5 out of 4 – Pamela

The latest pattern from 5oo4 is making me swoon. I sewed this one up thinking 100% of Valentine’s Day. Not only does it include this pretty sweetheart neckline, but there are also pleated and bell sleeves! I am feeling super girlie in this top. Too bad it was like 20 degrees and snow flurries kept popping up while taking pics! I may retake them on a sunshiny day to better reflect how I am feeling about this top.
5oo4 Pamela 4x tunic with 3.4 pleated sleeves (6)

The Pamela Top, Tunic, and Dress pattern includes the following:

  • 3 Bodice Options: regular, FBA, and maternity
  • 4 Bodice Lengths: crop, top, tunic and dress (short and long)
  • 2 Sleeve Options: pleat or bell/bishop
  • 4 Sleeve Lengths: sleeveless, short, 3/4 or long
  • 3 Neckline Options: scoop, square or sweetheart
  • Sizes XXS – 5X (see the last images for yardage and size chart)
5oo4 Pamela 4x tunic with 3.4 pleated sleeves (1)
I ordered this fabric from Sew Blessed. It is brushed poly and such a pretty shade of pink. I adore the colorful poppies. I adore all poppies. Poppies remind me of my granny. She shared her poppy seeds with me when I moved into my first place as an adult. I planted the poppies around my porch. I lived there for years enjoying the beautiful poppies. My granny passed and a year later, I bought her house. The backyard, just under the windows, is a bed of poppies…my granny’s poppies. I enjoy them every spring.
5oo4 Pamela 4x tunic with 3.4 pleated sleeves (4)
I made the 4x with the included FBA graded to a 5x. This is drafted as a slimmer fitting pattern, but I didn’t find it clingy. I choose to make the 3/4 quarter length pleated sleeves. I immediately said a prayer when I opted to make the Sweetheart neckline. Actually, I cut it first because I knew I wasn’t willing to throw this fabric out and quit on the neckline. I can actually say sewing it wasn’t totally dreadful, but it took a bit of time. You should 100% baste the neckband in place first! My sewing machine eats DBP like it is the best snack ever… yes even with a new needle. I ended up sewing with tissue paper between my needle plate and fabric. It really did help! I had read about that technique before, but hadn’t tried it. So here is proof that it works!

5oo4 Pamela 4x tunic with 3.4 pleated sleeves (5)
Come on in, take a look around this little house!

Do you love all the options included with Pamela? Which one will you make first?

Here is my afflink and I thank you for purchasing the patterns while on sale!

5oo4 Pamela 4x tunic with 3.4 pleated sleeves (3)

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A little bit of Luna… Mambo Style!

Surprise! Did you think we were finished with Mambo No. 5 out of 4 style? Nope, we have one more to go! The Luna… I know. I know. Luna wasn’t one of Mambo’s girls, but she plays nice with the Mambo girls! Also she is free and fast! Momma Mia got in on the Luna action and got her very first full circle skirt!
5oo4 Luna 2x (3) - Copy
Since I have just made Momma Mia a Royal Blue double brushed poly Jessie dress, I knew we were about to take advantage of it! The DBP is a perfect match for the blue in the Chevron Liverpool I had on hand. Both fabrics are from Stitchin’ Pretties. The amazing Black and Blue Chevron isn’t in stock right now, but they have tons of other great things! Plus, today is new release day, so who knows what will stock! Stitchin’ Pretties has a one day turn around time and you will have your amazing fabric in no time flat! I love the quality of the fabric I have always gotten there!
I sewed the knee length skirt for Momma Mia and cut on the double fold so there are no side seams. I used the Liverpool fabric to make her waistband as well. For the edge finish…miles of hemming. That is how it is with circle skirts. I don’t mind hemming Liverpool fabric though as it has a nice weight and doesn’t fight me! Here is the full info on the options.
The included options:
  • 2 lengths – “mini” (mid-thigh) and knee length
  • Fabric waistband that can be made with or without elastic.
  • Option for exposed elastic waistband
  • 3 cutting options – double fold, single fold (give two side seams), single layer (perfect for colorblocking!)
  • Finishing options – hem, bias tape, or FOE
5oo4 Luna 2x (1) - Copy
But WAIT!!
You may be confused as to why I am sharing the Luna during Mambo week, but it is for good reason! Luna fits all the mix and match options from the Mambo skirts. The pockets, the waistbands, and the suspenders! Yes, You have endless possibilities in the skirt world!
5oo4 Luna 2x (2) - Copy

