Laundry Day Tee – Updated

The Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions has re-released and it is even more fantastic than the original. First off, it includes sizes 4x and 5x now. The rereleased pattern was redrafted in Love Notions newer design software. Additionally, the arm/sleeve was adjusted for a better overall fit. As a bonus, assembly directions were simplified!

During the retest, I made two versions of the Laundry Day Tee. I made the tunic version first. I have been holding on to the pastel stripes for way too long because I wanted them to be something awesome. I also only had two yards of the print and this fabric was thin, which basically meant I could make a shirt. I used nearly all of the usable fabric for this top. The design has a lot of swing to it, which I actually love. I used the short sleeve option with the scoop neckline…spring will be here soon!

LN LDT 4xfba-5x (1)

My second top I made sleeveless! I did this for two reasons. I wanted to show another option for this pattern and I wanted to compared the tank to another pattern I really love. I actually like the first of both patterns, but appreciate that this under arm area is higher than the other. So this is a 100% win in my book! I have wore this silky ITY version over leggings a few times since making it. I threw a cardigan over it to make in winter work appropriate. Again, this pattern sewed up quickly and easily.

LN LDT 4xfba-5x (9)

The Laundry Day Tee has been around for a good while, so I knew when the test popped up, I was on board with it! The top comes together quickly and has several of options to achieve your favorite fit!

Pattern pieces for 3 neckline styles: scoop, v-neck & cowl.

Three hem lengths: shirt, tunic & knee length dress.

Five sleeve lengths

Hi lo hem for the tunic and dress lengths

LN LDT 4xfba-5x (2)

Both of garments are made from fabric I ordered from Sew Blessed.

The Laundry Day Tee is on sale for $5.00, but you can use the coupon code from the Love Notions Facebook group to get it for free!!!

Here is your link to pick up this great pattern. 

Don’t forget the entire Love Notions site is on sale for the New Year! All patterns are 30% off!! PLUS if you order multiple patterns, you save even more. Just add items to your cart and watch your discount rise! 

LN LDT 4xfba-5x (7)

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Momma Mia is all 5oo4

Just sharing a new outfit I made Momma Mia. A few weeks ago she was heading south and knew it was going to be super hot! She wanted a couple of tank tops to keep her cool and a new pair of comfy pants to wear on the trip! Digging into her fabric stash, I keep it with mine, I found this pretty pink plaid and floral combo. We had ordered in late last year and only one yard. I knew it would be prefect for her new top!

Molly and Virginia (1)

This tank is Virginia, I know that it is shocking to my readers, but it really is my favorite tank top! I have a secret though, something new is coming to the mix really soon! This time I added 2 inches to the overall length to provide the coverage she wants! She is wearing an XL graded to XXL. This is the higher neckline option and this double brushed poly is from Sly Fox Fabrics. This pattern sews so easily and quickly! I really to love it. I can’t stress it enough. If you don’t have it in your 5oo4 library, why the heck not?

Molly and Virginia (2) Did you realize this Tank top with optional built-in bra pattern also has an included skirt?!

  • Separate full bust adjustment (FBA) pattern pieces for the tank and bra
  • Knee length or Maxi length skirt
  • Skirt can be made from woven or knit fabric
  • Tank top has two neckline options in the front and two neckline options in the back
  • Dress can be made with knit waistband or elastic casing
  • Maternity option
  • Pockets!
  • Sizes XXS-5XL
  • Matching girls’ option! Check out the Girls’ Virginia Tank & Maxi and get 10% off when you buy both patterns at once!

Today is the last day of the 30% off Summer Sale at 5 out of 4 patterns!!

Molly and Virginia (4)
When my hair is wind blown, it stands straight up! Why can’t I have this look?

Time for the pants! For these pants I used the Molly PJs as a base. Since I made them back in the late fall, I knew how they fit and she knew what she wanted to adjust so they were a little less “Pajama” like. First, we slimmed down the legs to a small from a medium waist. I also used the cut line for the size small for the front crotch curve to reduce a little bit of fabric excess there. I used the elastic waist option here and I removed several inches of length as well. Not to self: A little too much. In fitting pants, Momma Mia wants them high rise and not too tight on her belly. When you make your own clothing (or your daughter makes them :)) you can get exactly what you want.

Molly and Virginia (3)

Here are the pattern options that come with Molly PJ set! Yes there is also a shirt!

The Molly Women’s Pajama Set PDF sewing pattern includes the following:

  • Short or Long Sleeve Top lengths
  • Optional Long Sleeve Cuffs
  • Shorts or Pants Lengths
  • Knit Waistband or Elastic Waistband
  • Optional Pants Cuffs
  • Optional Bum Panel to show off your creativeness

Don’t forget!!! This is the LAST DAY for 30% off at 5 out of 4 patterns!!!

The solid DBP is also from Sly Fox Fabrics and it is called slate.


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