RP Dino Pillow

Sometimes, I like a easy simple sew! This is totally it! This is the second stuffed animal from Rebecca Page pattern group! I followed the pattern almost completely! I made a solid pieces of dino scales for mine! I used a button for the eye and painted on a mouth. Here are some photos!

This is a FREE pattern download! You can pick it up here! 

Tomorrow I will be back with another Freebie from Rebecca Page as part of the Free Summer Blog Tour.

Unicorn Pillow

Today, I am sharing a little change of pace for my blog. Nothing to wear in the post, but an adorable pillow. This pattern is a free pattern courtesy of Rebecca Page.


This pattern is a fun scrap buster. I used a variety of scrap prints, trims, and lace pieces. I used puffy fabric paint for the eye. A mini button from my scrapbooking days makes up the nose and heart accent necklace.


I tacked the fringe of bangs down as they tended to stand up a bit more than I liked. I love how quickly this sewed together and how you can literally use ANYTHING to decorate it.


This pillow measures 10 by 15 inches when finished and did I mention it is a free pattern!

Here is the link: Unicorn Pillow


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