Are you ready to shop now? Don’t forget the epic skirt bundle deal for major savings and 20% off site wide! It is almost over, so don’t miss out!!

Here is the link to buy the pattern for only $25 bucks for the entire collection! 

Download the FREE Luna Circle Skirt Here

Easy Tee #6

5oo4 Easy Tee Dress Short ALD (1)

I am backkkk! Here is my third use of the Easy Tee pattern in the last week! Can you believe it is also my 6th use of the pattern and I haven’t repeated the same finished garment twice? That is why I LOVE 5oo4 patterns. Everything they draft has tons of options! Believe it or not, there are still some options I haven’t even made yet! This is an older pattern from 5oo4 so it doesn’t include the full bust adjustment which their newer ones include.

5oo4 Easy Tee Dress Short ALD (6)

So for today’s share:

This one is another dress. This is the shorter length option of the dress lengths included with this pattern. I am only 5’1, but this one is a bit short even though it is drafted for a height of 5’6 I believe. I don’t really wear short anything, skirts, dresses, shorts, tops…I like to keep all my parts covered. I didn’t height adjust at all. I always feel like  clothing ends up shorter on my plus size body. I know this is a personal preference and some people have different comfort levels then others. Perhaps if I had done a FBA on this pattern it would have been a wee bit longer in the front.

5oo4 Easy Tee Dress Short ALD (4)

For my fabric this time, I used another Double Brushed Poly. I told you, I love it! This print is called Portland and I picked it up recently at Amelia Lane Designs. I actually ordered an entire shipment of purple prints. Apparently, I think purple is taking a starring role in my closet this summer. I think I am 100% ok with that! I do love purple.

5oo4 Easy Tee Dress Short ALD (2)
I actually made this short dress for use in my summer business casual capsule. The idea of a capsule is to create a few basic pieces of clothing that you are able to mix and match and get more bang for your wardrobe buck so to speak. I have now made 4 items for my capsule.  Typically I don’t create items with a capsule collection in mind but Amelia Lane has gotten sponsors for some very cool prizes over the next few weeks. If you haven’t joined them on Facebook, you probably should.

5oo4 Easy Tee Dress Short ALD (5)

The Easy Tee comes packed with options and here is the run down.

  • Shirt, Tunic, Short dress, and Knee Length Dress options
  • Hemmed or Band options for the shirt and tunic
  • Curved hem option that is in between the shirt and tunic lengths
  • Pockets for the dress options
  • Maternity pattern piece
  • Optional waist tie and breast pocket
  • Crew neck, scoop neck, or v-neck
  • Hoods for both the crew and the scoop neck versions
  • Cuffs for all sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short, 3/4, long, and extra long), including thumbhole cuffs if you want them! 

    And here are your links

    To the Pattern: Women’s Easy Tee

    To the fabric: Portland from Amelia Lane Designs

5oo4 Easy Tee Dress Short ALD (3)

Thanks for stopping by my latest blog post, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Layla Dress – 5oo4

The Layla Dress, The Everything Dress, The Perfect Dress

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (3)

Yep, That basically sums it up. This dress has everything you need. I feel that 5 out of 4 really does a stellar job of covering all the possible options and I never feel like there is something that is missing.

