Gloria Dress for Momma Mia

I am back with another 5oo4 make. Again this time, it is for Momma Mia. I am working on filling her closet up lately. This time, I volunteered her for a Gloria even though she typically doesn’t like the look of a peplum. She doesn’t like the seam across her belly while I personally love it. The Gloria pattern comes with my favorite peplum top and I have 4 of them. Not that 4 is too many, I am just spreading the love out a bit. Plus Momma Mia likes new dresses and she already had this awesome fabric. So let’s talk about her latest dress in her closet.

5oo4 Gloria Promo Xl-XXL-L (3)

This is Gloria from 5oo4 patterns. It comes packed with options so Momma Mia had a few choices to make. First she agreed to a peplum, but I talked her into the short skater dress because there was enough fabric! I mean, why leave a 15 inch scrap of fabric when it can become a dress, right? Next, she wanted the elbow sleeves which is normal for her, but she was excited about the split sleeve option. These sleeves really only take about 10 extra minutes to hem, top stitch then attach to the bodice plus they are just a little fun detail.  As always, she prefers the high scoop neckline.

5oo4 Gloria Promo Xl-XXL-L (5)

Here are all the options included with the pattern.

Regular Bodice and 1″ FBA Bodice pieces.

  • Peplum, Short or Long Skater Skirt Lengths
  • Peplum, Short or Long Hi Lo Skirt Lengths (with instructions on how to combine for a more dramatic Hi Lo effect)
  • Traditional Sleeve with 5 Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4 and Long
  • Split Sleeve with 4 Lengths: Short, Elbow, 3/4 and Long
  • 2 Neckline Options: High or Low Scoop
  • Full Bust Adjustment Tutorial section
  • Instructions on making the Gloria skirts without the bodice or adding a Circle Skirt to the Gloria bodice

5oo4 Gloria Promo Xl-XXL-L (1)

This fabric is Liverpool. I love that Liverpool gives a little bit of structure to the skirt portion, but is still comfortable in the bodice and stretches with movement. It doesn’t really wrinkle and washes well. As I am typing this up, I am actually wearing a Gloria made of Liverpool that I made more than a year ago. It still looks as nice as it did when I made it! It really gives a dressy appearance to an outfit. This Liverpool came from Zinck’s Fabric Warehouse in Berlin, Ohio. This print is fun for spring in summer, but I think she can also wear some tights and be good to go for fall! I visit a few times a year and we picked this one up in spring after they did a huge stocking.

5oo4 Gloria Promo Xl-XXL-L (4)

Overall, I think Momma Mia loves her new dress and will enjoy wearing it. If you would like to make a Gloria yourself here is my Aff. Link for your shopping pleasure.

5oo4 Gloria Promo Xl-XXL-L (2)

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