’ option! Check out the Stella Girls’ Romper! Get 10% off when you buy both patterns at one time!

So you can pick up your romper pattern and all these separates here. It is currently on sale since it is a new release! Don’t waste time though, the sale won’t last long!!!

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This blog post contains Affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my  affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That helps me buy fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. 🙂 So thank you!!

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