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (8)

I struggled to decide which fabrics I would use for this dress and had assembled the entire bodice before choosing my skirt fabric. I thought I had actually decided I was using a pink solid woven fabric that had been hanging out on my shelf for years, but then I realized that I didn’t have enough of the solid fabric I wanted to use, so I ran to the store! I ended up choosing a regular quilting cotton. I picked this fun, bright pink and white print that would work well with my bodice. I knew I would be adding a solid pink sash to tie my top and bottom together and I picked up some cute buttons while at the store. My bodice fabric is from Ksews. I thought this was Liverpool, but I think it is actually more of a waffle knit. Whatever it is, I love it for spring and summer! Super bright and cheerful!

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (9)
Rachelle from 5oo4 admitted this is her most difficult pattern to date, but trust me she has dialed it in perfectly! I made a size 24 bust graded to 26 at the waist. The pattern comes with Full Bust pattern pieces included which I love! This saves me the work of doing it on my own. I love that! The princess seams are a lovely detail as well.

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (6)

The bodice is fully lined. The reason I like this is that it keeps the neckline extra clean and neat looking. Even though I know how to sew a neckband and all that jazz, even just a stitch or two out of line stands out like a sore thumb. With the lined bodice, you will never have that issue. The directions were well written and easy to follow. I didn’t have any difficulty with the actual assembly of my new dress, but it took several hours to do it. This pattern is well drafted with excellent directions, but it isn’t a 2 hour project, so plan accordingly.

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (7)

I chose to sew up the scoop neck option with short sleeves and used buttons instead of the snaps. This is the Knee length adjusted for height. I am only 5’1.

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (5)

Here are all the options that come with the pattern:

The Women’s Layla Dress PDF sewing pattern includes the following:

  • Fully lined princess seamed knit bodice.
    • Regular or FBA Bodice
    • Two neckline options: scoop or jewel.
    • Four sleeve length options: sleeveless, short, 3/4 or long.
    • Button or snap back placket closure.
  • Inverted A-line Box Pleat skirt in either knit OR woven.
    • Two lengths: knee or maxi.
  • See the last image for the yardage and notions required.
  • Sizes 2-26

The Women’s Pattern is available here

The Girl’s Pattern is available here

The Bundle is here with extra savings

5oo4 Women's Layla Dress Size 24 (4)

Copy Cat: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats – February

Let’s start with the epic sale that 5 out of 4 patterns is having right now! They have marked all of their dress patterns 25% off to help you get ready for Easter, but I bet a lot of you need Mother’s Day dresses and pretty dresses for upcoming weddings!! Why not pick up these amazing patterns while they are 25% off? Just click my above link and check out everything on sale…Trust me…It is a lot!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (2) - Copy

But right now, let’s talk about today’s new outfit! Remember my Copy Cat post from last month? The one where I am copying Stephanie at Sarcastic Sewist. She is sewing up 12 versions of the Diane Joggers and she has promised they will all be different! This is my February Copy Cat outfit. Again, I used the Diane Joggers patterns, but this time I am using Double Brushed Poly. Stephanie kicked it up a notch by throwing in the use of plaid. Yep, plaid on pants. Plaid print that I needed to attempt to match up so I didn’t go totally crazy each time I put them on. With a lot of time (a whole lot of time) I got them lined up to a semi respectable manner. I tried hard to make Stephanie proud! For February we are making capris!! I sewed a straight 4X as DBP has a great deal of stretch! I actually wish I would have used the 3x pattern lines for the legs. I would have preferred them just a tad more snug! I used the middle height of the waistband options and used the encased elastic. If you choose to do bottonholes with a drawstring that would be lovely. Don’t forget I wrote a tutorial post to help you make buttonholes. Again I added front pockets, but unlike Stephanie, I wimped out on making patch pockets for the booty. My pattern patching skills aren’t that great and at this point my patience was running slim!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (1) - Copy
See they are sorta matched!

