Game Day Jersey – A Love Notions Sew

Recently, I was contacted by Tami from Love Notions. She was letting me know that they were looking to expand their brand sizing and asked if I was interested. Yes! I am all about companies who are trying to expand sizes and am typically willing to help! I also know that some of my FB friends sew tons of LN stuff and the end products look great! Now it is my turn!

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (5)

First off the new size range is below. I stole the picture for you. 🙂

Love Notions

Did you notice there is a line there that says there is a full bust bodice piece included!! Yes!! One less adjustment I have to make myself! I added 1.5 inches to the bicep of this shirt.

If you are in the United States then you know it is officially Football season. The NFL kicked off on Thursday night, High school and college season is also going. This is the perfect time to sew up The Game Time Jersey from Love Notions! You could use this pattern to stitch up your teams colors and show your support while being the best dressed at the ball field. Take it up a notch and use vinyl to add names to your jersey. I don’t watch a ton of sports, but I do love a comfy shirt especially when it lends itself so well to color blocking.

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (4)

Jersey Details:

*Very cool V neck style neckline. I love that it is not your typical V neck and it has this neat little overlap. In my opinion, it was way easier to sew that a regular one!*

  • Scooped neck option and V neck options.
  • Split bottom hem line. The back is slightly longer than the front
  • Jersey Top and Dress lengths included.
  • 2 sleeve lengths Short and 3/4 length. I am wearing the short one!
  • Optional striped bands for sleeve details. I didn’t use them since I used a striped print
  • sizes XS to 5X
  • Included Full Bust Adjustment

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (1)

I auditioned several fabrics for this top before finally settling on floral and stripes. I know this is a big shocker. I love this combo, I use it a lot. I used a scrap of the stripes, which is a DBP, that I used for sleeves on another shirt last year! This time I flipped it so the stripes ran vertical and got a new look.  Those stripes are from Sly Fox Fabrics and I believe they were called Mauve. My floral print has also been deep in my stash for awhile. I was saving it for something I loved. It was perfect for this jersey! I picked it up from Sew Blessed Fabrics.

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (3)

Overall, I LOVE this style! It is something different than anything in my closet right now! I would feel comfortable wearing it to work or just out and about. It is clearly “Jersey” styled, but is perfect when paired with florals!

You can pick up The Game Day Jersey here while it is on sale for $2.00 off!

LV Jersey 4xFBA 5x (2)
The pose you get when it starts raining in the middle of your photo shoot!

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