In the original outfit, Stephanie used the Knot Your Average Top from 5oo4. Sadly, The Knot Your Average Top doesn’t come in my size. I swapped with the Jessie top which is another great pattern from 5 out of 4 and it happens to be part of the big 25% off sale because it is also a dress. Remember, it is Momma Mia’s favorite dress.  I again used double brushed poly for my top. Jessie is a slim fitting top and it I graded out a bit more than the 5x line which is the largest size included. My shirt is still a little more slim that I typically wear. I added a little to the shirt length to have this top at a length I feel better about wearing. I used the high front low back option for my shirt and criss crossed the back opening with thin turned tubes. This shirt sews fairly quickly once you get your tubes turned out. This is Momma Mia’s favorite dress and she has requested a new one for spring. As we all know #Whatmommawantsmommagets! I will sew her a new one this weekend.


Let’s talk about my fabric! Both of my fabrics are from Stitchin’ Pretties. The plaid print is called Kenzie and the print is Navy. Both are double brushed poly and sew up neatly. I used my serger for most of the construction. I used my regular machine to stitch down my criss cross tube pattern and for hemming. Both of these prints are available at Stitchin’ Pretties. While you are there, you should check out the clearance section and the code that will get you some fabric for $3.50! Laura has super fast shipping and you will be overly impressed with the fabrics!

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (7) - Copy

All the Details:

The Diane Joggers pattern includes:

  • 3 rise heights (low/maternity, mid, and high)
  • Shorts, Capri, and Long cut lengths
  • 4 leg finishes – cuffed, hemmed, drawstring, or elastic
  • Information for both hemming and using bands (hello no hemming!)
  • 6 waistband options – Encased elastic, drawstring, Knit, Yoga Foldover, Contour, Maternity (underbelly)

This is my 3rd pair of joggers! Let’s do the math. 3 pair divided into $9.95 equals $3.32 per pair! I can’t wait to see what it works our to when I have an entire year’s worth of these pants! You can pick up your Diane Pattern using my Aff. Link here. 


The Jessie Pattern Includes:

  • Top, Tunic, Short Dress, and Knee Length Dress Lengths
  • 5 Sleeve Lengths: Sleeveless, Short, Elbow, 3/4, and Long
  • Multiple Back Options: High, Low Ballerina, Racerback Insert, and Strappy Back

This is my 5th Jessie. Let’s do that math. 5 Jessie’s divided into $7.95 equals $1.59 per use. Also don’t forget there is another one coming for Momma Mia this weekend. I like to buy patterns that work for me, that I will make more than one option, and I like! If I spend money on a pattern, I like to count the pattern prince in with the fabric price to figure the cost of my item. When it works out to $1.59 a use… it is totally worth it to me! You can pick up Jessie and all the other Sale dresses here.

I may have even wore my Jessie Top for some impromptu target practice! I am channeling my inner Charlie’s Angel here.

5oo4 Jessie and Diane SP (4) - Copy


I have shared my Aff. Links in this post. That just means I make a bit of a commission all any patterns you purchase.

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Coraline Cami & Primrose Panties

Bella Sunshine Designs is back!! Actually, they have always been here, Melissa was just busying growing a baby and building her dream home! This a double pattern release week and perfect for Valentine’s Day!! I know a lot of PDF companies right now are enticing us with super skimpy sexy patterns, but I am all about being comfortable 365 days a year! My requirements are fairly simple. I need my lady bits covered and everything in its place. So Bella Sunshine Designs gave us these great patterns.

The Coraline Cami and the Primrose Panty.

First, we will talk about the Coraline Cami. I don’t like camis. I rarely wear camis. I hate when my bra strap shows and my top stitching always looks messy. So I don’t make them. I said this exact same thing when the tester call came out, and Danielle said to me, “Practice makes perfect.” So I made a cami. I like the cami. I tucked my bra straps in my bra. My top stitching looks neat. Not too shabby…. if I say so myself.

BSD Corlina 24-28 (7)

I choose to make a tunic length top, which is perfect for running around the house in. I think it would also work well with a cardigan over leggings. I like when my clothes can be wore more than one way!

BSD Corlina 24-28 (2)

This pattern comes in sizes from Doll to Ladies 30 with an optional FBA. I love that BSD includes that and saves me the trouble of doing it myself.

BSD Corlina 24-28 (5)

This was my first time using fold over elastic and it honestly was much easier and neater to sew than bands. I have ordered several colors now and can’t wait to use them up!

Here is the link to the Coraline Cami.

•Ladies –
Release Sale Price $6.50
Regular Price $9.00

•Bundle (Ladies and Girls) –
Release Sale Price $11.50
Regular Price $15.00

In addition to the Coraline Cami, BSD released The Primrose Panty –

BSD Primrose and Coraline (3)

I have dreaded making panties for as long as I have been sewing. I think it mostly because I sew with a lot of synthetic fabrics and those aren’t the best for panties. I rarely have cotton lycra on hand and it is typically a little more expensive, but it is idea for sewing the guesset AKA the crotch area. I was able to score some great deals on CL from Ksews. Which is also where I picked up this pineapple print. The pineapple fabric is a jersey blend which is actually quiet comfy and has decent recovery. I have wore both the cami and the panties several times without issue.

BSD Primrose and Coraline (1)

I love that the Primrose comes with 2 rise options as well as 2 options for the cut at the leg. I choose the higher option for both of these. You can also choose to make bands instead of using the Fold Over Elastic, but I wanted my set to match so I went with the FOE. Another great thing about these panties are all the seams are hidden and they come together quickly and neatly!

Here is the link to the Primrose Panties

•Ladies –
Release Sale Price $6.50
Regular Price $9.00

•Bundle (Ladies and Girls) –
Release Sale Price $11.50
Regular Price $15.00



Paris Top and Arabella Maxi

So I have set a personal challenge for myself this year and I don’t think I have shared it with you guys. I have decided to challenge myself with sewing more difficult garments, with proper finishes, fancy techniques and making more than just knits. For anyone who makes clothes, this could be considered, “Stepping up my game!” I am actually getting prepared to make a coat. A real deal coat, with pockets, a hood, a yoke, and a lining! What am I thinking?? Anyhow before I get to that project, I decided I needed to make a few more Rebecca Page patterns.

So I sewed up the Arabella, a gorgeous voluminous skirt with side seam pockets, optional decorative sash, and an elastic back band for custom fit!

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (5)

I choose to make the maxi length and I decided to this amazing vintage sheet for my skirt. This skirt comes with the options for above the knee, at the knee, midi as well as maxi lengths.

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (1)

Do you need more options? How about these …

  • 2 waistband heights (regular and tall)
  • Optional sash
  • Optional side seam pockets
  • Suitable for woven or knit

I used the regular waistband height, added the sash and the pockets and used a woven fabric.

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (2)
Ahh Top stitching looks lovely!

I knew I needed a top to wear with this skirt and wanted to make another Rebecca Page pattern. Stephanie, The Sarcastic Sewist suggested the Paris Party Top. I didn’t even realize it came with sleeves, but she assured me it did. She has all the intel! Because this top is more slim fitting than I am comfortable wearing and I am already at the top of the size chart, I knew I would have to do a bit of adjusting. So I began with a full bust adjustment. I added 1.5 inches to the bust. I smoothed out the hourglass look of the top because I am an Apple and don’t have an inward curve at my waist. I also added 3 inches to the length as this shirt is designed to me worn with the party dress. Then I adjusted the bicep. I added an inch to the bicep. This is a normal adjustment that I make when I am sewing, so it has really become second nature for me to do it.

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (3)
Pocket’s are everything in a skirt.

Since I knew this would be a spring/summer outfit, I choose to go with this pretty orange color. It really is lovely, isn’t it? I picked this up from Sly Fox Fabrics. It is this coral Double Brushed Poly. I love sewing with DBP. I love how soft it feels and how nicely it drapes. Also Sly Fox Fabrics has flat rate shipping for $6.99, any size in the US.

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (4)

Shirt options included in this pattern:

  • scoop & boat neck options,
  • crop or full length hem,
  • short, ¾ or full length sleeves,

Skirt options included in the pattern

  • large box pleats stitched down or open,
  • high or regular waistband, and above knee,
  • knee or tea length options
  • center back zip closure with either buttons or snaps

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (6)

If you are ready to sew either of these patterns up, Here are your links!

The Ladies Arabella

The Ladies Paris Party Dress and Top

As always you can purchase these patterns as singles or in Mommy and Me bundles. Also don’t forget, if you buy 2 patterns you save 10%.

RP Paris Top and Arabella Skirt 5X (7)

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HOC Week 5 – Red Apple Sewing and DIBY Club

I can’t believe we are at Week 5 of #Breakallthedamnrules already. January is zooming past and we are closing in on February. Another morning of snow falling here in Ohio. It looks nice, but we already have way too much. School was closed everyday last week and the weather channel says record breaking lows this week so at least we have that to look forward too!


This week our give away sponsors have both offered up a free pattern of your choice so let’s talk about them for just a minute!

Red Apple Sewing is a new design company just starting to get their feet wet. I have made 4 of her patterns already and have loved each one. She even drafted one on the fly for me because I wasn’t able to find what I needed. RAS patterns are drafted specifically to your needed size. No more making bicep and bust adjustments. No more grading. No more guessing on length. Jessica does all the work for you. You choose printer set up, stretch percentage, fabric type and sleeve lengths and also give her a list of your measurements and she will draft it for you. It really is a sweet deal! Give her patterns a look and let me know what you think!

DIBY.Club is a wide range, meet all your needs kinda place! They offer both men’s and women’s patterns in trendy stylish designs. She has a nice selection of free patterns and thehoc diby largest size range of the companies I sew for going up to sewing size 36. I have sewn many DIBY patterns as a tester and on my own. I enjoy the well written patterns and the videos when I need help. In addition to offering a free pattern for the giveaway, DIBY was kind enough to offer a special discount to all my readers. 25% off one pattern of your choice if you use the code HOC19 at checkout! It is like creating your own sale!

Please support both of the businesses and show them some love!!

Don’t forget to visit the Raffle link at the bottom of this post to sign up to WIN 2 amazing patterns!!

We already know I recently did a #breakallthedamnrules post with this plaid RAS vest! You can read it here. I still love it!! The pattern is still in the works as Jessica got a new grandbabe this week. 🙂

ras vest eam dashing dress (6)

Here are two examples of my adding an ‘almost solid’ contrasting color to a busy floral print while wearing DIBY patterns. You can read my post about The Mae Poncho here and The Adrianne here.

But my wildest print matching was the Anna skirt is a wild floral matched with subtle pink and white stripes. I planned to link you to it but apparently my post has gone MIA. My photos are in my gallery, but no post to be found. So today, I will blog about Anna. 🙂 ETA: Lucky for me with some additional digging, I found the blog post I had written, discovered it was done during a blogging time out I took and just missed posting it. So here we go…

anna skirt diby (4)

Picture this….In a time, long ago….before there was 20 inches of snow in my front yard….the sun was shining….the birds were chirping…and I was rocking this A-line skirt with sandals! That is when I wrote this post Mid October…

anna skirt diby (2)

……So you may have noticed I took a little mini break from the blogging and sewing world, sometimes it is necessary. I needed a few days away to do some non-stressful sewing. I finished some blocks for a quilt block swap and am about 95% done with a T-shirt quilt. I have a few tests in the works, but I have several things I haven’t shared with you yet.

Today, I am sharing the Anna Skirt from the DIBY.club. I have seen literally dozens of people asking for a denim button down skirt in sewing groups and I think this one will fit the bill. 


anna skirt diby (1)

I didn’t use denim, but my fabric is a woven. It is heavier than quilting cotton, but not quite home dec weight. If you have seen some of the other testers, this also looks amazing in a stretch corduroy. I bought some recently, but have my heart set of making pants with it.  

anna skirt diby (6)


I sewed up the size 28 and made zero adjustments. I love when that happens. I do, however, have a confession to make. I sewed this entire skirt with the wrong seam allowance. There is a ton of top stitching in this pattern. In the end my skirt was something like 5 inches longer than my waist band. Trust me, you can’t ‘ease in’ 5 inches on a woven skirt. Out came the seam ripper and I set to work, kicking myself the entire time. Double checking the seam allowances and getting back to stitching. This time went more quickly as I knew what to do. 



  • Print-at-home PDF pattern files in both women’s misses and plus sizes (sizes 00-36) 

  • US Letter, A4 and A0 Copy Shop formats 

  • No trim pages 

  • Size layers so you can print only the sizes you need 

  • Complete sewing instruction ebook with our Perfect Fit custom fit adjustment tutorials 

After purchase, your PDF pattern and instructions will be available immediately in your DIBY Club account. 

anna skirt diby (7)
This is why I can’t wear skirts in public. 🙂



  • Lengths: Mini // Knee // Midi // Maxi 

  • Rise: High Rise // Midrise 

  • Options: Patch Pockets // Belt Loops 


  • Experienced beginner sewists and beyond 

  • Bottomweight wovens with no stretch or stretch fabrics with strong recovery 

Here is the link to pick up your copy of Anna.

Don’t forget to use the exclusive HOC19 code to save 25% on any pattern you choose.

Here is this weeks Raffle Link.

A Rafflecopter Giveaway


Blogger Collab BLACK

HOC Virginia Tank

So this is my second show and share from Sly Fox Fabrics week! I purposely ordered 2 different 1 yard cuts with the plan to make some great tank tops! I love wearing tank tops around the house, under shirts when it is freezing cold out, and of course, when I am mixing up my prints! I spent some time recently perusing Pinterest to come up with some trendy fashion ideas for my plus size self. If I am super honest with all of you, I spend a lot of time perusing Pinterest for sewing ideas. I have been making an effort to pin more and screenshot less. Do you follow me on Pinterest? Here is my link. While there, I discovered I really needed a black and white horizontal striped shirt. I wear stripes…a lot of stripes, but I didn’t have one single shirt that was all stripes. I ordered this amazing black and white double brushed poly print from Sly Fox Fabrics. I  knew it would be perfect for my plan!

virginia tank 2

I paired my Black and White tank with the super sassy, super girly, super shortie short skirt. I have had this skirt in my drawer for no less than five years. I picked it up at the Goodwill because I loved the print. I have not worn it one time. Not one single time. As a matter of fact, I had to cut that plastic pricing marker off to take pics. Someday, I hope to wear super pretty skirts for more than photos but the truth is, I don’t know how to sit like a lady. 🙂 I also wore this black belt that I have had for years and black suede boots with this outfit.

virginia tank 3
Puppy Playtime!

Why it works: Black and White small scale stripes with the graphic print of the skirt which also contains black and white. I love how the black boots and belt don’t compete with the fabrics instead they compliment.virginia tank 7

I used the Virginia pattern from 5 out of 4. I have also made myself and Momma Mia matching Virginia maxis from this pattern. She also has a few knee length tank dresses in her stash from this pattern. You can see those dresses here. It is a great pattern to meet some needs in the ‘basics’ sections of my closet.

virginia tank

All the options for Virginia 🙂

  • Tank top with optional built-in bra
  • Separate full bust adjustment (FBA) pattern pieces for the tank and bra
  • Knee length or Maxi length skirt
  • Skirt can be made from woven or knit fabric
  • Tank top has two neckline options in the front and two neckline options in the back
  • Dress can be made with knit waistband or elastic casing
  • Maternity option
  • Pockets!
  • Sizes XXS-5XL
  • Matching girls’ option! Check out the Girls’ Virginia Tank & Maxi and get 10% off when you buy both patterns at once!

Pattern Links

Here is the link to the Women’s pattern.

Here is the link to the Girl’s pattern.

So since this is a House of Curve #Breakallthedamnrules post I must remind you to hurry and sign up to win a $25 shop credit to Sly Fox Fabrics! You too can wear these amazingly versatile stripes!! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and Facebook!! Use the code #Breakallthedamnrules

Here is the post where you will find the raffle link! 


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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my blog links, I receive a small commission. This doesn’t change the price for you, but is a little Thank You to me! It also helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!

HOC Week 4- Sly Fox Fabrics

Blogger Collab BLACK

We have crossed the halfway point gang! I hope you are having as much fun as I am. This post is a little bit different. So last week our winner was LeighAnn!! Congrats and enjoy shopping at Bella Sunshine Designs. Now on to this week’s prize!

Sly Fox Logo

I reached out to Sly Fox Fabrics and begged them to sponsor a giveaway prize for this weeks House of Curves #Breakallthedamnrules series. Just kidding, I didn’t have to beg and they still went above and beyond. First off, they donated a $25 store credit to one lucky winner! That teamed up with $6.99 flat rate shipping…becomes a super amazing prize! And this is where they went “above and beyond.’ The Foxes also let me pick 6 yards of Double Brushed Poly to create my looks with!! This was beyond amazing and I quickly ordered some great prints. Then I placed an additional order as a super “Thank You for hooking me up!” So let’s get started with my first look.

Today, I am going to make some adjustments to The Dashing Dress I shared several posts ago. Mostly, I wanted to shorten the bodice so it would hit me at a more flattering spot. So as you know I have already made my dress with Charisma (Rayon Spandex) from Sly Fox Fabrics.

See where the waist and bodice meet…the largest part of my belly which draws attention to my rolls. Not my happy place. Not cute! I wouldn’t wear this in public as is.

EAM Dashing Dress 3

So Step 1:

Cut off the seam between the bodice and skirt. There was so reason to pick out that serged seam and honestly my patience wouldn’t allow it. I found using sharp sewing shears was more accurate than a rotary cutter. As a side note I love my Tula Pink Shears. They match my Tula Pink Rotary cutter that Lindsey from Ellie and Mac sent me! I love them! Did I mention that? Snip Snip, they cut like butta!

step 1

Step 2:

Now you have 2 pieces again.

step 2

Step 3:

To shorten the bodice by 2.5 inches, I laid the bodice out flat being careful not to have any wrinkles and to line the edge up neatly. I used a quilting ruler to cut a long continuous cut. I used a rotary cutter for this.

step 3

Now you will reattach the bodice to skirt in the same manner as the original directions. And you get….

TA- DA So much better. 

OK now Let’s #Breakallthedamnrules with this dress! This is where my NEW Sly Fox Fabric comes into play. I used this gorgeous purple, black and ivory  Double Brushed Poly plaid to make a Sleeveless Knee Length Cardigan.

ras vest eam dashing dress (6)

So my hunt began for a sleeveless vest as soon as I decided what I wanted to do. I asked for some pattern recommendations on Facebook and Jessica from Red Apple Sewing quickly offered to draft one just for me. In case you don’t know Red Apple Sewing is a newer pattern company that is just starting out making custom patterns. What you don’t know is, they are one of our prize sponsors for next week. 🙂

ras vest eam dashing dress (2)

My request for Jessica was simple. Sleeveless vest, must hit at knee length and be made from knit fabric. She drafted it to my personal measurements, my personal seam allowance requests, and my fabric type and stretch percentages. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. I kick myself for not begging for pockets also.

ras vest eam dashing dress (5)

So why does this combo work? The dress is a very colorful and a fun wild print. The plaid is darker, with a more muted print. The purple helps to tone down the wild print. Both pieces will work well together or separate! I am so happy to have these two pieces in my closet.

ras vest eam dashing dress (8)

Let’s Talk about the Patterns

 The Dashing Dress you can pick it up here. Currently it is 40% off along with every other pattern at Ellie and Mac.

Red Apple Sewing– This vest pattern is just in the beginning phases, but it will be available soon. Stop by and check out the other Made to Measure patterns!

Here is the link to join this weeks give away for a $25 Shop Credit from Sly Fox Fabrics!

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This blog post contains Affiliate Links. This means that when you make a purchase from one of my blog links, I receive a small commission. This doesn’t change the price for you, but is a little Thank You to me! It also helps me to buy more fabric to show you new and upcoming patterns. So thank you!!